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They have bagels that were delivered frozen by a truck from out of state. Fig-Pecan Macaroons Because macaroons are made with egg whites and no fat, they are naturally low-calorie without having to add any artificial ingredients 2 of our macaroons have only 86 calories! Bagel History The tried and trusted favorite, bagels have been around for years! Store it in the freezer, and serve over ice. Lemon juice and zest blended with raspberries create a fresh summer confection. Musée des anciens costumes turcs d'Istanbul, Paris:

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Makeover your cheesecake with a no-bake handheld version that makes an easy party treat. Lemon juice and zest blended with raspberries create a fresh summer confection.

Set out shortly before serving, but not too far ahead, as the chocolate may melt. Potato starch and rice flour make a delightfully tender and flaky, yet chewy, puff pastry. Filled with dollops of creamy whipped filling and topped with powdered sugar, they are a wonderful treat for a shower or party. This addictive chocolate confection is a spectacular way to blend cranberries and almonds. You can also vary the recipe with other dried fruits, such as raisins, apricots, figs, or cherries.

Wrap in clear plastic and tie with a dark green ribbon for a lovely holiday gift. This dish is all about the fragrant orange flower water. Look for it in Mediterranean markets or speciality supermarkets. At farmers' markets, you can find peaches whose flesh is nearly red, their skin fragile and lightly furred, their flavor intensely perfumed and deep. This recipe, which couldn't be simpler, exemplifies the most important tenet of all French coking—when you have fabulous ingredients, get out of the way and let them speak for themselves.

Chilling the peaches makes them easier to slice nicely and gives a refreshing edge to their flavor. Make a batch to enjoy throughout the week. Marcona almonds are blanched and roasted—you won't need to toast them. You can also substitute regular whole almonds. For the best texture, use whole pitted dates, not chopped; you need the sticky texture of the whole fruit. Dress up scoops of tangy buttermilk ice cream with in-season berries, sliced stone fruit, or lemon rind strips.

Double the dough and bake these cookies without a hitch. To mail, wrap small stacks together using plastic wrap. Nestle the stacks in a box with plenty of padding, or stack in a wide-mouth canning jar with crumpled parchment or wax paper in the headspace under the lid.

Place the jar in a box with padding for mailing overnight. The secret to these rich chocolate cookies is not to overbake them. For a gooey, creamy cookie center, pull them out of the oven when they are still a bit glossy.

For a quick and elegant dessert, serve the pudding topped with fresh berries, crumbled pistachio brittle, or chopped toffee candy and a pretty mint leaf. Substitute 4 teaspoons vanilla extract for the vanilla bean, if you like. Add it with the butter. Almond Lace pairs deliciously with an afternoon cup of tea.

These crisp, crunchy cookies will leave you pining for more. The ice pop gets a decidedly grown-up spin: A bit of pectin helps keep all the ingredients incorporated evenly; without it, they tend to separate. Cookies are usually the culprits to poor eating choices. Try a healthier recipe like these Chocolate-Cherry Cookies and pack one to go.

Sweet cherries and robust merlot make for a colorful, refreshing chilled dessert. Because the granita requires at least 8 hours to freeze, add this to your list of smart entertaining recipes. Or have it on hand for a low-calorie mid-week dessert. With dried apples and caramel candies in every bite, our less-thancalorie oatmeal cookies give you the flavors of fall year-round. The recipe makes 4-dozen cookies, so freeze the dough or make them all for a smart bake-sale addition. Because macaroons are made with egg whites and no fat, they are naturally low-calorie without having to add any artificial ingredients 2 of our macaroons have only 86 calories!

This rendition also features intensely sweet dried figs. Be sure to remove and discard the hard stems of the figs before chopping them. Adapted from a dessert of peaches filled with amaretti and cocoa powder, our version of this quick dessert uses shaved bittersweet chocolate for added richness. Look for amaretti cookies at specialty or gourmet markets; they have a distinct almond-amaretto flavor and crunchy texture.

In a pinch, you can substitute crumbled almond biscotti. Whole-wheat flour, flaxseed, and almonds add fiber and antioxidants to these delicious biscotti. At under calories each, one biscotti dunked in a cup of hot coffee sounds like the perfect afternoon treat.

Showcase fresh berries in this rich, not-too-sweet dessert. Be sure to use Greek yogurt, which has been strained and is very thick and creamy.

Serve in a pretty stemmed dish for a special touch. We give you fudgy, decadent brownies at less than calories by replacing the typical ton of butter with a combo of low-fat baking tricks. Two kinds of chocolate—cocoa and melted dark chocolate—add deep chocolate flavor. Finish off the evening with a spicy-sweet iced dessert featuring cranberry juice, mint, jalapeño pepper, and fresh lime juice.

