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Ich will dich mit meinen Augen leiten Wohin denn sollen wir gehen Wohin du auch gehst Wohin Gott mich führet Wohin soll ich gehn? Heaven's arches with Thy praises ring, Thy gracious might e'er telling, Thy risen Self extolling. Dear God, Please keep all of our soldiers safe under your wing of protection. Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig Ist der Menschen Schöne! Lord, take my heart, it beats for Thee, Stand at my side, nor distant be, Thy help and grace bestowing! Stars above in myriads shining, Spacious sky, God's firmament, Earth's round orb, and deeps dark lying, Caverns wild with echoes rent, Come, rejoice ye, loudly singing Till the arch of heaven is ringing! Commons Human overpopulation Human activities with impact on the environment Human migration.

Aug 29– Sep 2, 2019, Atlanta, GA

Holocene extinction

Through Adam's sin death on us dune ; But Christ the Victim's borne the blame. Praise God, then, for His goodness I 7. So, praise our God on heaven's far throne, The Father of all blessing, Whose love bath given us His dear Son To bear our sin and suffering! And praised be the Holy Ghost Who guideth when we need it most! May we in death confess Him! Wie ein Nebel bald entstehet und auch wieder bald vergehet, so ist unser Leben, sehet! Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig Sind der Menschen Tage!

Wie ein Strom beginnt zu rinnen, Und mit Laufen nicht hält innen: So fährt unsre Zeit von hinnen. Ach wie nichtig, ach wie flüchtig Ist der Menschen Schöne! Wie ein Blümlein bald vergehet, Wenn ein rauhes Lüftlein wehet: So ist unsre Schöne, sehet! Wer Gott fürcht, bleibt ewig stehen. O how cheating, O how fleeting, Is our earthly being! O how cheating, O how fleeting, Are our days departing! Like a deep and headlong river Flowing onward, flowing ever. Tarrying not and stopping never.

O how cheating, O how fleeting, Is all earthly beauty! Like a summer flow'ret flowing, Scattered by the breezes, blowing O'er the bed on which 'twas growing. O how cheating, O how fleeting, All--yes, all that's earthly! Every thing is fading, flying, Man is mortal, earth is dying, Christian! Sir John Bowring Drum so will ich dieses Leben, Wenn es meinem Gott beliebt, Auch ganz willig von mir geben ; Bin darüber nicht betrübt. Heilig, heilig, heilig, heisst Gott der Vater, Sohn und Geist! O Jerusalem, du Schöne!

Ach wie helle glänzest du! Ach wie lieblich Lobgetöne Hört man da in sanfter Ruh! Ach der grossen Freud und Wonne: Ach ich habe schon erblicket Alle diese Herrlichkeit: Mit der güldnen Ehrenkrone steh ich da für Gottes Throne, schaue solche Freude an, die kein Ende nehmen kann.

Therefore, since my God doth choose it, Willingly I yield my life, Nor I grieve that I should lose it, For with sorrows it was rife; And my Saviour suffered for me That I might not faint nor weary ; Since for me He bore my load And hath trod the same dark road. There is joy beyond our telling Where so many saints are gone ; Thousand thousands there are dwelling, Worshipping before the throne: There the seraphim adoring Brightly shine, are ever calling: Three in One for aye adored! O Jerusalem, how clearly Dost thou shine, thou city fair!

I hear the tones more nearly Ever sweetly sounding there! Oh what peace and joy surpassing! Lo, the sun is brightly rising, And the breaking day I see That shall never end for me!

Yea, I see what here was told me, See that wondrous glory shine, Feel the spotless robes enfold me, Know a golden crown is mine ; So before the throne I place me, One amid that glorious army, Gazing on that joy for aye That shall never pass away! Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr! Und Dank für seine Gnade: Darum dass nun und nimmermehr Uns rühren kann ein Schade.

Ganz ungemessen ist dein Macht, Fort g'schieht, was dein Will hat bedacht: Wohl uns des seinen Herren! Abwend all unser Jamm'r und Noth! Dazu wir uns verlassen. All glory be to God on high, Who hath our race befriended! To us no harm shall now come nigh, The feud at last is ended ; God showeth His goodwill t'ward men, And peace shall dwell on earth again ; Oh thank Him for His goodness. Thy boundless power o'er all things reigns, Done is whate'er Thy will ordains ; Well for us that Thou rulest!

We trust in Thee to save us. Von Anbeginn ist nichts erkorn, auf Erden war kein Mensch geborn, der mir aus Nöten helfen kann. Ich ruf dich an, zu dem ich mein Vertrauen hab.

Mein Sünd sind schwer und übergross Und reuen mich von Herzen ; Derselben mach mich frei und los Durch deinen Tod und Schmerzen ; Und zeig mich deinem Vater an, Dass du hast gnug für mich gethan,- So werd ich quitt, der Sünden los. O Herr, halt mir fest, Wess du dich mir versprochen hast. That Thou my Saviour art I wist ; Help nowhere else abideth. Not ever since the world began Hath on this earth been born the man Who can from Satan rescue me. I call, Lord, to Thee, Alone Who can from bandage free.

My sin is sore and very great, With all my heart I mourn it ; Release me from its grievous weight! In Jesu's Name I ask it. O plead for me at God's high throne, Thou Who for me salvation won!

So shall I see His face at last. O Lord, hold me fast Till all sin's storms are overpast! Both now and through eternity Sing ever Their praise, To Them in heaven your voices raise.

Wer sich im Glauben ihm ergibt, der soll dort ewig bei ihm leben. To him be faithful here below, Then take the endless life He gave us. To trust in Jesus, our salvation, Will guard the soul from reprobation: There is no ill which him can move Whom God the Lord vouchsafes to love. Ich sterb heut oder morgen: Mein Seel wird er versorgen. In God, my faithful God, I trust when dark my road ; Though many woes o'ertake me, Yet He will not forsake me ; His love it is doth send them, And when 'tis best will end them.

