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Carnivore numbers are limited by food, larger predators, or disease. I highly doubt that the mealworms had anything to do with it unless the mealworms were fed or coated in something toxic. As you can see, besides the obvious rain and access to running water there are many other means in which a reptile can get the moisture it requires. Your budgie maybe depressed also. Reptiles in their natural habitat have learned to adapt to natural ways of maintaining proper hydration. I do hope to make a difference in the lives of as many budgies as I can!


Pythons of the World, Volume III The Pythons of Asia and the Malay Archipelago (2018)

He was appointed to the Lowell lectureship at Harvard. His popular lectures in US paid Neuchatel debts and provided funds for continuing researches. If I succeed in teaching you to observe, my aim will be attained. Thoreau sent Agassiz, turtles, fish and a black snake. The fish was new to science. Named it in honor of their steamer, the Hassler.

Ross] Allen, for it was his assiduous collecting which focused attention on the form He studied the natural history of each of those areas. Founder and President of the International Crocodile Society. Biography by Hylander, C. He received many honorary degrees and continued writing until close to his death. One that you can be proud of. One that looks good and doesn't break the bank. These days custom snake cages are sooo Well, these reptile enclosure plans show you in 10 simple steps just how easy it is to build your own reptile enclosure for a fraction of the cost of pet shop reptile cages or snake enclosures!

And they look great. And it can be up to hundreds of dollars cheaper than a basic custom reptile or snake cage. Jam-packed with pictures, information and tips, these snake cages and other reptile enclosure plans are especially designed to show you exactly how to build a reptile cage. We make is so easy, anyone can do it. If you want custom snake cages, these plans are just what you need. Even an absolute beginner can follow these instructions. With the cost of custom snake cages being so expensive many of us are forced to look at do it yourself - diy - snake cages.

I know I did. I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how pleased I am with the reptile cage plans. Honestly--I was hesitant, but glad I made the purchase. The plans are very detailed , yet easy to follow, and definitely easy to build. You've included every thing! I went from shop to shop and looked at many, many cages but I could not justify the price — many hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Finally, I thought, heck, why not build a reptile enclosure! It should be possible for anyone to learn how to build home made enclosures or terrarium for reptiles. Not knowing where to start, I went back to the shops and carefully examined how they made their reptile cages.

I built my own kitchen and bathrooms, built wood boxes and spice racks, chairs and workbenches. But I had never built snake enclosures or lizard cages. But, because I had built other things I knew what to look for.

I was able to go home and plan exactly how to build custom snake cages to suit my purposes. I had to work out how to build a snake cage from scratch. I looked at lots of different plans and ideas but I also wanted to keep it simple. Some of the reptile and snake cages were very well made but would take a very long time to build.

Most people do't have the time you would need. The good part is I saved enough money on my first snake cage to buy the heat mat, thermostat, locks, lights and everything else and still remain well below the cost of a smaller snake cage I had seen in one of the shops!! I couldn't have done this without your e-book. It's awesome and wasn't hard to do. I took my time and did it right. I had this completed in 2 weekends. I've linked your web-site to the snake forum I belong to, so I hope they too buy this e-book.

I can't say enough good things about this. Please feel to use this on your site if you would like to. I saved enough on the second homemade snake cage to buy myself some extra tools. And had the satisfaction that you get from building something yourself. My snakes also have to be comfortable. I like to see my snakes looking bright eyed and healthy and curious.

Well, these reptile and snake cages fulfill all of those needs. Once again thank you for your web site and you prompt support " Burt Tejada. Now I can make them to any size and type I like. With these snake enclosure plans you will learn the exact same skills to be able to do that to! When I first started keeping snakes and lizardsI had no idea.

I knew a little through friends but I was uncertain about how to go about building your own snake cage. Where could I find reptile cage construction plans? How do I make a reptile cage? Where can I find information on how to build enclosures for reptiles? How do I ensure the temperature is right? What's the best material to make it out of? What other snake keeping cage info do I need? How big should it be?

How do I ventilate it properly? How do I make it secure? What other cage designs can I make? How do I set up my reptile cage? How can I make waterproof cage? Being the sort of person I am, I like to find out as much as possible. I read everything I could get my hands on, asked questions, trialed ideas and made mistakes like everyone else. Now, you can benefit from the mistakes I made and the things I found out.

All I can say You have obviously put A LOT of work into this project and done it like a pro. Prices, supply lists, detailed photos I plan on putting your link on and posting it to various newsgroups as " you gotta see this ". Again, from what I have seen so far, there is nothing else like this, it's great.

You get the benefit from knowing that your reptiles are secure and comfortable. You can enjoy watching them knowing you have built a great environment and saved lots of money in the process. Plus, its fun to build you own deluxe reptile tank.

Think how much better they are than acrylic reptile cages or terrariums! So what will you get when you download these snake enclosure plans and instantly start planning?

Enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from creating your own snake enclosure. Sit back and admire your handiwork, knowing you were the one that made it! Get that great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it yourself! The plans are awesome by the way. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into them.

