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Though Diet Pepsi is represented worldwide as a low- or no-calorie beverage, the ingredients comprising its makeup vary in some cases by the country of origin. In the US, its ingredients are recorded as "carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium benzoate preserves freshness , caffeine, citric acid, natural flavor; phenylketonurics: The initial formulation of Diet Pepsi was sweetened with the artificial sweetener saccharin , [22] although concerns over saccharin emerged in the s, prompting a shift to an alternative sweetener, aspartame , which was marketed as the brand NutraSweet, in When it was first introduced in , Diet Pepsi was packaged in glass bottles, and was also made available in can format.

The logo used in the packaging and advertisement of Diet Pepsi has changed multiple times since its original iteration. In October , PepsiCo announced it would be redesigning its logo and re-branding many of its products, including Diet Pepsi. In the case of Diet Pepsi, the logo consisted of the small "smile". The Classic Sweetener Blend variety was distinguished by its use of the wordmark along with the "smile" logo, and a light blue label background in contrast to the modern formulation's silver label.

By mid, packages of Classic Sweetener Blend dropped the wordmark, and began using the modernized wordmark instead. With the restoration of aspartame as the main sweetener in the regular version, the alternate label was dropped.

While it was initially advertised alongside Pepsi, Diet Pepsi began to be promoted independently in the late s. The musical jingle from this ad generated popular culture appeal to the extent that it was eventually recorded and played on the radio, and later became a Top 40 hit. Since its inception, musicians, professional athletes, actors and actresses have been featured prominently in the promotion of Diet Pepsi.

In , immediately following Super Bowl XIX , the game's respective quarterbacks, Joe Montana and Dan Marino , met in a hallway of what appeared to be a football stadium. Montana of the winning team, buys Marino a Diet Pepsi, and Marino promises to buy the drink the next time. In the late s, Michael J. Fox appeared in commercials for Diet Pepsi, including a memorable commercial that featured him making a robot clone of himself. In that commercial, Fox's girlfriend played by Lori Loughlin shows up and accidentally hits Fox with the door, causing him to fall down a chute into the basement.

The girlfriend takes the robot clone on a date and leaves the real Fox trapped. Cindy Crawford was also brought back in to introduce a new packaging design for Diet Pepsi, and again in to promote the revised slogan "Light, crisp, refreshing" with an ad which debuted during Super Bowl XXXIX. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diet Pepsi The Diet Pepsi logo used from ; present.

Retrieved May 18, Retrieved April 21, Archived from the original on April 18, So some locations may not work great if they are close to high traffic areas on the other side of the wall. Metal objects will act like an antenna potentially altering the range. I found out, as several others have noted, that the motion detection is super sensitive through a wall or door. I mounted a light just inside the door of my garage. The sensor picks up when we walk down the stairs through the wall.

The light is far too sensitive to be mounted in any high traffic area even though there is a barrier wall. Just hard wired one of these units in our garage, as a replacement for an old fluorescent unit. Found it pretty straightforward and a lot neater without the trailing black power cords across the ceiling, and easier than installing new plug sockets. Pulled the power cord through the grommet and cut it leaving about 1.

Strip the power cord. Next, used the template to position and fix the two brackets to ceiling. Used a large drill bit to cut out the hole in unit base to allow the mains power leads to feed through.

Installed the unit base on ceiling. Tricky bit was fitting the LED panel back into the base unit with the wing nuts and plastic straps - easier if there are 2 of you!

Once LED panel is back on hanging from the straps , join the mains and unit power leads together using wiring nuts. Push all wires into base unit and attach the LED panel to the base unit with the two wing nuts. Put diffuser cover on and test. Obviously take usual precautions with breaker switches etc. I had the same sensitivity issue as others and thought we had a busted unit, but using the dip switch settings above solved the problem.

Now we can walk past the garage door without it triggering the light, only once you enter the garage does it fire up.

Overall, happy with these units. Fitted 2nd light and sensitivity of definitely an issue. This light is also in the garage near a wall utility area , as soon as someone enters the bedroom at the other side of the wall, the light fires up!

Sensor is at lowest level M. Called Winplus, who suggested wrapping the sensor small stalk that hangs down from centre of LED panel in tin foil, or putting some on one side to provide directional control! Sounded plausible and encouraging.

Must be amplifying the signal rather than suppressing it. So at this stage, we have a light in the garage that switches on when people enter an unconnected bedroom. This got me thinking The movement sensor is just too sensitive at the lowest level. They appear perfect for 1 storey commercial buildings, large open areas, warehouses, schools etc - just not for smaller properties with lots of rooms separated by thin severing walls. A light than switched on when someone enters a different room in the house is simply stupid.

I'll persevere to try control the sensor issue, but if anyone finds a solution meantime, please let us know: Due to its sensitivity issues, you may be on to something when you suggest that these lights were probably designed for larger buildings versus a garage in a home. It'd actually make sense if that were the case. I have the same issue with the lights not turning off.

The slightest vibration turns on the light. My light is installed on the basement ceiling and turns on when there is movement on the floor above.

I used the recommended dip switch settings but have the same problem. My 2 lights are going back which is too bad since otherwise I thought it was a good product. I bought 6 of these and only opened one to try it. I have been struggling with this same issue of the light staying on. This even after adjusting the settings. I have now changed the settings to what a couple people hear have suggested and it appears to be working now.

Thanks for all the input and info. I so wanted to make these lights work. You're definitely one of the luckier ones on here to have resolved the issue of them staying turned on. Their pre-packaged foods are also often described as being satisfying, and easy to modify to combine home cooked meals. See what the NutriSystem For Men plan has to offer by visiting the link here. Total waste of money. This is my second attempt at weight lodd with Nutri system. First time was great.

The food was ok and I did lose 18 lbs, but over time I gained it back. This time I have a huge issue with the quality and taste. Three meals in the last three days was almost inedible. I called and spoke to a very friendly man who agreed to a refund and to not charge me for next months shipment.

I will keep the remainder of the food and use what I can instead of going to the hassle of sending it back. Guess I'll just stay fat. Need to know about sodium content of your foods. My brother in law has high blood pressure. He is interested in senior diet plan. Was on it for 6 weeks now. Lost 5 Lbs I don't think it was from food because I was also walking alot. When I cancelled no question's asked gave me a number and that's it.

I m sure if it working for some people they are very nice to them. If it doesn't work they have no time for you. Here is your cancellation Number.

I started out at now I am at Only problem I had was hard stools. I have a lot of problems with all the high protein in the diet.

Lost 62 lbs in 7 months I started using packaged exclusively and now do some packaged and some home cooked. Get started by saving with these Nutrisystem Coupons. The NutriSystem weight loss programs have helped many individuals who struggle with their weight to struggle no more. Whereas many diets have a strong female slant to them, NutriSystem created three different programs designed just to accommodate the caloric needs of men who want to lose weight.

The NutriSystem for Men meal programs contain more calories than any of their other plans.

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