Christus, der im Grabe lag, ist im Tode nicht geblieben. Nunmehr bin ich recht getröst, Jesus hat die Welt erlöst. Up, my soul, 'tis God's great day, Death no longer can enthral us. He Who in the dark grave lay Ris'n and glorious goes before us. Ever will I trust in Him Who hath bought the world from sin. Aus der Tife rufe ich Zu Dir: Deine Ohren gnädig sei, Merk die flehend Stimm dabei!

Jesu Gnade tröstet mich. Ich hab Unrecht zwar getan, aber Jesus nimmt mich an. Denn so du willt das sehen an, was Sünd und Unrecht ist getan, wer kann, Herr, vor dir bleiben?

Bei dir gilt nichts denn Gnad und Gunst, Die Sünde zu vergeben. Es ist doch unser Thun umsonst Auch in dem besten Leben. Vor dir niemand sich rühmen kann ; Dess muss dich fürchten jedermann Und deiner Gnaden leben. Er ist allein der gute Hirt, der Israel erlösen wird aus seinen Sünden allen. With Thee availeth nought but grace To cover mortal weakness ; Our good deeds cannot show their face, Not one is there who's stainless. Before Thee no one glory can, And so must tremble every man, And live by Thy grace only.

Although our sin be great, God's grace Is greater to relieve us ; His hand in helping nothing stays, The hurt however grievous. Barmherzger Vater, höchster Gott, Gedenk an deine Worte: Ruf mich an in der Noth, Und klopf an meine Pforte. Dein kurzes Leid soll sich in Freud und ewig Wohl verkehren. So shall my heart Thy praise impart Who turn'st to joy my sighing.

The righteous soul that cries in need Shall know and feel God near him. From heaven comfort comes with speed And joy to such as fear Him. And though he go In paths of woe And mid distresses languish, God's help is nigh And from on high Descends to still his anguish.

I had, perchance, forgotten thee, O child of man, a moment ; But soon thou shalt in heaven see And taste love's full enjoyment. A crown of joy Without alloy Shalt thou be ever wearing, Thy span of bliss Be measureless, Eternal glory sharing. Hoff, o du arme Seele, Hoff, und sei unverzagt!

Erwarte nur die Zeit: So wirst du schon erblicken Die Sonn der schönsten Freud. Bist du doch nicht Regente, Der alles führen soll: Gott sitzt im Regimente Und führet alles wohl. So gehen unsre Wege Gewiss zum Himmel ein. Commit thy ways to Jesus, Lay on Him all thy woe, Thy cares and every grievance That doth disturb thee so!

For He, the heavens Who ruleth, Whom winds and seas obey, Thy paths for thee controlleth, And will not say thee nay. When Satan's hosts provoke thee, And on thy pathway press, Not then will God forsake thee, But succour thy distress. Thyself, on Him relying, Pursue His purpose clear! So shalt thou, Satan flying, Fair course to heaven steer.

Hope then, hope on eternal, Nor ever be dismayed! From all the powers infernal Hath Christ deliverance made. Put sorrow then behind thee, Wait only on God's will: His sun, soon shining brightly, With joy thy heart shall fill! To all thy grief and sorrow Now bid a long good-night! The past is dead: O happy, happy mortal! Thy course on earth is run ; Thou'lt pass through heaven's portal, The fight on earth is won.

Make end, O Lord, in mercy, Of this our earthly strife ; Uphold our hands to serve Thee While still there's in us life! So shall we neath Thy favour Our mortal course pursue, And one day do Thy pleasure In heaven's eternal blue.

Christ ist erstanden Von der Marter alle Des solln wir alle froh sein, Christus will unser Trost sein. Wär er nicht erstanden, So wär die Welt vergangen: Seit dass er nun erstanden ist, So loben wir den Herren Christ. Des solln wir alle froh sein, Christus will unser Trost sein. Christ is arisen From the grave's dark prison! So let us all be joyful; He is our Saviour faithful. Had He not arisen We had been still in prison. Come, let us all be joyful; Christ is our Saviour faithful.

Des wir sollen fröhlich sein, Gott loben und ihm dankbar sein und singen halleluja. Davon kam der Tod so bald und nahm über uns Gewalt, hielt uns in seinem Reich gefangen. Das Blut zeichnet unser Tür, das hält der Glaub dem Tode für, der Würger kann uns nicht mehr schaden. Er ist selber die Sonne, der durch seiner Gnaden Glanz erleuchtet unsre Herzen ganz, der Sünden Nacht ist verschwunden.

Christus will die Koste sein und speisen die Seel allein, der Glaub will keins andern leben. Christ lay in Death's grim prison ; He for our sins was given. But now to-day He's risen And brings us life from heaven!

Wherefore let us joyful be, Praising our God with hearty glee, And endless Allelujas sing! O'er Death no man could conquer, No mortal dared to meet him ; Through sin our strength's the weaker, We could not e'er defeat him. Therefore Death did lead us thrall, His slaves did make us one and all, And had us in his awful power. His death for man did atone, So Death is bound in prison.

All his might must Death forego. His power boasted's vain, a show, His sting is to derision brought! As to us the Scripture saith: In death Christ hath conquered Death, And hell itself is brought to scorn. His blood's sprinkled on our door, And Satan, foiled, passes o'er, The tyrant ne'er can harm us more. So let us keep our Easter With joy and jubilation! The rising Sun in splendour Now bringeth us salvation. In His ever glorious grace Behold we all His radiant face: Sin-laden night before Him flies.

With loving hearts receive now The feast that God hath given. Before His Word see hence go The old and evil leaven. Christ Himself the feast hath spread, By Him hungry souls are fed With living Bread come down from heaven. For Death is drowned and Hell oppressed When holy water floweth ; Therein we find th' eternal rest That God to mankind giveth, Receiving life immortal. So hath He taught us well and clear By word and by example. Then to the words incline your ear: He spake of our Example: By faith and power from an high 'Tis Christ's own blood that floweth, Celestial elements there lie, As water it appeareth.

