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My depth guage is working perfectly now. I figure I should give you some more details, since this stuff can get really confusing. The previous owner did not have the manual and I can not find a match on Humminbird site. Completely hand made by Markus in Herzogenrath Germany. It turned out to be the anti-siphon valve that prevents fuel that has been drawn up into the engine from draining back into the gas tank when the engine is turned off. The original parts have had dents removed as needed and the full instrument was freshly lacquered.

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There are a lot of components to a solid workout program, but they can often be broken down into: Adding to what Shane wrote, i would like to give you just a small advice this helped me gain and will hopefully help you as well , rather than training an isolated group of muscles, train the whole body or maybe upper body one day and lower body the next day with about sets per group of muscles for about a month.

This would help you in 2 ways- 1. And eat like crazy as soon as you finish your workout. Hope this helps you in some way. Do you recommend another brand similar to NOW Dextrose? Any brand of dextrose is cool — I just selected that one because the price was good.

Other alternatives are maltodextrin and waximaize — great options both. Any brand of dextrose is cool. Hey Khevin, any brand should work. What about women who are ectomorphs and would like to build a great posterior? I do not gain muscle easily in my lower body. Is that a fact?

How long does your program recommend a single training session? Or does this depend on your body type etc etc?? And yep, you can become fat by eating tons of calories — whether from protein, fat or carbs — so becoming fat from protein, while unlikely, is possible.

Check out this study. There are many factors at play here though, including our training, our bodytypes and our goals. A home gym is great!

The issue I run into when lifting and drinking supplements is that my body looks fine but I start putting on alot of weight in my face. Check this allergic reaction out ahaha. Hard to say without knowing more. Great site and great article. Prior to the injury I did p90x and classic power lifting techniques. P90 killed my back with the plyometrics. It sounds as though some of the complex movements ie squats, powerlifts would put a lot of strain on my injured disc.

Do you guys have other excersises you could recommend that would be more safe with my ailment? I was planning on doing leg press instead of squats, but it doesnt seem to be as much of a complex movement.

Thank you so much and again great job. The video hit home. Exercises like deadlifts, done correctly and with care, can often work magic on back health. I would recommend getting your back checked out by an expert and seeking out a solution that sees it getting stronger. I believe the order was fulfilled by NOW. I think Amazon may have stopped selling it themselves so you couldnt get it via prime.

Checked the NOW website and their still selling it. They replaced it with Maltodextrin. I just updated it to their new product: Dextrose, if you can find it, is still a totally valid option though. With the training drink what do you suggest a double dose or your suggested triple dose? Most of us, once we start training and eating well, can pack on muscle at alarming rates.

I am very interested into your mid workout drink — did i read it was calories! I am 6ft2 and pounds and my strength has been increasing however I know that my calorie intake is no where near bulk stage.

I find it difficult. What makes your mid workout shake so high calories and do you need an post workout shake after it? When doing a single dose you can do it right before, during or right after working out.

Yeah … not consuming enough calories is something most of us skinny guys struggle with. This is one creative way of helping to solve that problem. I hope it helps you man, good luck! Having a solid protein intake is likely more beneficial for guys who are still growing, if anything. Getting most of your protein from whole foods though, since whole foods are higher in vitamins and minerals, is still a good idea.

Yes, thanks a lot my older brother has a jar of whey protein I might use that in a couple months after I develop more muscle at least. Thx for super posts. Even considering IGF, which is last resort for a lady. I would trust your doctor for advice on that one. Keep in mind that if your goal is a very lofty one, that it takes more time, effort and sacrifices to reach it!

Shane, It truly does help. Are you recommending malodextrin in the training drink, or dextrose, or are those terms somewhat interchangeable? Great advice, looking forward to giving this a try! Gah — we just switched the above link to maltodextrin. Forgot to switch it everywhere, I suppose. Hey Shane, nice article. I am a 5ft10 ectomorph that weighed lbs. I started training in mid January this year and since then I have managed to gain 20lbs. Mostly through eating lots of whole foods and upping my calorie intake and incorporating compound lifts bench press, barbell squat, deadlift, chin ups and t-rows into my training plans following your advice.

Just wanted to throw a recommendation out to any other UK people that myprotein. Mixed up the double dose slightly concerned about the triple dose making me fat and it tasted good! Either I have weird taste buds, or these products seem to go together well. Can you shoot me details of the payment plan, if there is one?

Your results are awesome! Our Australians have been buying ground up oats instead of maltodextrin, for example, and our Germans are getting dextrose from DIY beer breweries for unbelievably cheap. Is it safe to drink 50g whey protein, g maltodextrin, 10g creatine and 5g glutamin mixed with ml in one serving? Do you mean from a hydration standpoint? I would recommend drinking plenty of water. Maybe that means bringing a water bottle with you. We have water fountains at our gym, so if we make a particularly hearty concoction we also mix in some sips of water.

My body is out of proportion. My arms are so skinny and always have been and I have NO chest and my stomach is fairly flat, not much really going on, so I know that if I can do things right, I could end up getting a pretty decent body. As for now, it seems like the bottom half of me doesnt match the top. So I spoke to friends, watched endless youtube videos on workouts and diets and read endless articles.

Money right now is a bit of an issue so the gym was a no no. The first 2 months went ok, a lot of different variations of push-ups and squats, changed my diet, started eating a lot more, I noticed some kind of improvement in muscle size but in weight I have no idea as I have no scales in my apartment to keep a check. So right now I find your site and all this great advice and all these questions with great responses and I feel like I can get some genuine great advice now.

So first I wanted to ask about the supplements. How many calories should I be consuming daily and how often do you think I should be eating? Any response would be greatly appreaciated as I am so clueless about what I really should be doing and how! Hey Sambo, thanks for taking the time to write us!

None of these supplements are necessary no, and regular whole food has a whole bunch of advantages too, like being unprocessed and packed full of micronutrients. These supplements may be cheaper than food, so in theory they should help you save money though. Calisthenics working out using your body weight is cool, and you can make muscle gains at first. At a certain point the exercises become too easy, and it becomes less about strength and more about endurance.

You can be constantly making things more difficult having someone push down on your back, doing explosive clap pushups, etc but it quickly becomes complicated, and often takes a lot of athleticism handstand pushups, say.

With weights you can constantly be increasing the heaviness, resulting in progressively bigger muscles as your strength increases — much simpler and more reliable. But, as you probably know, sometimes the cheaper route comes with more challenges. How much should you be eating? Enough for your weight to increase! There are some advanced ways of figuring that out, like what we use with our members, but you can often get a rough idea by taking your weight and multiplying it by Hey, ha thanks for the reply, I realised after that the last message was an essay!

By the way I forgot to say before, that video is very impressive and really sold me and if I was in a better financial situation right now I would sign up. Just wanted to ask for your opinion on using waxy maize starch as opposed to dextrin or maltodextrin in post-workout shake.

I started with creatine a couple of months back as per your suggestion and have noticed gains in my lifting capacity but not so much of muscle gain.

I am now looking to gain some big ass muscle and hence have a few questions.. How effective are the gainers available in the market? Are they really effective? What is the best gainer out there in the market which is really helpful for ectomorphs like us? How much of it should be taken per day?

Is 1 scoop after breakfast and 1 after workout enough or should i be taking more? Hey Sushant, glad you got some gains man! Does that make sense? I agree with what other people are saying. Some other favourites of mine are: Still not as good as making your own though. As for how much you should consume to grow? But your overall intake should be enough for you to gain weight on the scale and improve on your strength in the gym.

Surrounding training though you can take advantage of a pretty potent advantage that nutrient timing offers. Would it be possible, especially increase my arm size. You should get started soon though!! However, if I wanted to workout 4 times a week, do you think there would be any negative high calorie effects associated with taking that many calories?

My understanding of the health component of consuming a lot of calories is that it depends on where those calories are going. What a great article, I love the fact that you use research studies to back up your claims. Your photos are also a great testament to your hard work. How gluten free friendly are you guys? I eat a ton of beans and plenty of potatoes.