The complex flavors make this an adult favorite that can be enjoyed year round. Use low-calorie cranberry juice to lower the calories and sugar content.

Two ingredients—freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice and sugar—prove that simple, natural ingredients offer great results. A serving delivers about two-thirds of your RDA for vitamin C, and at only calories you can enjoy every bite.

A small square of these rich bars is enough to satisfy a dessert craving. The flour and oats mixture is somewhat dry after combining, but it serves as both a solid base for the soft butterscotch chip layer and a crumbly, streusel-like topping.

Crema Catalana is a Spanish version of the favorite, crème brulée, and is every bit as rich and decadent. Who would think this crunchy-sugar coated custard could be low-cal?

Each serving has only calories. Boasting just 82 calories and a boatload of vitamin C, these double-decker popsicles feature a sweet-tart lemon layer topped with a minty watermelon layer.

If you prefer one flavor over the other, double the amount of ingredients required for each layer and make single flavored pops. Extremely healthy and naturally fat-free, sweet mango ice provides both vitamins A and C from the mangoes and orange juice.

Enjoy this simple, make-ahead dish as a warm weather dessert or afternoon snack. Who says s'mores are just for the campfire? At only calories per serving, feel free to indulge from home. This recipe takes a classic and ups the ante with the addition of granola. If you can't find Braeburn apples, Gala or Fuji varieties also stand up to dipping and add a touch more sweetness.

Limoncello is a lemon-flavored liqueur from Italy's Amalfi coast. It's often savored after a meal. Store it in the freezer, and serve over ice. If you have trouble finding it, substitute an orange-flavored liqueur such as Grand Marnier. This recipe earned our Test Kitchens' highest rating. Then we break out our proprietary recipes and begin mixing. If you ever find yourself in another bagel bakery hey, it could happen , and they claim they have "fresh" bagels, ask to see their mixing bowl.

Or, ask to see raw, unformed dough. The blank stare you get in return indicates you've successfully called their bluff. They don't have "fresh" bagels. They have bagels that were delivered frozen by a truck from out of state. WE, on the other hand, would be glad to show you our mixing bowl. And if you show up at the right time of day, you may even get to see our expert bakers operating the bagel former. The former is the machine that takes carefully weighed pieces of dough and shapes them into raw bagels.

On a typical day, we shape hundreds of dozens of raw bagels. If you're too shy to ask for a tour, just take an inquisitive peek past the counter next time you're at our restaurant. The "from scratch" process will be taking place before your eyes. AFTER a raw bagel makes it through the former, it is only about halfway through the "from scratch" process.

These newborn bagels are not yet ready to be baked to borrow a phrase, "we will serve no bagel until it's time". No, as a matter of fact, these bagels are about 12 - 24 hours away from the oven.

This waiting period allows the yeast to do its job properly. Storing the bagels overnight at an exact temperature makes certain that when they do graduate to the oven, our bagels are ready. THE last step for a bagel before it reaches the oven is quick swim the kettle. This is another way to spot bogus bagel shops.

Ask to see their kettle. If they can't show you a kettle, they aren't making bagels, they're making bread--it's that simple. Why is the kettle so important? Kettle-boiling a bagel is what gives it a crisp outer shell. If you're going to have a bagel without a crisp outer shell, you might as well spread cream cheese on a hamburger bun! Finally, after their dip in the kettle, our bagels are ready for the oven. Yes, it's a long process.

But it's all worth it, wouldn't you agree? The tried and trusted favorite, bagels have been around for years! According to legend the first bagels rolled into the world in when a Viennese baker wanted to pay tribute to the King of Poland King Jan had just saved the people of Austria from an onslaught of Turkish invaders.

The King was a great horseman, and the baker decided to shape the yeast dough into an uneven circle resembling a stirrup or 'beugal'. Cream cheese is invented in - yay. They brought with them a desire for bagels. Soon bagels became closely associated with New York and Chicago, both cities with large Jewish populations.

In a union just for bagel bakers is formed, the International Bakers Union, joining together bakers. Only sons of union members could be apprenticed to learn the secrets of bagel baking in order to safeguard the culinary art. Bagel production skyrocketed in the 's as machines capable of producing bagels per hour were popularized.

In around bagels made their way into mainstream America, sold around the country in grocery stores and listed as standard items on fast food menus. How do I look after my bagel? Storing Bagels stay freshest when stored in tightly sealed plastic bags.

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