Christe, du Lamm Gottes, der du trägst die Sünd der Welt, erbarm dich unser! Now must we Jesus laud and sing, The maiden Mary's Son and King, Far as the blessed sun doth shine, And reaches earth's most distant line. The noble mother hath brought forth Whom Gabriel promised to the earth; Him John did greet in joyous way, While in His mother's womb He lay.

Therefore the heavenly choir is loud; The angels sing their praise to God, And tell poor men their flocks who keep He's come Who makes and keeps the sheep, 8. Praise, honour, thanks, to Thee be said, Christ Jesus, born of holy maid! With Father and with Holy Ghost, Now and for ever, ending not. Ich hab nun überwunden Kreuz, Leiden, Angst und Noth: Durch sein heilig fünf Wunden Bin ich versöhnt mit Gott.

Alsdann fein sanft und stille, Herr, lass mich schlafen ein Nach deinem Rath und Willen, Wenn kommt mein Stündelein ; 7. When mind and thought, O Saviour, Flicker, as doth a light, That to and fro doth waver Ere 'tis extinguished quite, 6. In my last hour, O grant me To slumber soft and still, No doubts to vex or haunt me, Safe anchored on Thy will ; 7.

And so, to Thee still cleaving Through all death's agony, To fall asleep believing, And wake in heaven with Thee. Christ, Who died mankind to right, Suffered for us guiltless, Taken as a thief at night That we might go blameless. So shall our too feeble breath Laud Thy purpose glorious. Des freuen sich die Engelein, Die gerne um und ei uns sein: Sie singen in den Lüften frei, Dass Gott mit uns versönet sei.

List to the angels what they teil, That Christ is born, Emanuel. All joyful do their voices sing, As in the heaven above they wing. God is our friend and helper true ; What can fell Satan 'gainst us do? Hell and its gates of brass must yield ; For this sweet Babe is Sword and Shieid. Come, let us hail this happy year, Put far away all doubt and fear, Raise our glad hearts to God's high throne, Saved by the grace of Christ, His Son!

Er führet mich auf rechter Bahn Von seines Namens wegen: He leadeth me to pastures new, To meadows green and tender. By waters clear He guides me still, He doth my soul with gladness fill, Through His great love and favour, 2. No matter what may happen here, My Shepherd hath me in His care, His rod and staff shall guide me. He hath a table for me spread, My foes are vexed to madness ; He doth with oil anoint my head And fill my soul with gladness.

His goodness never faileth me, And one day soon at home I'll be Within His house for ever! Das ist sein fronheiliger Geist, der macht mich wohlgemute. The Lord my Shepherd deigns to be, My footsteps safe He guideth ; His goodness never faileth me, His bounty e'er provideth.

Where streams of living water flow He to green meadows leadeth, And where the pastures verdant grow With food celestial feedeth. And though I wander in death's dark vale, No evil shall affright me. Thy rod and staff within my hand, On Thy Word do I rest me. With sweet oil dost Thou anoint my head, My soul Thou fill'st with gladness. With love my heart reviveth so, Thy quickening influence dost bestow, And my spirit rejoiceth. And so throughout my length of days Thy goodness faileth never ; And fain am I to sing Thy praise Within Thy courts for ever.

Thou shalt not lying stories bear, Nor 'gainst thy neighbour falsely swear ; His innocence thou shalt rescue, And hide his shame from man's view. To us come these commands, that so Thou, son of man, thy sins may'st know, And with this lesson thy heart fill, That man must live for God's will.

Verdient haben wir alles wohl, Und leidens mit Geduld: O Jesu Christ, allein du bist, der solchs wohl kann ausrichten. In Thy dear name Our prayers we frame, Thy Father's love invoking. We are beset with great distress Of war and pestilence ; Who can restore our happiness But, Lord, Thy providence? Be pleased to plead For us in need, Avert th' impending judgement.

Still year by year Grant us to hear Thy Word in peace and keep it. We own our guilt deserves yet more From Thy provoked hands ; But grace is greater, we implore, Than sins of all the lands.

O Lord, forgive, Let sinners live, That we may praise Thy goodness. Wenn werd ich vor dir stehen, dein Angesicht zu sehen? Finished is here Thine earthly strife, There all Thy saints adore Thee. How shall my mouth Thy victory sing? Heaven's arches with Thy praises ring, Thy gracious might e'er telling, Thy risen Self extolling. Prone at Thy feet creation lies, Thy sovereign will obeying. Angelic hosts haste through the skies. Thy dread commands obeying.

Princes and kings before Thee bow, All Thy dread power and might allow ; Earth, heaven, fire, and ocean Lie prostrate in devotion. Draw us to Thee without delay, On wings of faith hence flying ; Help us from earth to turn away, Its nets and snares defying. Du, o schönes Weltgebäude Magst gefallen, wem du willt: Deine scheinbarliche Freude Ist mit lauter Angst umhüllt. Denen, die den Himmel hassen, Will ich ihre Weltlust lassen: Mich verlangt nach dir allein, Allerschönstes Jesulein!

Es mag, wer da will, dich scheuen, du kannst mich vielmehr erfreuen; denn durch dich komm ich herein zu dem schönsten Jesulein. Ei so sollen meine Sinnen Unterdess doch bei dir sein, Allerschönstes Jesulein! Things of nought are earth's vain treasures, Let who will find gain therein! Mingled with its glittering pleasures Are delusion, sorrow, sin. Some there be who love not heaven ; Earth their hopes doth throughly leaven. But my heart is fixed on Thee, Jesus, Who art all to me! Guide my vessel's drifting rudder, Bring me to my haven home!

Many souls of thee are fearful, Joy thou bring'st me ; no more tearful, Through thy gates alone I'll see Jesus, only prize for me! O, if death this day would call me From my house of bondage here, High among the stars instal me, Where the songs of joy I'd hear! There would I, mid angels hymning, Homage, praise, and worship bringing, Thee adore with ecstasy, Jesus, Who art all to me! But, alas, heaven's golden portals Not yet may I enter in ; Still must I among the mortals Life's dark thread persist to spin.