Lots of guys eat tons of rice and quinoa. Pizza and pasta have never been big favourites of mine even from a taste perspective. What dosages do you reccomend for me personally? Very good article though. I was re-reading the article and was wondering, do I mix 90g of protein, g of carbs, and 15g of creatine also or triple it so it would be g of protein, grams of carbs and 45g of creatine?

Would I mix the 3, drink it before, after or during my workout? When would I have to drink the fish oil? I would start with 30g whey protein and 60g maltodextrin. If that goes well and it comes time to increase, then up it to 60g whey protein and g maltodextrin. Hey man, I started taking 2 2. I know that creatine has a unique relationship with water but if i have a lot of water, will i flush the creatine out of my system when i go to the bathroom?

You want to take in a bit more than you need for that reason. What is the best dosage for the NutraSea Fish oil? Just pour into a tspoon and consume once a day? Yep, consuming once a day is perfect. Or are you just using water in your shakes? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to using milk instead of water?

Milk is a surprisingly potent workout drink, considering how ridiculously slowly we digest it! It has a lot of muscle-building benefits built into it, since there are so many rad vitamins and minerals in there, alongside a great source of protein.

You may dig this article, too: I have a very limited budget so I would just like to ask if buying creatine and whey protein will be enough? Or should I buy whey protein and fish oil isntead?

I am a beginner when it comes to working out so forgive me for this question. I also read that there are harmful side effects when using fish oil, are those claims true? You can certainly ask your doctor though! I would also get kidney stones.. Or bowel movement would stop or go crazy if you get what I mean lol.. You think this program can help me.

Almost all of us run into our share of mishaps, struggles and challenges with this stuff—I know I did! Yes, I think our program could help. We take a pretty methodical approach to this and the goal is to make you even more resistant to injury, not set you up for it.

You may want to get clearance to do squats and deadlifts again, too. You may find value in this article, too: On non-lifting days I try to eat as much whole nutritious food as possible.

When it comes to starches my go-to favourites are: There are tons of options out there—another big favourite for a lot of healthfully-minded dudes is quinoa. Do you consume the same amount of supplement servings on your rest days as well, or is it only on workout days?

Are there any alternate body building supplements without Creatine, because doctor suggested me not to use because. Creatine is not suitable for me.

And fish oil is still a great addition to your daily nutrition. However, the protocol seems a little scary. What do you suggest? I was thinking of going for whey protein first. But would that not add a lot of gains? I hope I converted that right. I wanna gain muscles so bad.. I went through the comments and i hope that you reply on the few ones on top.

That will clear out and help me a big time. Hey Sultan, I try to answer every single question! Do i have to take creatine dosage plus add creatine it to my drink for workout day or the drink is enough? The workout drink is more than enough creatine for the day!

Hi Shane my name is Ryan, I just so happened to stumble across one of your articles a couple hours ago and since then have thoroughly enjoyed most of what your website has to offer. Must say very impressed!

A lot has changed since high school, I am 20 years old now and 5 months away from shipping out for basic training for the military cant enlist until braces are off. Now couple years later terrible diet, virtually no excersise, and no supplements. I am 6foot 1 and pounds. Not chubby at all but def fat has hidden my 6 pack away: As I said I have a few months to jump back on board and I am dead serious about getting in the best shape of my life.

I just bought YMCA membership and signed up for swimming lessons. I want to bulk up with some serious muscle mass and burn some of this 22 percent body fat and get it back down to healthy level. Or will I need to make adjustments? Most people need to make some adjustment or another, as everyone is a little different. Yep, the workout shake will still work. Just stick with a single dose—for now at least. Hope you decide to join us man!

What would you suggest? We live in Toronto too. Seems like a great place to train at! Fish oil timing is one of those cases. This program sounds awesome! And man, looking at this site just makes me so excited to join and try! Thanks for the heads up Oliver! Hey Shane, thanks for your reply. I noticed that you have updated the links, but not all of them. The ones of whey protein and Maltodextrin are still invalid. Do you mean what do we mix the powders with? Some of our guys use milk though and use a bit less whey and maltodextrin so that it has the same overall nutrient breakdown.

I only weigh 47kg. Can you please suggest me a good one. They seem to be broken right now, as bodybuilding. Sorry for the confusion! So which one will give me better result. Still working on it! Hi Shane, thanks for the great post here. The info you guys provide has been very helpful in my quest to gain weight. I just started using the fish oil that you have recommended thanks for the links and you were right, this stuff is really quite easy to take.

However, I just read a study which links omega 3s to a higher risk of prostate cancer. I was wondering if you have read this study yet? I figured I will talk to my doctor about this one before continuing with the omega supplements. Oh man that study has been making waves!

Interestingly enough, fish oil actually reduces your chance of getting prostate cancer in several other ways: Aaaaand keep in mind that MOST studies still show that consumption of omega 3s reduces your risk of prostrate cancer! The media is always coming out with sensational stuff like this, as this new research is shock worthy and increases readership.

Thanks Shane, what a great article! As a ectomorph struggling to put on weight this is very helpful. I was going through the comments and must appreciate the fact that you take the time to answer all questions your readers have. Most of my doubts got clarified as I went through your answers.

No problem Misha, glad it helped! And this post is broscience all the way. Just eat and lift heavy. My legs could use a lot more work though. I looking to gain another 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. I train for strength as well for definition. You may not be a hardgainer at all, just a poor eater! You sounds like a good fit for this program, yeah. We can definitely bulk up the stilts, and nothing will do a better job of giving you a strong balanced physique than squats and deadlifts!

Hey Shane, what is your opinion on oatmass as an alternative to maltodextrin? Or, rather, blended oats, as they are essentially the same, right? This stuff is working! However, Ive gained unwanted fat in my middle section, and thighs, where that was never happening in the past. I weigh now around lbs. I still appear skinny to most, but I may be average. Do youvthinkbthos program is right for me? Most guys have a bit of this or that mixed in, often in the form of carrying a little bit extra around the middle hehe.

Now, here comes the problem: Does you guys or any one of your clients ever got ANY stretch marks on your skin due to rapid muscle building? A lot of us ectomorphs have stretch marks from growing UPwards though. A lot of us take to puberty by rapidly shooting sky high instead of getting muscular, it seems. It awes me how much you guys are into this for us, ectomorphs. The past two weeks I merely stood at my current weight.

I want to have the leanest possible bulk ever cutting being an ectomorph? I know what you mean. By super leanly bulking you can always maintain your strength of being lean while adding on the new strength of being strong and healthy. You need to gain weight to grow, so a calorie surplus is your friend! I like to track using the vein on my bicep.

I take creatine with some food and use whey after workout but how to use dextrose and maltodextrin: Shane, I read that you use 15g of Creatine when you try to gain some weight. Is this true or is our maximum of creatine as being an ectomorph much higher? Yeah I used to take 15g of creatine spaced out over a couple hours. Some creatine might have been flushed out, yeah. Hey Shane I wanted to know other than the days im working out and making that double dose shake, should i be having just a regular whey protein shake the days im off?

And is having all that protein healthy for you? Universal Torrent is a pretty good gainer, although once you start having several servings at once the cost quickly adds up! The maltodextrin they load the stuff with costs them pennies and costs you several dollars. I figure may as well just buy it yourself, mix your own perfect ratio, and save a bit of money. Can trim the doses down and fiddle with things if you ever decide to cut or anything.

Getting your protein from a variety of sources is best, and yep whey protein is a totally valid place to get it. I get more than enough there. Can you refresh the links of the lists of supplements please. Thanks in advance for your reach article that helps me a lot. Lets say will I have to increase my protein intake overtime? And I also read that your body absorbs about 25g of protein in an hour so what would be the point of doubling your protein intake if it would all be converted into waste?

I am looking forward to stop drinking Gatorade as it contains quite a lot of sugars, and buy maltodextrin instead as it looks much healthier, thank you Shane for your time and keep it up! Your site is great. Thanks for the kind words Juan! Comments like yours are why I love writing blog articles so much. Gold Standard is sweet. ON is a good company. Bananas are sweet too, and a great source of vitamins and minerals as well as being a good source of carbs.