In 10 easy steps. The step-by-step instructions come with full color pictures and make your task a cinch. Even if you are a complete beginner, these plans show you in detail what to do and how to do it, saving you time — no guess work for you. Just wanted to say the book is freaking awesome! Me and My girlfriend love my new cages. I didnt feel like I could assemble nice enclosures till your book , I even had some fun. Thanks again for the great book.

Discover a host of snake cage set up ideas. When you get your snake enclosure plans for your custom snake enclosure, you get more than one plan. Our plans come with a range of options to suit your budget and other money saving tips. We suggest materials you can use and help you to make the decision on the best ones to choose for your snake and you.

You save money whichever material you use. And you get great ideas! The money you save can go to enhancing your cage even further with great accessories for your snake or lizard. Thank you for your help.. Thanks again Dave G. Save time shopping for the parts with a complete list of materials and sizes already written for you These snake enclosure plans come with a complete shopping list, saving you time and money.

No third and fourth trips to the hardware to get materials. You save money because wastage is reduced. You save money because you did it yourself — for a fraction of the cost! These reptile enclosures save you time and money. Sturdy construction methods means they last longer.

The sturdy construction methods mean it will last a long time , saving you the need to replace cages, broken doors and put up with shoddy workmanship. Plus there are tips for you to make cages even stronger. All this means you pet is more secure.

Your cages last a lot longer and you feel content knowing they are safe and secure. Every dollar you spend goes farther. I was very hesitant to order this and was concerned about what the content would entail. After looking through the PDF briefly i can see this is all i wanted and more. I am very excited to sit down and absorb this info. Learn the tips and tricks to building a professional looking snake enclosure.

We make it easy for you with our straight forward tips and tricks as you go along. We show you how make stackable, lockable cages. Your snake or reptile is secure and safe. Your valuable reptile cannot escape. Stack your cages and save space.

These cages are stackable. You can put them on top of each other and have two, three or more cages stacked, saving you space and keeping you reptiles together.

Long, or short, it doesn't matter. Thanks Mark, very useful stuff Pretty proud of myself considering I have never made anything in my life! Make money by selling them to your friends!

Make cages for your friends or a local pet supply. Why not make cages for a bit of extra cash. And you can make money. Why not have a small business earning a bit of money with the skills you learn from these snake enclosure plans. You have full rights to use them to make cages to earn money. Once you have these snake enclosure plans you will not need to go and pay big dollars for custom snake cages ever again.

Save money every time you need to build a snake cage or upgrade a snake enclosure. Once you know how to build a reptile cage, building another one is even easier. Bragging rights are free! I can't tell you how helpful your book was. I stained the inside which looks great and painted the outside to match the room it's in.

More than you wanted to know, I'm sure but I wanted you to know just how much freedom your book gave me!! No matter what size of your pet, the tips, tricks and techniques will ensure you build a snake enclosure perfectly suited to your snake or reptile. You can simply change the sizes to suit your reptile. Big, small — it does not matter. Just build the snake cage to suit your pet. Saving you time and money. Don't spend your time and money guessing or trying out different sizes and wasting money making a cage only to find out your snake enclosure is too small or too big.

Need a large reptile cage? No problem - we can show you how. Thank you for creating the great eBook Reptile Cage Plans. I'm pretty handy, but having your eBook made building my first snake cage which will be the future home for my new baby Dumerils Boa a whole lot easier. You have built these lots before and learned the best way, so by following your directions I was able to build my very first cage the best way without any prior experience.

Thanks for creating an easy to follow guide to building snake cages for the world, I loved the supply list and dimensions sheet for a four foot by two foot cage. Rest easy in the knowledge your pets are comfortable, safe and secure The solid construction means your snake cannot escape.

Correct ventilation means they are comfortable but not losing too much heat. We show you how to create the best environment for your pet. Find what the correct size of your cage should be. How large will your pet be? Find out how large your cage should be to suit your snake or lizard. That way you can know that your pet will be comfortable and not too cramped or feeling too overwhelmed.

Definitely money WELL spent. Download it immediately and start planning right away. Easy download means you can start planning right away. No wasting time drawing up plans and redoing endless diagrams — and that can be a long process. Discover what are the best materials to build reptile cages from. Reptile and snakes cages can be made from a variety of materials. We'll tell what they are and which ones are the best for you.

What should you make doors from and how can you make them? What's an easy way to make a door? How can it be made totally waterproof? I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for putting together this little "book of secrets ". I had a corner in my basement where I envisioned building a closet type room into a lizard cage. I already completed it once before finding your website.

This spring we had some torrential downpours and our basement leaked. Some of my construction methods didn't hold up to the test of time, and it was due for a remodel. Although my cage is quite different from your designs, I was able to use a lot of the ideas for doors, waterproofing, fake rock walls, decorations, etc.

I just wanted to show off the cage a little and say thanks once again. Discover ways to make your cage with a minimum of tools.

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