When Adam fell, the human race Was doomed to condemnation ; Bereft were we of innocence, Sin's poison wrought destruction. But thanks to God, Who spares the rod, From death have we been taken. The Serpent Eve Did once deceive Beholds his power shaken. Who hopes in God and trusts Him fast Shall never be confounded, If on that Rock his cares be cast When stormy seas surround him. Yet ne'er I saw Or rich or poor, If righteous, perish ever. My sins are great, And sore my guilt ; Yet e'er Thy love excelleth.

Who holdeth fast To Thee, at last One day in heaven dwelleth. Thy prison is a royal throne Whence Thou in love dost speed us ; For hadst Thou not known bondage sore, We had been slaves for evermore. Fragst du, wer er ist? Er ist bei uns wohl auf dem Plan mit seinem Geist und Gaben. A stronghold sure our God is He, A coat of mail and weapon ; He sets us free, our help will be From aught of ill can happen. Our old crafty foe Plots in wrath our woe. His might and craft sly Have driv'n him from the sky ; Not earth can boast his fellow.

Our might alone do nothing can, Soon were we lost for ever. But fights for us the Perfect Man, Whom God sent to deliver. Ye ask who He is? If all the world with devils swarmed, All eager to devour us, Ne'er need it fear us to be harmed, No foe can overpower us. God's Word unshaken e'er shall stand, Though men no thanks give for it. He fights for us at our right hand, And lends His strength and Spirit. Though foes take our life, Honour, child, and wife, Let them be all gone!

Thy faithful flock on earth defend, That we may praise Thee to the end! Look up, faint heart, exult with joy! From heaven tidings speedeth: To-day is born the Saviour Boy That man's salvation needeth ; To-day of old to earth He came And took on Him a mortal frame, Drawn down by love surpassing, A Bridegroom earth entrancing. O Mighty One, how cometh it Thou Ieav'st the halls of heaven?

Descend'st to earth and blessest it Whose ways with strife are riven? Thou leavest an immortal throne To shine upon a world of gloom, Fair Paradise exchanging For glories that are waning. Shine forth, O beauteous Morning Light, Of heaven thou bring'st the dawning!

Ye shepherds, never show affright, But heed the angels' warning! They tell this infant Child shall be Our Hope and joy eternally, The power of Satan breaking, And peace for mankind making. O help us in this day of grace Thy gift surpassing to embrace, And one day, prone before Thee, To sing Thy praise in glory! Christ, unser Herr, heut triumphiert, all sein Feind er gefangen führt. Wen sucht ihr da der Engel sprach ; Christ ist erstanden, der hie lag ; Hie seht ihr die Schweisstücherlein: Geht hin, sagts bald den Jüngern sein.

On earth has dawned this day of days, Whereon let all men give God praise! For Christ is risen from the tomb, And on His foes declared just doom. At early morn, with spices rare, The women three assembled there, All to anoint fair Mary's Son, Who over Death had victory won. So let our songs to heaven wing, The vault with Allelujas ring, In praise of Him, our risen Lord, Who doth salvation man afford. Salvation now is come to earth, Bounty and grace bestowing. No man by works can prove his worth, Or win by his own doing.

Hope looketh for the dawning day Which God's own Word foretelleth. The hoped-for hour may e'en delay ; God hath ordained and willeth. He knoweth what for us is best, Nor will our patience hardly test ; So therefore let us trust Him. Should e'er His face seem turned from thee. Still be thou not affrighted! For when He seems most far from thee Then art thou least benighted.

So, let His Word thy heart restore, And, e'en when doubting, still the more Be sure thou art not slighted! Lös auf das Band, Das allgemächlich reisst, Befreie diesen Sinn, Der sich nach seinem Gotte sehnet, Der täglich klagt, der nächtlich thränet. Wie schwer, o Gott, Wie hart ist diese Last!

Mein Jesus kömmt; nun gute Nacht, o Welt! Lord, call my spirit home To Zion's halls above. Break down earth's ties, Receive the thoughts that roam T'ward Thee and Thy dear love, The heart's desire that calleth to Thee, The daily moan that riseth to Thee.

My bitter Cross of pain Too grievous is. My load is sore, To bear it is in vain ; With sobs my frame is rent. The whole night through I toss with weeping ; Now take me, Lord, into Thy keeping! Lord, brace me to the test When Death knocks at the door. Vain world, I go to rest Beyond earth's farthest shore, In peace and most exceeding happy, Leaving all sorrow far behind me.

Lord, in Thy love, look down on us And shower on us Thy blessing ; Send down Thy beams from heaven on us, Be ever to us loving! So shall we mortals own Thy sway, Thy saving grace possessing, And Jesus Christ by night and day The heathen be confessing, Their praise to God expressing.

Then let the heathen praise Thee, Lord, In every climate dwelling! Be Thou by mortals all adored, Their grateful praises telling! For Thou the Judge of all men art, Who drivest sin before Thee ; Thy Word prevails in every part, It guides our path securely, And leads to heaven surely. Come, praise ye God, our mighty Lord, All folk on earth now dwelling! He hath His favour on us poured, And calls to joy excelling.

Their praises sound, while ages run, Let all men own Their merit. So sing we, joyful, Amen. Wie sich sehnt ein Wandersmann, Dass sein Weg ein End mög han: So hab ich gewünschet eben, Dass sich enden mög mein Leben.

Seine Freud und Herrlichkeit sollt du sehn in Ewigkeit, mit den Engeln jubilieren, in Ewigkeit triumphieren. O my soul, be glad and joyful, Cast away thy care and woe! From this earth so sad and tearful Christ the Lord doth call thee now, Pain no longer shalt thou know, But, where tears do.

As the trav'ller, milestones passed, Sees his journey's end at last, So have I, sore spent and anguished, For life's instant ending languished. From this earth so sad and tearful Christ thy Lord doth call thee now. Through the ages shall thy sight Rest upon His power and might, With the angel choirs rejoicing, And their strains triumphant voicing. Freuet euch, ihr Christen alle! Freue sich, wer immer kan!