I think Gatorade is made out of sucrose, which contains fructose. Fructose is absorbed very differently from glucose and not necessarily in a beneficial way. Not the best thing to be taking in high doses while training. I mean bananas have so many amazing things going for them. If you like the flavour of Gatorade, you could try adding a scoop of Xtend to your drink. You can buy flavouring like citric acid separately too.

Yep, you can develop an intolerance from eating too much of anything, really! If your body can only absorb 25g of protein in an hour then drinking more than 25g of whey in an hour will just mean that it takes longer than an hour to digest all of the protein!

If we just peed calories out if we ate them too fast that would be the best news ever for chubby guys and gals, who, presumably, could eat entire cakes just fine so long as they ate them quickly enough. I use a protein shaker 20oz. You could drink 1 in the change room beforehand, 1 in the gym and 1 after. Thanks Shane for all the help and advice. Can i make this with milk or is the taste not gonna be as good? Also how much milk would you use if you use 28 oz of water?

You could probably make it with milk so long as you feel good while drinking it. Could be that fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, work better in whole fat milk. Shane im sure you answered this somehwere but since carbo gain doesnt have a scoop how do you measure out a serving size?

Or how many scoops would i use if i used the scooper from the gold whey box. The tub should have nutrition information on the side … but who weighs their food? Right now Jared and I are trying waximaize maltodextrin is way more enjoyable — waximaize seems to be the twin of corn starch and it came with a scoop.

And can you help me choose the best creatine brand? Dextrose tastes like milk sugar, and waximaize tastes like cornstarch — up to your taste buds! Might be better for the teeth, too? Have it right after you finish your workout. That will double the dose and give you some extra calories and extra protein to play around with.

No need to double the creatine, although you could! I am 17 years of age. I know eating more and being beastlier in the kitchen is easier said than done, so just take it day by day and try to build up progressively better and better habits!

After all your gains, do you still take supplements? I mean, when people reach their goals in terms of bodyweight, do they stop taking supps easily? I ask because in my country supps are overtaxed, so I see it as an investment, instead of a cheaper alternative to food. I stress constantly about it, and I just been thinking about anything that could help me with building muscle drug-free is a go, so supplements are my first choice.

Buuut… people become hostage to this shit. I wonder if it would be possible to drop naturally, with ease, them once I packed those 20 lb. Would you guys mind telling me a little about your thoughts and experiences? I used to wonder that all the time myself. Ergogenic supplements SuperPump, NO xplode, jack3d, etc: I felt like I went from being superman to a weak old man when I stopped training with them.

The homemade ones are very cheap, and, for MOST people, cheaper than their whole food equivalents. You can accomplish your gains and then use very minimal dosages or stop using them entirely. Gainers QuickMass, Serious Mass, etc: Kind of useless to begin with and massively overpriced. Food replacements, like whey protein: Stuff like fish oil you might want to take forever. Stuff like vitamin D is tricky to get naturally, as you need to be outside a lot to encourage your body to synthesize enough of it.

Most people need to supplement with it or drink milk, which is fortified with it. Anyway, the short answer to your question is no: If nutritious whole food is cheaper and more accessible for you and you have the appetite to eat it then you could forget about supplements altogether!

Good luck gaining your final 20!! Supplements are still cheaper than most whole foods, but not as cheap as you might think. It is still cheaper taking malto than buying whole food price per calorie , but in the specific case of whey and pre-wo, they are way off the range. Yeah, that helped a lot! So, did you stop taking supps entirely now that you reached your final weight? I really like it, and I like having goals to work towards.

I still take supplements. It sounds like things are different where you live — I do know that food in Canada is expensive relative to other countries — but whey here in Toronto is muuuch cheaper than, say, chicken breasts, steak or ground meat. If you call it a supplement I also absolutely adore coffee! I have a nice hot mug before pretty much every workout and love it pretty heartily. As for your creatine questions: Not everyone gets water retention from creatine.

All the extra muscle you built while on it … that will stay. How much lean mass can you expect to gain? This horn is in great shape with no signs of wear. In very good condition and particularly good looking! The F valve has had a custom ball and socket linkage upgrade done with improves it a lot.

Here's a good deal for a serious trombonist on a budget. This is a Bach 42BO, fairly recent and overall in good shape with the exception of the bell flare, which was damaged and repaired. Whoever did the repair did a poor job and has scarred the flare and thinned the rim bead. As such, this trombone is offered at a bargain price as is.

A beautiful trombone we recently refinished here at the shop. From the mid s and has all the nice features of this great era of vintage Conn trombones. The bell has the deco engraving, tuning slide has the nickel guard and the slide has both bronze outer tubes and thick slide braces. There is some minor wear on the inner tubes. A really gorgeous vintage Conn that plays amazingly well.

The technical model number for this instrument is a D and Kanstul hasn't made many of them. This one is special, as it was ordered in the style of a Bach bass trombone with tuning in the slide. Additionally it has a removable 2nd valve. More cool stuff, it has a harmonic brace installed which lets you fine tune your vibrance with harmonic pillars none included, but you can get some from Edwards in various metals and sizes.

What more can I say. Another killer custom bass trombone, this time based on a King Duo Gravis. It has a vintage DG bell flare with dependent Getzen rotary valves, original King slide with a Bach 50 slide crook.

Might be one of the best playing commercial style bass trombones I've ever had at the shop. Also has a harmonic brace installed which fits Edwards harmonic pillars. Another one of a kind single valve bass trombone with a "Bartok" 2nd valve, which lets you extend your F tuning slide on a finger paddle. The bell flare is a YBL gold brass flare. The valve section is a Shires trubore and the Bartok mechanism was fabricated by Shires.

The slide is a B62 standard. In great shape and plays great. Used Shires Axial "Thayer" valve section with open wrap. The valve casing and core have just been replaced at the Shires factory with new parts, this is a new valve with vintage tubing. Has the original paddle type thumb trigger.

Dig this, this trombone was purchased new in and has been only owned by one person and has spent its life here in LA being used professionally.

It is exactly what you'd want in a sterling silver 2B, the right vintage, the right condition and the right provenance. Sure, it has some signs of use, but it is in great shape overall and the character oozing from this horn is exciting. This one has some serious mojo! Absolutely beautiful vintage Bach 37ML trumpet in great shape, with original lacquer which has patina to a nice honey color.

It is in tremendous condition. You'd be hard pressed to find a nice vintage Bach 37 around in my humble opinion. This is a nice bargain tenor sackbut with F extension, good for a player looking to get into the sackbut scene with a quality german made instrument.

Appropriate for bass sackbut parts as well because of the valve section. Beautiful vintage Conn 72H bass trombone in excellent condition.

These are the vintage that is most desirable. The outer slide tubes are "bronze" and with thicker stock and oversleeves. The bell engraving is crisp and the rotor valve seals nicely.

The 72H is a bell tuning version of the famous 70H bass trombone with tuning in the slide. The handslide is longer on a 72H to facilitate a low C in tune. The Miraphone contrabass trombone in BBb, complete with giant bell and quad bore slide. This thing is a sound monster. It isn't the easiest thing to play in the world but with some practice you will own the foundation in any brass ensemble, film score or trombone choir. In very good condition with some minor cosmetic blems.

Slide action is decent for 4 slide tubes. This bell section has a newer "dual bore" rotary valve offered from Shires. It is the same valve used on their "Ralph Sauer" model. Plays great and very even on both sides of the horn. Add a slide and you've got yourself a nice trombone! Very nice lightly used Yamaha Yeo Bass Trombone, dependent valves with removable 2nd valve to convert to a single trigger. The bell was damaged and repaired in shipping transit and has a scar. Otherwise in very good condition.

Small ding on valve tubing. This is a very nice playing trombone and comes with the special order. King 2B Plus trombone, these are a. These are really great playing trombones with a big sound, predictable response and versatile color. Great small bore trombone for players looking for an open blowing jazzer.

The 32H is a dual bore. No one makes anything like the 32H anymore. I can't think of a more versatile small bore trombone out there.