Gott hat viel an uns gethan: Freuet euch mit grossem Schalle! Dass er uns so hoch geacht, Sich mit uns befreundt gemacht. Freude, Freude über Freude! Christus wehret allem Leide: Wonne, Wonne über Wonne! Er ist die Genadensonne. Gib der ganzen Christenschar Friede und ein selges Jahr!

Christus wehret allem Leide. O rejoice, ye Christians, loudly, For your joy is now begun; Wondrous things our God hath done. Tell abroad His goodness proudly, Who our race hath honoured thus That He deigns to dwell with us: Joy, O joy beyond all gladness! Christ hath done away with sadness! Hence, all sorrow and repining, For the Sun of grace is shining! Jesu, guard and guide Thy members, Fill Thy brethren with Thy grace, Hear their prayers in every place, Quicken now life's faintest embers; Grant all Christians, far and near, Holy peace, a glad New Year!

Hence, al1 sorrow and repining, For the Sun of grace is shining! Hört, hört, wie mit vollen Chören Alle Luft Laute ruft: Gelobet sei mein Gott in alle Ewigkeit! My soul can He renew With ghostly strength and power, And counsel will impart When troubles o'er me lour. With praises unto God the courts of heaven are ringing ; So let us here on earth unite with angels singing The glories of our God with joyful ecstasy, And praise His glorious name through all eternity!

In unser armes Fleisch und Blut, verkleidet sich das ewge Gut, Kyrie eleis! The Angel hosts their antems blow. The Father's Son, as was designed, In a manger you shall find. Concealed in man's poor flesh and blood He lieth there Who is our God. He Who is Lord of earth and skies On a mother's bosom lies. A little babe, He cometh here Who ruleth all things far and near.

Around Him see a light divine, Which o'er all the earth doth shine! Where it doth gleam there is no night, And we become the sons of light. The Father's Son, whom none excel, Deigns with man an earth to dwell.

Poor unto earth He cometh thus, For He pity takes on us, And in the heavens makes us rich, Where angel hosts their voices pitch. All this for us our God hath done, Whose great love gave us His Son. So, joyful let all Christians be, And give Him thanks eternally! Gott fähret auf gen himmel Mit frohem jubelschall, Mit prächtigem getümmel, Und mit posaunenhall. Lobsingt, lobsingt mit freuden Dem könige der heiden, Dem Herren Zebaoth!

Komm, stelle dich doch ein! Lo, God to heav'n ascendeth! Great joy doth there abound; With shouts triumphant blendeth The trumpet's thrilling sound. When will the night be over? When dawns the blissful hour That shall to us discover The Lord in all His power? O day so wondrous dear, When first our souls shall meet Him, With loving kiss to greet Him!

Frances Elizabeth Cox Wir bitten, wie er uns gelehrt ; Lass uns doch ja nicht unerhört Von deinem Throne gehen! To ways of truth He all shall lead. Lord, bow Thine ear and give us heed, Nor from Thy grace expel us! No child of man dwells here on earth Who of God's grace can boast his worth ; No one of it's deserving. Hast du denn, Jesu, dein Angesicht gänzlich verborgen, Dass ich der Stunde der Hülfe muss warten bis morgen? Hast Thou, Lord Jesus, Thy countenance far withdrawn from me?

Must I forsaken lie in my strait sore longing for Thee? Why, Saviour dear, Is not Thy loving help near? Vhy do I call on Thee vainly? Walk in My ways and commandments, beloved son. Come, let us all with fervour, On whom heaven's mercies shine, To our supreme Preserver In tuneful praises join. Another year is gone, Of which the tender mercies Each pious heart rehearses Demand a grateful song. Then every sinful motion Is cast into the ocean Of never failing grace.

So shall we, now and alway, With gladsome hearts bethank Thee Who hast us favour shown. Herr Gott, dich loben wir, Herr Gott, wir danken dir. Heilig ist unser Gott! Heilig ist unser Gott, der Herr Zebaoth! Dein göttlich Macht und Herrlichkeit geht über Himm'l und Erden weit. Die ganze, werte Christenheit rühmt dich auf Erden allezeit. Dich, Gott Vater, im höchsten Thron, deinen rechten und eingen Sohn, den heilgen Geist und Tröster wert mit rechtem Dienst sie lobt und ehrt.

Ein Richter du zukünftig bist alles, was tot und lebend ist. Behüt uns heut, o treuer Gott, vor aller Sünd und Missetat, sei gnädig uns, o Herre Gott, sei gnädig uns in aller Not. Zeig uns deine Barmherzigkeit, wie unser Hoffnung zu dir steht. Lord God, Thee praise do we. Lord, we give thanks to Thee. Thee, Father, eternal God, Earth praises, far and broad. All angels and heaven's host, All that in Thy service boast, The cherubim and seraphim, Sing Thee ever with lofty hymn: Holy is our Lord God!

Holy is our Lord God, the God of Sabaoth. Thy godlike might and lordship go Wide over heaven and earth below. To Thee the holy twelve do call, And Thy beloved prophets all. The precious martyrs, with one voice, Praise Thee, O Lord, with mighty noise.

From all Thy worthy Christendom Every day Thy praises come. Thee God, the Father, on highest throne, Thy true and only-begotten Son, The holy Comforter always, With service true they thank and praise. Thou sittest now at God's right hand, With honours all in Thy Father's land. The hour shall come when Thou shalt yet Judge of the dead and living sit.

Let us in heaven have our dole, And with the holy be ever whole. Them watch and ward, Lord, every day ; Eternally them raise, we pray. O God of truth, keep us this day From every sin and evil way. Be gracious to us, Lord, we plead, Be gracious to us in all need.

Show unto us Thy pitying grace, For all our hope in Thee we place. Dear Lord, our hope is in Thy name; Let us be never put to shame. O Herr, mein Gott! Lord Jesus Christ, my sovereign good, Thou Fountain of salvation, Behold me bowed beneath the load Of sin and condemnation: My sins indeed are numberless ; O Lord, regard my deep distress, Relieve my conscience guilty.

In pity look upon my need, Remove my sore oppression ; Since Thou hast suffered in my stead, And paid for my transgression, Let me not yield to dark despair ; A wounded spirit who can bear? O show me Thy salvation. It tells me Thou wilt not despise A broken heart, in sacrifice Upon Thine altar offered. Right sore lny conscience doth reproach, My. How dare I to God's throne approach Or to my judge submit me?

O pitying Lord, forgive me, pray, The sin Thy wrath's incurred, Now take its grievous load away Which hath me fast ensnared. So shall my heart find rest and peace, And in Thy praises never cease, Its gratitude forth telling. Fulfil me with Thy Spirit's glow, Have mercy, blessed Saviour! O wash me, cleanse me, through and through, When death comes show me favour, And call me hence to Thy far home, To reign with Thee, blest Three in One, Among Thy saints for ever!

Herr Jesu Christ, ich schrei zu dir Mit ganz betrübter Seele: Dein Allmacht lass erscheinen mir Und mich nicht also quäle. Viel grösser ist die Angst und Schmerz, So anficht und turbirt mein Herz, Als dass ich kann erzählen.

In deinem Willen seis gestellt, Machs, liebster Gott, wie dirs gefällt: Dein bin und will ich bleiben. Incline, O Lord, Thine ear to me, And heed my bitter crying! O let Thy favour shine on me, My grievous need supplying! The heavy woes that sore distress, And with their weight my soul oppress, Are more than I can number. Thy quick'ning help now send to me, My sufferings are endless! They press on me on every side And over me tormenting ride: Thy help alone can save me.

O dear Lord Jesu, watch o'er me With sheltering care for ever, Nor let me ever heedless be Or from my thoughts Thee sever. O hold me ever in Thy love, And call my soul to realms above To part from Jesus never. Wenn mein Mund nicht kann reden frei, Dein Geist in meinem Herzen schrei. Hilf, dass mein Seel den Himmel find, Wenn meine Augen werden blind. Lord Jesus Christ, my life, my light, My guide, my hope, my dear delight, On earth here am I but a guest, With heavy load of sin oppressed.

The way is long and full of sighs That leads me to God's Paradise. Far off my Fatherland I see That Jesu's blood hath won for me. Lord, when fast fails my halting breath, And sinks my spirit into death, O then Thine accents may I hear, And let my soul to heaven soar.

What happiness it then shall be Amid Thine angels' minstrelsy To take my place and evermore In Thy blest Presence to adore.

Wenn mein Verstand sich nichts versinnt Und mir all menschlich Hilf zerrinnt: And when at length the moment comes, When sight is dim and vision glooms, To feel the icy hand of death ; When hands are weak and ears are deaf, When voice enfeebled no more speaks, And when the heart for anguish breaks ; 3. When reason's light begins to pale, When mortal aid's of no avail, O then, Lord Christ, Thy comfort send!

Be with me as I near my end ; To take from death its dreaded sting, My soul to Thy safe harbour bring! Dear Lord, forgive us all our ill, Help us to wait upon Thy will.

Erhalt mich nur in deiner Huld, sonst wie du willt, gib mir Geduld, denn dein Will ist der beste. Wend ab all Ungerechtigkeit In meinem ganzen Leben. Soll ich denn einmal nach deim Rath Von dieser Welt abscheiden: Mein Leib und Seel befehl ich dir: Lord, as Thou wilt, so deal with me, In living and in dying. With Thee alone my soul would be, On Thy dear love relying.

O hold me ever in Thy care, And give me patience to declare 'Thy will be ever done, Lord'. E'er keep me true in thought and deed, Thy Holy Scripture loving, O let it be my only creed, The path of error showing.

O give me of Thy righteousness, Take from me all ungodliness In all my words and doing! And when death's summons I must face And from this world betake me, O grant me, Lord, of Thy dear grace My last end may be happy! Into Thy hands do I resign My soul and body: Ich bitt, wollst sein von mir nicht fern mit deiner Hülf und Gnaden. Die ganze Welt erfreut mich nicht, nach Himml und Erden frag ich nicht, wenn ich dich nur kann haben. Und wenn mir gleich mein Herz zerbricht, so bist du doch mein Zuversicht, mein Heil und meines Herzens Trost, der mich durch sein Blut hat erlöst.

Herr Jesu Christ, erhöre mich, erhöre mich, ich will dich preisen ewiglich! Lord, take my heart, it beats for Thee, Stand at my side, nor distant be, Thy help and grace bestowing! In this world have I no delight, Nought else is pleasing in my sight, Thy love and favour knowing.

And when my heart would break with grief, In Thee's my trust and sure belief. Whate'er I have from Thee doth spring, My soul and body, everything That mortal man possesseth. From all false doctrine keep me clean, From Satan's arts and tempting screen!

Help me my daily ills to bear, And patiently my cross to wear! Lord, let Thy blessed angels come, At my last end, when life is done, To bear my soul to heaven! Lord Jesu Christ , receive my prayer, receive my prayer, Who evermore Thy praise declare! Du wirst gegeisselt, und mit Dorn gekrönet, Ins Angesicht geschlagen und verhöhnet: Du wirst mit Essig und mit Gall getränket: Da will ich dir, wenn alles wird wohl klingen, Lob und Dank singen.

What is Thy crime? How hast Thou done transgression? Thy side is pierced, Thy head with thorns is crowned, By cruel hands art struck, sore mocked and wounded. They give Thee gall to drink and foul deride Thee Who crucify Thee. Dear Lord, who meekly bore such bitter anguish As none before, for which else must I languish, 'Twas my dark sin to torture did enslave Thee, Who died to save me.