Works great on mic, in the studio, in a live setting, big band or even principal in the orchestra. This one is a late s vintage and is from the most desirable period of 32H trombone production. In very good condition, rare to find these with gold brass bell flare and standard weight slide. I've always had a soft spot for the often overlooked Conn 79H. Most players didn't know that this trombone was available, but I think its one of the very best instruments Conn ever made.

There is something special about the bell flares on these instruments and the added bonus of having an F attachment is huge. This one is in very good condition, some minor slide wear and cosmetics from the contact points but overall very clean. This is a no frills instrument but it gets the job done.

Open wrap valve in rose brass, rose brass bell, reversed tuning slide and narrow large bore slide. Great for someone on a budget or a budding young trombonist. Lightly used Shires orchestral tenor trombone with the popular 7YLW bell flare. Shires Trubore valve section and a TW47 slide.

All in excellent like new condition with some minor wear on the valve section and a small dent in the F tuning slide. Very interesting setup, similar to what Ralph Sauer is using. This is a standard 1Y bell, new Shires rotor valve with open wrap and a lightly used T dual bore slide. The slide has a leadpipe that takes a large shank mouthpiece.

This is a great playing trombone, extremely versatile. Very clean Bach 42BOG trombone. Gold brass bell, open wrap valve and lightweight nickel slide. A solid playing trombone from the early s. Very clean Schmelzer Model 1,. Made in Germany by Manfred Schmelzer, this is a top tier jazzer.

This one has a gold plated bell section and nickel slide. A really tremendous playing Conn Elkhart 8H from the late s. It's spent its life in Las Vegas playing with many of the legends of music. Overall in very nice vintage condition and one of the better playing 8Hs I've had come in.

This is the famous "Burkle" model 32H trombone, named after its designer Jake Burkle. These are incredibly versatile jazzer trombones that are particularly popular among players accustomed to larger bore trombones and looking for an open blowing jazzer that sounds like a jazzer.

The 32H trombone has a. These are fantastic trombones and no one makes anything like it among the modern makers. Chinese made BBb contrabass trombone based on the Miraphone contra, nearly identical specs.

Quality on these has certainly improved. Its not in the same league as the original but at a fraction of the cost, certainly gets the job done. This one is in very good condition with a decent hardcore.

Beautiful late s Conn 6H with the deco engraving. These are highly in demand now, and very hard to find with this engraving and in good condition. The lacquer isn't in great shape and might actually come off when I sonic clean this horn, so no guarantees you'll get it with this patina unless I don't clean it. Otherwise very nice condition and a tremendous player. One of the most versatile commercial trombones ever made. It has an open wrap 88H bell section with a.

Threaded leadpipes and linkage upgrade on the valve. Here's a custom made Conn 8H that was assembled for Alan Kaplan. This one has a special order 8" bell flare and a. For the bargain hunters that lurk on the website, here's a very nice playing 36B that isn't going to win any beauty contests. If shiny trombones isn't your thing, this might be the medium bore trombone for you!

This one has an 8" bell,. Just finished an in house restoration on this vintage 88H. Serial dates it to early Texas production. We've just replaced the inner tubes with new ones. Valve has been serviced and the instrument has had all dents removed and it has been relacquered. It is top notch shape now and is a beauty.

We tried a new bell brace design on this one to see how it would turn out and the results are promising. The core is really something special on this trombone.

It projects like crazy! As with all our full conversions: New inner tubes, threaded leadpipe receiver, bell voodoo, open wrap oversized valve section, Brassark seamed tenor slide crook and this one gets a seamed copper MV42 leadpipe.

We have about 10 of these out in the world now, and this one is available. Beautiful Giant Alexander BBb tuba with 5 valves.

In excellent condition with a Winter hard case. Plays amazing and throws a lot of sound. Some minor cosmetic blems and a few small dings but overall very clean.

A totally unique vintage Holton large tenor trombone with a screw off bell flare. Great for traveling and also just as a darn good trombone. This instrument has a dual bore. This one is in excellent condition with great slide action and no dents. Some minor cosmetic blems in the lacquer. This is an absolutely stunning vintage trombone, all in glorious Conn red brass. This trombone has a. It is a bit front heavy because there is no counterweight but the clean look of the horn is something to behold.

The sound is velvety and beautiful. It looks like it has been relacquered once a long time ago and done very well. The sound this little trombone puts out is nothing short of unbelievable. This is a tremendous playing little sports car. The model 6vii New York was the most open of all of the model 6 variations and this one is no exception. This trombone has been around, owned by many prominent players and is now up for sale again.

It has small specs: I love the classy look of this beautiful vintage Alexander French Horn. The is the same as the famous model used by tons of hornists around the world. It is all gold brass and the bell is made in the old "gusset" style of fabrication that yields amazingly vibrant bell flares.

I think this one is from the late s, guessing from the engraving. It is in fantastic condition and includes the original case. Here is one of the original Larry Minick tenor trombones made in the s. It features a one piece gold brass Minick bell, the amazing Minick rotary valve with open wrap, Conn 88H style slide with Minick leadpipe as well as a straight neckpipe allowing for a valveless trombone.

This instrument is a formidable orchestral instrument. It has a dense and dark sound quality and really projects amazingly well. The blow is open and free and the rotary valve is excellent, being similar to the Trubore design with a straight port on the open Bb side of the trombone.

Overall in very good condition with no major damage or dents. There are some patches on the handslide covering up worn spots so no holes develop. Comes with a case. I've never seen this before, but this is a Bach C large bore cornet.

Ideal for orchestral cornet work and would be awesome on a Soldier's Tale. In fantastic condition with bright silver plate and no signs of wear or dents. Has a bell flare. Terrific sounding rare Bach cornet. A gorgeous Bach large bore Bb cornet, refinished and silver-plated by Zig Kanstul. Early NY production, all stamps are clear and matching. There is a patch on the back of the main bell bow.

Here's a well made, quality German alto trombone that isn't going to break the bank and be fairly easy to learn. It is a model Challenger in Eb and in good overall condition with some minor dings and cosmetic scratches in the lacquer.

It is unlacquered and in overall very good condition. Some signs of use on the contact points and a few small blems here and there. Extremely versatile and mouthpiece specific, smaller mouthpiece sounds commercial and bigger piece gives a great orchestral sound. Open blow and fast response. Slide action is good but does have some chrome wear.

The slide has been widened to accommodate the Thayer valves and larger necks. Very nice used Shires large bore tenor trombone in very good condition. Some minor wear on the slide contact points and the neckpipe. Very clean overall and a solid playing trombone. Has a 1G bell flare which is a gold brass bell with soldered rim on the original shires bell mandrel. An axial thayer valve with open wrap and gold brass tuning slide. The slide is a TB which dual bore bach style slide.

Three leadpipes included, no case. Here's a beautiful playing Bach Mt Vernon model 12 trombone, with a lightened slide work done in the s by a tech in San Francisco. Some minor lacquer wear and scratches.

Tubes are all in good shape and seem to be original. Beautiful Bach Mt Vernon model 36, looks like original lacquer. Slide crook has been off and touched up, looks like gold brass outer slide tubes.

The bell is stunning, one of the nicest MV36s I've had come through the shop. Lots of good notes in this one. Stunning Bach Mt Vernon model 36, gold brass bell. The bell is glorious, the slide is excellent one small spot of wear on the top inner tube with only some minor lacquer wear on the bell from some adhesive residual. Ultra lightly used Greenhoe 88HT-G. This features the thin gauge red brass 88H bell, Greenhoe valve with open wrap and standard.

This trombone is in excellent condition and shows little signs of use. A few minor cosmetic lacquer blems but otherwise it is very clean. Plays extremely well and the valve is even with blow and timbre on both sides of the trombone.

These are no longer in production, so get this one while you can. This is handmade by my good friend Markus in Herzogenrath Germany. It is beautiful to look at and hear, as well as play. A used friendly bass sackbut this is one of the best "bangs for your buck" you can get info for a high quality professional level instrument. This one has 3rd position bell to slide relationship.