What strangest punishment is suffered yonder! The Shepherd dies for sheep that wayward wander! And when, dear Lord, before Thy throne in heaven The crown of joy to me at last is given, Where sweetest hymns Thy saints for ever raise Thee, I too shall praise Thee! Hilf, Herr Jesu, lass gelingen! Hilf, das neue Jahr geht an ; Lass es neue Kräfte bringen, Dass aufs neu ich wandeln kann. Neues Glück und neues Leben Wollest du aus Gnaden geben.

Neue Kraft lass mich erfüllen, Zu verrichten deinen Willen. Shed, Lord, on this New Year blessing, Send us all prosperity! May it strength renewed be bringing, Speed us on, our heavenly way! Every plan and undertaking, All I think and do and say, May it have Thy constant blessing, E'er Thy just commands obey! To my will give strength renewed E'er to know Thy will and do it! Jesus, lead my footsteps ever, Ever all my doings guide, From all ill my senses sever, Put all else than Thee aside! Jesu, let Thy grace attend me ; From all weakness e'er defend me!

Ach Gott, ach Gott, verfahr gelinder und geh nicht mit mir ins Gericht! Erbarme dich, erbarme dich, Gott, mein Erbarmer, über mich! Wie ist mir doch so angst und bange Von wegen meiner grossen Sünd: Hilf, dass ich wieder Gnad erlange, Ich armes und verlornes Kind. Mein kläglich und beweglich Klagen, Ach Herr, wie lang erhörst du nicht? Wie kannst du das Geschrei vertragen? Hör, was der arme Sünder spricht: Erbarme dich, erbarme dich ; Erhöre mich, erhöre mich!

Sprich nur Ein Wort, so werd ich leben ; Sprich, dass der arme Sünden hör: Ich habe dir die Sünd vergeben ; Hinfürder sündige nicht mehr! Erbarme dich, erbarme dich, O mein Erbarmer, über mich! Before God's awful throne I place me, A sinner frail and mortal wight. Have mercy on me, Saviour mine, Absolve me, make me wholly Thine! So sorely does my sin distress me, And weigh me down with guilty mien. O grant me, Lord, to feel Thy mercy, Thy child forlorn on Thee doth lean!

O wilt Thou never heed my crying? Thy countenance why hast Thou turned? Why art Thou comfort still denying? O hear the heart that's for Thee burned! Have mercy on me, Saviour mine, And to my plaint Thine ear incline!

Speak but one word, and I am happy, Speak to my soul that she may hear: Den Tag mir auch gewähr, Warum ich dich thu bitten Und auch dein Will mag sein. Leit mich in deinen Sitten Und brich den Willen mein ; 3. Dein Wort lass mich bekennen Vor dieser. Dein Namen will ich preisen, Der du allein bist gut: Mit deinem Leib mich speise, Tränk mich mit deinem Blut. While darkness closed around me Beside me hast Thou stood: No evil dared come near me. I thank Thee, Lord my God.

My heart with praise is filled To Thee, my God and Lord. O keep me, Lord, so closely Within the narrow way, Nor let the foe entice me On other paths to stray! Strength give me that resisteth The devil's artful lure, That, through Thy grace that helpeth, My vict'ry may be sure!

For sure He'll not deny me,. But His true word fulfil, Who died for me the guilty And freed me from sin's ill. And ne'er let earth's vain treasure Distract my soul from Thee, Nor barter for its pleasure The joy to live with Thee. Thy name alone be praised ; For Thou alone art God. O feed me now, be pleased, With Thine own Flesh and Blood! Du hast dir vorgenommen, mein Brüderlein zu sein. Süddeutscher Verlag, [ pp.

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This compilation lists all kinds of monuments that might be of interest to the traveler in the region, such as buildings, ruins, excavation sites, places of birth of artists and other persons of interest, but also nature reserves and spas. König, [ pp. Harcourt, Brace and Co. It is SOV, ergative, postpositional, head-marking, and massively agglutinative. First attested in around in the Seyâhatnâme of Evliya Çelebi, it was originally spoken in the region surrounding the modern Russian city of Sochi, then in exile in north-western Turkey after the 19th-century invasion of the northern Caucasus by the Russian Empire and subsequent emigration en masse of the Ubykh nation.

Ubykh already has considerable linguistic renown for its titanic inventory of consonant phonemes comprising at least 80 segments in the only well-attested dialect , but it also demonstrates great complexity in morphology and syntax. The sketch is liberally illustrated with examples drawn mainly from 14 identified speakers, and is based upon both the published corpus and previously unpublished field recordings; many of the example sentences and one of the sample texts are published here for the first time.

It is hoped that this sketch, the first Ubykh grammar in English, will stimulate renewed interest in the language and provide a useful reference for Caucasological researchers. Fessendon , New York: Fessenden published the first six chapters of 'The deluged civilization of the Caucasus isthmus' and in published one additional chapter.

The present posthumous volume contains four additional chapters and seven articles on related subjects Only one hundred copies have been printed for private distribution. The records of the pre-deluge civilization of the Caucasus isthmus; The home of Abraham; How it was discovered that the so-called myth lands were the Cascusus isthmus; Finding a key to the sacred writings of the Egyptians; Caucasia, mother of the great civilizations; The morning land of the Caucasus; The zenith of the Babylonian astronomers; Plato's Atlantis word puzzle; The Egyptian ten pre-deluge kings of Solon and Plato; An apparently definite identification of masons with the Egyptian M-s-n; Synopsis of some unpublished chapters of the deluged civilization.

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Son aigle ne l'a pas abandonné pour autant et revient périodiquement lui mordiller le foie. Ses deux compagnons entretiennent des relations ambiguës avec un banquier du nom de Zeus qui fait de l'acte gratuit une règle de vie. Gide, [ pp. Pétersbourg, publia plusieurs livres sur la Russie dont deux sur les musées de l'Ermitage et de Tzarskoé Selo. Ici description de toutes les régions du Caucase: Codex vindobonensis georgicus 2 , Turnhout: Caccia allo stambecco del Caucaso", Milano: North of the Mountains of Caucasus: Laupp, [ pp.