Very nice Shires large bore orchestral tenor trombone with some nice modifications. This is set up to play similar to a vintage 50's Conn 88H trombone, so if you are a fan of those instruments but looking for something a bit more modern and open blowing this trombone could be right up your alley. The bell is a 2RVET7 flare, which means conn taper red brass bell with thin rim wire and unsoldered bead.

The valve section is a standard Shires rotary with open wrap. The slide is a TW47, wide style. You'll notice that the previous owner had a tuning slide bow guard installed on both the main and F attachment tuning slides ala s 88H style. This is an extremely good playing trombone with a beautiful vibrant and focused sound with a lot of warmth and depth. Here's a lightly used Miraphone BBb tuba, model , about 5 years old.

It has been well maintained and is very clean, showing a few small dents and some minor cosmetic wear. The is maybe the most popular BBb tuba in the world, used by students and professionals for its versatility and ease of playing. The craftsmanship is top notch. This one includes a very nice Glenn Cronkhite gig bag with backpack straps. Beautiful lightly used Shires trombone with some special components on this one.

It has a one piece TII 5G bell, which is a single sheet of gold brass made on the newer bell mandrel based on a Bach style bell. It has a soldered rim and it is a fantastic playing and sounding bell. Comes with a trubore valve, a free blowing and even valve designed by Steve Shires. It has a nearly new TB47GL slide, which has gold brass outer tubes and is a bach style slide with Bach length. This helps Bach style players feel a bit more comfortable with the length slide they are used to.

Mated with this bell section is a gold brass tuning slide. Really a phenomenal playing orchestral trombone all around in excellent condition. Here's another ultra clean Shires tenor trombone made in Massachusetts. Regarded as one of the best trombone makers in the world.

This Shires has a 2R bell red brass flare with unsoldered rim, original Shires mandrel and a trubore valve. The trubore valve offers a straight airflow on the open side of the horn and a gentle swoop of the tubes for the F attachment side, one of the best and most even blowing valves on the market. This one also has a TB47 slide which is a wide bach style slide. This one is in excellent condition showing little use, it is about 3 years old. This is a special trombone. Mated with this bell flare is a Shires axial "thayer" valve, Shires TB47 bach style slide and a Shires "S" seamed yellow brass tuning slide.

If you're after a classic vintage Bach but want something that plays a bit more modern and predictable, this might be the horn for you. There is some cosmetic wear on the valve and slide but overall very clean.

The bell is unlacquered raw brass and has a glorious patina. The bell has shires mounts and is modular. Here is a new, demo model Shires Michael Davis Plus trombone. Made by Steve Shires in Massachusetts. This horn is top tier craftsmanship and delivers amazing performance and versatility.

The bell is a yellow brass 8" flare and the slide is a nickel. Basically the best 3B style trombone ever made.

The slide action feels fantastic in the hand, there is a thin but not flimsy brace on the slide that feels just right. This horn was a demo model and is new but has been tested in the shop. A desirable s vintage Conn 6H Jazz Trombone,. In very good condition with some worn spots on the hand grip. The bottom outer slide tube has had the nickel oversleeve removed to save some weight.

Antique Cornet made by John Heald of Massachusetts. One of the finest makers of cornets of his day, Heald had many patents for instrument design. This is a very well made period instrument. I've recently had Robb Stewart go over the instrument, installing a small nickel patch on a split tube, as well as remove dents.

He reports the valves are tight with excellent compression for an instrument of this vintage. The King 6B or "Duo Gravis" is prized for its bright color and edgy bite that works extremely well in commercial settings.

This one is in very good condition overall with some minor cosmetic wear on the contact points. Super cool and rare Conn 78H from the s. This one is a terrific player and is made from all sheet red brass.

Inner tubes are chrome plated. As such, this is like a bigger bore jazz trombone. Amazingly responsive and would be extremely versatile in a variety of professional settings. Simply a terrific trombone from my favorite era of Conn trombones. A brand new Markus Leuchter bass trombone, specially made with a 9" gold brass bell with a nickel garland. Also optional is a 9" gold brass bell without the garland. Has a dual bore. This bass trombone is incredible. Its not only one of the easiest instruments to play but the sound is absolutely stunning and vibrant.

Completely hand made by Markus in Herzogenrath Germany. A brand new Markus Leuchter contrabass trombone in F. Totally stunning and epic giant trombone. I personally use one of Markus's contras and I can't say enough good things about this instrument. It is by far one of the best sounding and easiest to play contras available in the world. Made from all gold brass, chrome inner slide and totally handmade by my good friend Markus in Herzogenrath.

This is a beautiful custom built tenor sackbut by Markus Leuchter in Germany, brand new. It features a 4th position bell, hand engraved garland and decorations, chrome plated nickel inner slide tubes, handmade water key and tuning bits to A and A It is a top performing instrument, and one of the best and most affordable high level sackbuts in today's market. It is unlacquere and includes case. A closet time capsule Holton TR bass trombone, in excellent condition with only a few minor cosmetic blems.

All original parts including the original thumb paddle "Glantz Bar". A gorgeous King 3B silversonic with F attachment. Solid sterling silver bell with gold wash in excellent condition. Custom brushed finish on the F attachment.

A flashy trombone that gets a lot of attention. Early Eastlake vintage, these can be tight blowing but I find this one to be excellent. Ideal for a commercial player or for shows or pit work.

Very cool early YBL Yeo model, in very good used condition. Some wear on the contact points and cosmetically. Very big and focused sound, easy to play and a unique designed wrap. I've always had a soft spot for these bass trombones and I think they are one of the most versatile models in production. Not to be confused with the Xeno YBL, this is the original version. A stunning jazzer trombone. In near new condition. Solid sterling silver bell flare.

Here's one to scare the viola section. This beastie puts out some some and some core. The larger bell is not the most popular but I don't mind it on this chassis. In great shape, some lacquer wear on the neck pipe and valve caps.

A very nice, lightly used Shires tenor trombone with trubore valve. In excellent condition and a really nice playing trombone. Slide takes a large shank mouthpiece.

This one is phenomenal. If I didn't own a bunch already, I'd keep her for myself. This one is a mid s, K serial number. It has all of my favorite things about early Conns: This one is in tremendous condition. Recently tastefully relacquered here at The Brass Ark, we gently prepped for spraying without removing too much material and used high quality based epoxy lacquer.

Here's a rare bird and a glorious tenor trombone. I love the aesthetic on these trombones, so clean and classy. I feel like these Greenhoe TIS tenor trombones are basically modern versions of the famous Conn 14H tenor from the s.

It ticks all of the boxes for the vintage nuts and also holds up to the demands of the modern player. Craftsmanship and quality is top tier. This one has been used but in great shape, a few small dings here and there and some minor wear on the contact points. Our first conversion on a beautiful s K series Elkhart Conn 8H. Featuring a new oversized rotary valve, open wrap, threaded leadpipe receiver and custom braces. We thought it would be a nifty experiment to see how a Conn would do with our rotary valve on it and it turns out that it is a great success.

The sound is classic 88H with a full blowing, open, balanced and responsive F side. The slide retains the original slide crook and width, modified with shires threaded receiver for leadpipes. Included is a Brassark 1 leadpipe. A nice vintage Reynolds single valve bass trombone. A unique sounding trombone with a big sound and equally impressive bite.

This is a killer commercial bass, lots of bright brass low end that carries to the back wall. A professional BBb 4 valve piston tuba from Jupiter. This one is in excellent condition with just some minor lacquer wear on the back bell stem from skin contact. Otherwise super clean with no dents. Here's a nearly new Conn 88HT with Greenhoe valve, in very good condition, light signs of use and wear on the contact points.

Includes slide with removable leadpipes. These are terrific trombones that are highly regarded and no longer in production. A gorgeous gold brass alto trombone, from one of the best trombone makers in the past 50 years.

Pfretzchner built high end trombones out of his small shop and has a reputation as one of the most exotic and desirable makers around.

This trombone is a special one. It is a big bore alto with a smaller bell and Bb rotary valve. It is responsive and easy to play, slotting is excellent and intonation is also superb. The holy grail of orchestral trombones. If you frequent my website, this instrument needs no introduction or explanation.

You know what it is. This one is in very nice condition. It shows some spotting in the lacquer and some wear on contact points, but I didn't want to buff those cosmetic things to preserve the originality of this one.

Robb Stewart just cleaned it and tuned up the slide. This is a nice one folks. I estimate these to be from the early s, wide engraved nickel bell garland. Takes a large shank mouthpiece. Slides have a combination of new tubes and original tubes. Action is quite good for an old vintage like this. Would be lovely to complete a section with the Ed. Kruspe bass trombone, also available. Ross Electronics Corporation Japan "".

Grundig "Mini World PE". It was in real nice condition in and out. Only needed a little elbow grease on the wood cabinet to bring it up to snuff. The G was the first vintage tube radio that I "consciously" added to the collection; the previous two were "inherited" the Zenith "BB" was in the family since new, and the Blaupunkt "Frankfurt" came with the Mercedes-Benz Type Ponton sedan.

Once it was home, it seemed like a good value, so I began to look at other old radios. After buying the G, I have noticed quite a few of them. On September 20, in Philadelphia, "The Book Trader" 7 N 2nd Street had one playing classical music amongst all the books and clutter. They also show up in radio flea markets occasionally. There are wide variations in the cabinet finish. Most of the other examples I have seen are dark brown. On Saturday March 24, the cat knocked the G off the dresser.

Cosmetically, it was unscathed, but the FM band was not working. Turned out, the tuning rod got knocked out of the core. The cost was a half hour of labor. Valve tube line up: Tuning dial pilot lamp one required is Type 40, 6.

The pilot lamps are typically sold in packages of 10 at vintage radio swap meets and by the usual on-line sources. It was working, but had some static noises, and low volume.

It was quite dusty inside but completely functional. The volume dial was almost impossible to turn, but applying some light oil on the volume potentiometer shaft freed it up. I cleaned it up inside and out, and it looked great. The performance was not quite up to original specification, but I replaced some capacitors and it sounded a little bit better. Some Grundig radios were sold in the PX for U. Army personnel The items sold through the exchange could be identified with the model number followed by the suffix PX.

I was not able to pick up any SW stations until I plugged a long almost 2 meters length of 18 AWG wire fitted with a 4 mm "banana plug" into the single external antenna jack on the back of the set. The banana plugs were a perfect fit for the external SW antenna jack.

I began restoring the radio in September and it took until August to get it back to its former glory. Tuning Range Broadcast AM: I paid full price because I thought it was in both good cosmetic and working condition.

I had seen console sets like this on eBay, but never thought I would actually own one. Well, now I do. It really sounds nice. I just need to find some old polka records to play on the turntable. It was a top of the line set manufactured in West Germany for the American market. In the mid s this was expanded to MHz and then sometime in the late s to early s was expanded even further to the current megacycles.

The portion of the band between and was used for Police radios the French police in particular. For this reason, I understand that in Germany perhaps other European countries as well it was illegal to sell FM radios that could pick up the full FM broadcast spectrum.

Again, the German radios made for export included the extra cycles in the FM spectrum, radios made for domestic usage inside Germany did not. Note that Vestal is near Binghampton. After I got the console home, it worked perfectly for about 24 hours before it unexpectedly quit. The tubes including the tuning eye and tuning face plate were lighting up, so it was getting power, but I could not tune to any stations on any band.

So, I e-mailed Richard to see if he had any suggestions, but before he could respond, I cleaned and re-seated the tubes and it began to work fine again. The automobile trip home from the AWA swap meet may have caused one or more tubes to wiggle loose.

Another thing that might have contributed to this anomaly is that the piano key selector switches may have been a little dirty and hence been caught in between the various bands. One time since then, I found that by pressing the piano key selector switches slowly, the circuitry can be engaged as it is supposed to be.

The radio uses a selenium rectifier, which may have died. I can send you a replacement McIntosh silicon bridge. You say "tuning eye does not move", which I could interpret as, it lights, but no movement. Try the record player. Then there is RF failure. The most likely cause is a bad converter or IF tube. If not, then everything will not work. Check if all these tubes light and are seated correctly in their sockets. The radio worked here for about 15 years next to my workbench, although I played it not too often.

Rather, I used my stereo or old mono audio system on the other end of the room. The Grundig originally belonged to my brother-in-law's father. When he died, the radio went to my sister. When they retired circa I got the radio. A neighbor down the street had a radio shop, retired from it, but had basement full of N. The radio may benefit from a full set of new tubes. The grid is what controls the flow of electrons from the cathode to the plate.

If the grid is negatively biased, it can reduce the flow from the cathode to the plate. If you remove a tube, the load on the system changes, and voltages on other tubes will be wrong.

Measure from tube electrode to ground. On smaller table cabinets, the typical German radio has a removable plate on the bottom of the cabinet so you can make these tests without removing radio from cabinet. The model was made for export to the USA. It also has a N. New Old Stock Grundig replacement phono cartridge.

The audio is rich; with full bass and treble controls, and the SW shortwave frequencies are easy to pick up. It was looking real sharp. However, after looking at the cabinet for several more days, I decided it needed to be cleaned and polished a little further.

Note that the cabinet probably has a lacquer finish. First, to remove what may have been candle wax drippings, I applied linseed oil to loosen the debris. Then after letting it sit for five minutes, I used my fingernail to scrape those spots, which seemed to cover most of the cabinet top. I then used "rottenstone" a powdered form of weathered and decomposed siliceous limestone used for polishing and paraffin oil, as the cabinet top also had some fine scuffs, swirls and light scratches from what appears to be 50 years of normal usage.

Unfortunately, there was also evidence of what appeared to be two cigarette burns in the wood. I first sprinkled some rottenstone powder on the top of the cabinet and then poured out a little bit of paraffin oil to go along with it. I mixed this into a slurry, and used a cotton cloth to hand rub it into the areas needing the most attention first. Once I was confident this was working, I also used a variable speed electric sander set to the lowest speed fitted with a buffing pad to go over the entire surface with the slurry of rottenstone and paraffin oil to put the finishing touch on it.

Then, I wiped it all down with a clean rag and used buffer's polish to bring out the shine. The combination of the rottenstone and paraffin oil removed the small swirls and scuffs as I had hoped, but of course, the mixture did nothing for the two cigarette burns and the scratches that penetrated the lacquer surface. I bought the rottenstone, paraffin oil, buffer's polish and the Dewalt electric sander at Woodcraft in Henrietta Plaza on Jefferson Road August 23, Notes for Future Reference To remove the remaining fine scratches in the lacquer finish, another thin coat of lacquer may be needed Shellac may be applied and removed numerous times if desired, but polyurethane should be considered a permanent finish when it involves the cabinetry such as an old radio.

Therefore, polyurethane is not recommended for use on radio cabinets. Updates Ordered new EM85 "magic eye" tube from tubesandmore.

The unfortunate part about the Kutztown antique radio swap meet was that the northern remnants of Hurricane Ivan were passing through, making things extremely wet — with 35 mph winds. Fortunately, the show was under a pavilion, but even so, the winds were blowing so hard that everything even in the center of the pavilion was getting wet. Not an ideal situation for old radios, electronics, books, ephemera, and people. Regardless, I was able to find a couple of bargains amidst the chaos.

I made it back to Kutztown again in September and , and it was much warmer and drier both times. Did not make the trek again until September another nice, dry year. Judging from the style, I originally presumed it was made in Japan for Radio Shack in the early s. In , I found it listed in the Radio Shack catalog. It was in real nice, original condition, although I gave it a thorough detailing cleaning when I got back home. Unfortunately, tiny flecks of white paint on the vinyl case were impossible to remove.

Sensitivity was good on all bands as it picked up distant AM and SW stations easily. This robust little radio was meant to be a close personal companion, not a "boom box. It does not perform as well when trying to fill a large space with sound, like when sitting by the pool, or washing the car. The styling is classic, early s. The case is finished in black vinyl with a carry handle.

It has chrome accent strips and a metal speaker grille. The tuning dial background is black with an orange slide rule indicator. The face plate tuning scale is printed in the following colors: It also has a "log scale" printed in white at the top of the face plate. This radio has been a steadfast companion on road trips and has provided many hours of late-night shortwave DX listening pleasure. From western NY state, that was quite reasonable reception.