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The Sochi Project, [46 pp. The Sochi Project, [80 pp. In her husband disappeared, like so many men in the North Caucasus disappear without a trace—kidnapped, arrested or simply executed and buried in anonymous graves.

Writer Arnold van Bruggen and photographer Rob Hornstra met her by chance and became intrigued by her story, which is drenched with blood, but punctuated by the will to survive. Hornstra and van Bruggen then came to the attention of the security forces, who ultimately prevented them from travelling through the region. Even the strong Khava was intimidated and her family has avoided all contact since.

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Thielmann, ['Jacoby was the guiding force in Germany' largest and most powerful Oriental rug corporation. An affectionate look back at earlier days: Weaving, dyeing, embroidery"], Tbilisi: Food and drink"], Tbilisi: Stroyizdat, [ pp. Devrien, [ pp. Lang, [ pp. Steiner, [ pp. Les mégalithismes à travers le monde , Paris: Hachette, [ pp. Heliopolis, [ pp. Jünger was sent to the Caucasus from the 24th of October to the 13th of February to document war crimes and to report back on officer morale.

The book includes an account of his two "tours" in Paris during the war. Fünf Jahre kriegsgefangen im Kaukasus , Osnabrück: Aufgrund seiner russischen Sprachkenntnisse zumeist in der Lagerverwaltung eingesetzt, hat er tiefe Einblicke in die Struktur der Lager, aber auch in die wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse im Spätstalinismus der Sowjetrepublik Georgien gewonnen.

Eigene Beobachtungen, zahlreiche Gespräche mit Mitgefangenen, dem russischen und georgischen Lagerpersonal, aber auch die häufigen Kontakte zur Bevölkerung vermitteln lebendige Eindrücke vom Leben und der Arbeit der Kriegsgefangenen wie von den Menschen und der Natur Georgiens.

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Shrine and religious community"], Kutaisi: Created by teachers and teacher trainers for teachers and travelers. Includes the real on culture, people, language, alphabet, communications, transportation, cities, places, weather, food, shopping, money, health, safety, sex, stuff, teaching and jobs.

Pages of vital links, addresses and numbers to help you find what you want. Anhang zur Reise in den Kaukasus und nach Georgien. Die Sprache der urartaischen Inschriften und ihre Stellung im kaukasischen Sprachenkreise", in Mitteilungen der Vorderasiatischen Gesellschaft , 5, Berlin: Memories of a journet from Tiflis to the Crimea"], Leipzig: Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte, [84 pp.

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Drawing on a broad array of comparative evidence, including examples from Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, it delves on the cross-cultural points of contact that may have contributed to the spread of such zoomorphic hybrids from Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran to the Indian Subcontinent. Straddling the boundaries between popular and textual traditions the gaping jaws of a great monster is a mythical paradigm of the bivalence of a deep-seated historic force: Books on Demand, [ pp.

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This sword is as iconic as the Japanese Katana or the English Saber. It is known for its ability to draw cut as well as maneuver with speed in fight on a mountain trail or in the village streets. This manual is filled with the origin methods translated in English and still in the original Russian used in the 19th the Century for teaching this amazing sword!.

A History , London: Olms Verlag, [1, pp. Richard Bentley, "Le monde est à vous: Europa-Verlag, [ pp. Leonardo - De Luca Editori, [ pp. Études et Recherches Archéologiques de l'Université de Liège, ['A report on a series of Acheulean sites from the Caucasus including details on their geography, history of research, stratigraphy, method of investigation, anthropology, lithics, chronology and faunal remains.

Evidence from all the sites are discussed in general in the final chapter. Musée royaux d'art de d'histoire, [ pp. The organization, tactics and equipment of Gebirgs units. Mountain artillery, uniforms and specialist equipment, the senior commanders of the Gebirgs formations of the German Army.

Geoffrey Bles, [Notably Vol. Travels and Studies , London: Berliner Forschungen des Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte, [84 pp. Panorama dell' universo sroria e descrizione di tutti i popoli ["Russia: A panorama of its territories and a description of all its peoples"], 3 volumes, Naples: Academic Studies Press, [ pp.

At once somehow part of "Europe," at least aspirationally, and yet rarely recognized by others as such, Georgia attempted to forge European style publics as a strong claim to European identity. These attempts also produced a crisis of self-definition, as European Georgia sent newspaper correspondents into newly reconquered Oriental Georgia, only to discover that the people of these lands were strangers.

In this encounter, the community of "strangers" of European Georgian publics proved unable to assimilate the people of the "strange land" of Oriental Georgia. This crisis produced both notions of Georgian public life and European identity which this book explores.

University of Toronto Press, [ pp. On the one hand, their practices were romantic, but could never lead to marriage. On the other hand, they were sexual, but didn't correspond to what North Americans, or most Georgians, would have called sex.

These practices were well documented by early ethnographers before they disappeared completely by the midtwentieth century, and have become a Georgian obsession. In this fascinating book, Manning recreates the story of how these private, secretive practices became a matter of national interest, concern, and fantasy. Looking at personal expressions of love and the circulation of these narratives at the broader public level of the modern nation, Love Stories offers an ethnography of language and desire that doubles as an introduction to key linguistic genres and to the interplay of language and culture.

A Patchwork of Challenges , Lanham Maryland: It also examines Russia's policy response to these challenges and its preparations for the Games, as well as the work that still needs to be done. Chronologsies for the 4th-3rd millenium B. Vergleichende Chronologie des 4.

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In einem interdisziplinären archäologisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Ansatz wird vorgelegt, zu welchen Leistungen die frühen Metallurgen in der Lage waren und welche Forschungsmeinungen als überholt gelten müssen. Arndt-Verlag in der Rathaus-Buchhandlung, [ pp. Strecker und Schröder, [60 pp. Verlegt von der Georgischen Abteilung der Akademie der Wiss. Charles Scribner's Sons, ['Nogales was a Venezuelian mercenary who fought for the Turkish army against the Russians in the Caucasus and against the British in Mesopotamia and Palestine.

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The Batsbi?