I started a DX log to keep track of the distant stations I picked up. Grundig West Germany "U" Years manufactured: All behind front grille Tuning Range: It had a small water stain in the bottom left corner of the grill cloth, and two small chips out of the top edge of the cabinet, otherwise, it was in fine cosmetic condition. Having been built for the season, the Grundig U tuning dial still bears the CD civil defense symbols for the AM band, which were required until As if your local radio station would still be broadcasting after they dropped the big one.

Allegedly, the famous Henry Kloss came out of retirement in the s to design this handsome, uncluttered unit. It is surprisingly heavy for its size, and appeared to be well constructed. The green pilot lamp on the front indicates the power is on, and the yellow tuning lamp varies in intensity depending on signal strength - a modern "magic eye" tuning indicator! The tuning dial has a 5: The first test I give any radio after bringing it home is to find out how well it picks up the low power college and community stations on the left end of the FM dial.

The "Model One" pulled them in without any problems. I used the external wire antenna that was provided with the radio. The first two hours of listening was impressive because of its ability to pick up these marginal FM signals. I imagine it must be a common desire among radio listeners living well outside metro areas to want the benefits of cultural and eclectic programming that certain low power community and university stations can provide.

The radio "must not realize it is small" because the undistorted amplification of these marginal FM signals was quite good. It is interesting that no external tone adjustments have been provided. As someone who listens primarily to jazz and classical music, I found the fixed audio quality of the speaker to be quite acceptable. My older Grundig vacuum tube radios have varying degrees of success picking up the weaker FM stations.

On the other hand, my Grundig "Satellit International " picks up these weaker signals without any difficulty whatsoever, but the sound is not quite as good as the Tivoli "Model One. That is of course after making a pledge to the local NPR station. I am located about 30 miles from the station's transmitter. The radio was sitting on a shelf — behind, and slightly above me in an 11'x14' room.

During one of the louder selections, it was really filling the room with sound. As I looked over my shoulder at the radio, I was reminded of how small slightly larger than a brick it actually was.

The sound seemed to be coming from a much larger enclosure. From what I have read, the "Model One" uses the same technology that enables cell phones to produce clear audio even with weak RF signals. Sensitivity is the radio's ability to pick up weak distant stations. Selectivity is the radio's ability to reject signals that are close to the desired frequency. A transistor, built with gallium arsenide semiconductor material, with a conducting channel positioned between a source and drain-contact region.

Search the internet for more information, applications, and trade-offs regarding the use of this technology. Further discussion is beyond the scope of this page. After nearly two years of enjoying the Model One, the radio still looks, sounds and feels like new. I have not used it to listen to many AM stations, but it does pick them up when I want to focus on the broadcast band programming. The AR-1 speaker paved the way for high fidelity audio for the masses. He designed that while at Advent, a company that he formed in The Advent company became famous for their loudspeakers but it was initially set up so that Mr.

Kloss could pioneer the development of projection television. Curiously, the Braun Type "SK22U" tube radio late s to early s may have had some influence on Henry Kloss' work simply based on its pure, functional, minimal exterior styling. There is also currently a Tivoli "Model Two", which looks almost exactly like the "Model One" but has an extra cabinet for the second stereo speaker. Henry Kloss was born in and died in at the age of According to Kloss, the quality of many radio receivers had declined because people did not think in terms of buying something that would last them twenty years.

Things are so cheap that I will buy it, and if I like it, then okay. If I don't like it, I can always get another one. There is no consideration given to a purchase that would be satisfactory for use over a long period of time. People are not asking for good radios. There is no demand for such because people do not know you can get them," he said. Incidentally, Henry Kloss drove a Mercedes-Benz diesel, which he bought new, 17 years prior circa to his death. More references to Henry Kloss can be found on the AR-2a loudspeaker restoration page.

My original power cord became damaged due to my own negligence. The European version of this model is called, "Concert-Boy Automatic N" and only differs in appearance on the faceplace with the labels being in German instead of English.

In Germany, this is known as a "kofferradio" suitcase radio because of its small size and portability. By today's standards, it seems heavy 2.

At that time in Germany and other European countries , automobile radios were rare. This Telefunken was designed to function as a car radio using the 12 V car battery as a power source. An exterior antenna could also be plugged into the radio. The "automobile" graphic symbol push-button enables the radio to run on 12 Vdc. It also may have been capable of being inserted into a mounting bracket under the dashboard. However, the exterior of this model suggests its primary function was a hand carried portable because it is finished in relatively delicate vinyl, with chrome accents.

If the radio were to be mounted into an under-the-dashboard bracket, damage may occur to the finish. So, it may have been placed on the passenger's seat or foot-well while it was plugged into the battery and antenna.

If any readers have OEM facts for this radio showing how it was to be used in a car, please contact me. Its size and understated Teutonic styling belied its strong performance. It looked quite undistinguished sitting amongst the other radios on the table but I noticed it because of a "sixth sense" that enables me to identify European radios from great distances! With a borrowed set of batteries, the Bajazzo Sport played wonderfully and strong, which was remarkable for its age and a true testament to the quality of its design and construction.

It was 41 years old at the time. The tuning dial is annotated with German designations for its various controls because this particular radio was built for the German domestic market not for export and somehow found its way to these shores.

What impressed me after an obliging vendor loaned me 6 C-size batteries was that it was able to receive a French speaking AM station from Montreal, Canada - some miles away, as the crow flies - loud and clear at Also, the reception of a low powered FM college station was clear and strong without having to raise the antenna at all.

A friendly fellow by the name of Paul Hyman of German heritage, from Johnstown, PA was behind the vendor's table and said that the Telefunken "Bajazzo Sport" was quite common on the German eBay on-line auction site www. Sure enough, when I searched www. He also informed me that there was a more "de luxe" model of the Bajazzo radio, which features separate bass and treble controls and a few more bells and whistles.

I later verified that the Telefunken "Bajazzo de luxe" also a portable transistor model includes a few more features as well as being enclosed in a teak wood case. Another model from the same series, the Bajazzo "TS ", also features a teak wood case. There is also a similar model called the "Banjo. During its first year of production , the original price for the Bajazzo Sport was Deutschmarks.

That was a lot of money. I could also factor in the "price of admission" to the swap meet. It is in excellent condition apart from missing the top of the slightly bent aerial, and the small plastic inserts that protected the three side sockets. I realize, having glanced through your site, that there was of course no way we could have ever afforded to buy one. The original price Deutschmarks is four times what my mum paid for the car she bought for my dad as a surprise on his return from a longish military exercise.

From memory, the radio used to sit on the floor, in the foot well of my mum's seat in firstly, our old Ford Prefect registration no NU 92 B - isn't it amazing what sticks in your memory from childhood? The car aerial lead would stretch that far, but I don't recall a power connection and assume it was running on batteries.

I never knew of one to be fitted to a car. We also used it for camping trips and it used to attract a lot of attention from German campers, but I never knew why at the time.

Probably because marks was more than a month's wages for a lot of people back then. I also remember the only time any of us saw another Bajazzo Sport in England.

It was in a TV advertisement for DIY Do It Yourself equipment I think and it was sitting on a garden table playing away while somebody painted their house or fence, something like that. I should also mention that I have never seen a similar radio in real life outside of Germany. I received an e-mail from Martti Peräaho of Finland, regarding his Telefunken kofferradio "suitcase radio".

This section of the page is turning into a nice collection of international correspondence about the Telefunken Bajazzo radio! October 21, Hello from Finland! Your description of the Telefunken Bajazzo was of special interest, as I own an example that is in very good condition.

Since you requested information on how this type of radio was used in a car, I enclose a photo of my vintage Saab model 96, which is equipped with an original Telefunken mounting bracket under the dashboard.

The exterior antenna is plugged into a hole in the radio, and it can be easily removed by unlocking the two screws holding the handle. Hope this bit of information is of use to you. I also found a couple of interesting books at the AWA book fair, which was part of the annual conference and swap meet.

I also attended the 2: Marconi to hear what he claimed in December in Newfoundland. Factors such as the time of day, and the frequency of kHz in the middle of the broadcast band has cast a shadow of doubt on what Mr. Marconi could have actually heard. On the other hand, Bart Lee thinks that other parameters may have been quite favorable for Marconi such as the winter solstice and the sun spot cycle as well as the terminator line the cutoff point for sunlight at a given point on earth at a given time.

The sun spot cycle was at an 11 year low in December At the time, they did not know about ionospheric "skip" either. Well, the sun spot cycle will be at its lowest point again in December and so there are a number of people and radio clubs intending to find out if a CW beacon signal at kHz Marconi's original frequency originating from England can in fact be heard in Newfoundland or in other places, if at all.

Search for the Poldhu Radio Club's website for more information. Made by Telefunken for the season. I found this beautiful example when I visited Ross Hochstrasser's radio and clock repair shop in Whitman, Massachusetts on September 1, He had already done the overhaul, replacing old capacitors and the selenium rectifier, etc. He included an original owner's manual, an original schematic enclosed in an envelope inside the back of the radio and a photocopy of the numerous Telefunken service sheets and parts list NLA from Telefunken of course.

He also put a new EM80 "magic eye" tuning tube in it before I left the shop. Meeting Ross was informative and inspirational as he graciously spent almost five hours discussing various aspects of collecting and restoring old European radio sets. I tried to absorb as much information as I could during that time, as well as took some brief notes.

I guess expected my visit to last 30 minutes or maybe an hour at best. He was generous with his time and knowledge for the purpose of keeping these old radios alive. The radio plays strong and sensitivity and selectivity both seem to be quite good. The sound quality is as good as it gets with radios like these. The "Selectovox" preset push buttons enable the listener to tailor the sound to the type of music they are listening to. The EM80 tuning eye tube glows brightly. Refer to the Glossary for some notes about reading German schematics.

Only needed a cosmetic detailing. Works well on AC. Have not verified DC operation. Included the original Owner's Manual excellent condition. AC operation Vac mains. Features two tuning dial lights and a signal strength meter! Purchased at Winterfest amateur radio ham fest in Horseheads, NY. February 25, Price: This photo includes several radios.

In the larger photo click photo above there is also a Radio Shack "PRO" channel programmable scanner. Adjustable band spread left hand meter in photo. Can be powered by 12 Vdc or Vac. Both the radio and speaker were in "less pristine" condition than I was hoping for.

They were completely functional and intact, but the gray metal enclosures were scuffed up just a bit. The audio is "communications quality" similar to a police scanner. High fidelity was not a feature of many SW radios.

They were only made to listen to the broadcast coverage bands. The DX is quite common today June and there are several being sold on eBay at any given point in time. Wait for one that includes the speaker, and original owner's manual. Sometimes, well maintained examples also include the original box.

Be prepared to scrape a little extra coin together for those. One of the reasons I was interested in this radio was the retro styling. I was a teenager in the s, and remember when they were new. I also admire the quality of vintage SW radios made for Radio Shack. They may not be the absolute best, but for the price — they have a fair amount of value. The owner's manual and service manual are both readily available on-line in. With a 30 foot random wire antenna 20 AWG , the sensitivity is adequate.

It is a decent shortwave radio with stylish retro looks. A good choice for those wishing to become familiar with the ham bands and international shortwave broadcasts. The DX has 30 semiconductors. I sold it at the Rochester Hamfest that following June. Wood cabinet, plastic controls, glass faceplate, illuminated by one slightly off center Type 40 bulb. Purchased at the Batavia Hamfest on July 29, Cabinet and controls were in excellent condition.

Played quite well, and smelled good when it played too! Must have been all that dust heating up inside. It was amazing that this 43 year old radio was in such good condition. January 6, less than two weeks out of the box. It is a cult favorite among AM band DXers long distance listeners because the performance is high and the price is low.

Even so, it gets mixed reviews internet chat groups because some owners have reported quality control issues. There are some useful on-line support networks, and technical web pages to aid the Superadio III owner, should questions or problems arise. My initial impression was that it appeared to be well constructed and "substantial", especially with the six "D" cells installed.

In addition to its reputation for good AM reception due in part to the internal, mm, ferrite rod antenna , I also found it to be quite attractive because of its traditional, somewhat outdated styling. My only complaint was that it had minor, yet permanent scratches on the top, front, right corner when it was first removed from the protective plastic wrapping.

The handlers at the factory need to be more careful. July 24, Valve tube line up: Grundig "SDL" Years manufactured: They would only give me store credit, so I chose this radio. I had been watching this radio since it was originally released as the S no "DL" a few years earlier.

It enjoyed minimal respect in on-line forums, but it picked up the weaker signals in my region without difficulty, although the large tuning dial felt like it might come off in my hand.

I had trouble with the tuning dial. It felt like the dial cord was loose and it had a bit of wobble. Sometimes the frequency would change as soon as the dial was touched, and other times it would not do anything. This annoying problem seemed like a quality control issue, so I returned the radio just four days after getting it. Review of the original Grundig S Yahoo group for the S Another Review of the Grundig S Condition was undamaged and complete, but extremely dusty with some serious surface grime.

Nothing a little soap and water could not remedy. The brass colored trim was in nice condition. There were only two apparent physical problems with the radio and those were: Fortunately, there were no leaking batteries inside, but there were remnants of a mouse nest copious sunflower seeds and floor carpeting in the battery compartment. I discovered more wire damage and a missing tube 50A1 later. The barn mice really missed this radio when it was gone.

The B Trans-Oceanic includes a nice fold-down log book and a telescoping, seven section, 52 inch cm Waverod antenna for shortwave with a fluted cap and retaining clip. The historical significance of the model B is that it was the last portable vacuum tube radio made in the USA The model B was produced from and was a high-end radio in its day.

The history of the evolution of the Trans-Oceanic is interesting. Tuning Range Seven switchable bands provide the following coverage: Tuning Range Band 1 broadcast: Tuning dial pilot lamps two required are Type 44 bayonet base, 6.

I discovered this antique receiver on Saturday September 29, , at the Elmira Hamfest. I was attracted by its mysterious, and slightly sinister if possible appearance. It looked like it was from an old science-fiction movie. The real mystery of course, was how well it performed. Overall, the cosmetic condition was superior, and they assured me it worked well and had decent audio. So, I took the leap of faith and bought my first Hallicrafters set.

Incidentally, the 8" Terrestrial Globe on top of the Hallicrafters "S" was manufactured by the Geo. Cram Company of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a Model "80", and includes the country of Italian East Africa , which only existed from It also includes shortwave radio stations around the globe and their call signs.

The symbol for the shortwave stations is a red antenna tower. The rear has an auxiliary 12 volt DC power socket. Back in the shack, it worked beautifully. The cosmetic and electrical condition were both excellent. The company finally closed their doors in Made in Hong Kong China. The automobile itself was 19 feet inches long. This solid state AM-only novelty radio measures The radio controls On-Off-Volume and Tuning are on the undercarriage.

The radio is powered by a 9 volt battery. It works well and the model is in presentable condition. The front and rear license plates read, "CAD It has clear plastic headlights and red plastic taillights. This GE radio was the same model as my sister's when we were both in our teens. I used her radio quite a lot when we were at our grandparent's cottage on Conesus Lake in the mid s.

It came with me on motorboat and fishing trips when I would anchor the boats and soak up the sun and generally kill time. It worked fine and the battery compartment was clean. It was a bit yellowed from presumably tobacco smoke, and neither the tuning dial lamp Type 40 or stereo indicator lamp were working.

It is "only" a tuner, and originally had a separate amplifier and matching speakers. I use it with a pair of amplified Klipsch computer speakers with good results. Philco "Tropic" Overseas Model B.

Otherwise, it was in excellent cosmetic condition. Service Information and Schematic. It is unlikely that a B schematic will be found. The schematic is drawn in the British fashion, which you may find strange at first. Although it was made by British Philco, most models of this manufacturer were loosely based on typical US designs.