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In Australia [74] and the European Union , eggs are graded by the hen raising method, free range , battery caged , etc. The yolk in a newly laid egg is round and firm. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. The Earth may once have not been blue, but purple. Chickens and other egg-laying creatures are kept widely throughout the world and mass production of chicken eggs is a global industry. The size of its air cell is determined and the examination also reveals whether the egg was fertilized and thereby contains an embryo.

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This information is invaluable for school reports, to amaze your friends on your knowledge and IQ, or just general education and knowledge. I once had an Email from a young lady in Australia, who was looking for the strangest fact or story about pumpkins. She needed it for a local radio station contest, where the winner received a pair of tickets to a "Smashing Pumpkins" band concert. You never know when you will need some of our pumpkin information.

Anatomy of a Pumpkin Do you know all the parts!?! Why are Pmpkins Orange? Teacher's Page Find lesson plans for your class You might be surprised.

Pumpkin and Halloween Movies Pumpkin Trivia - many interesting facts to inform and amuse. About Pumpkins A pumpkin is really a squash. It is a member of the Cucurbita family which includes squash and cucumbers. Pumpkins are grown all over the world on six of the seven continents, with Antarctica being the sole exception. They are even grown in Alaska. The self proclaimed "Pumpkin Capital of the World" is Morton, Illinois where Libby has it's pumpkin industry and plant.

Seeds from pumpkin plants have been found in Mexico, dating back over years to B. Native American Indians used pumpkin as a staple in their diets, centuries before the pilgrims landed. When European settlers arrived, they saw the pumpkins grown by Native Americans.

Pumpkin soon became a staple in their diets, too. The pilgrims also brought seeds back to Europe, where they quickly became popular. Just like today, early settlers used pumpkins in a wide variety of recipes, from desserts to stews and soups.

In addition to cooking with pumpkins, they also dried the shells and cut strips to weave into mats. Endurance athletes often use this technique, which improves cardio and speed. Busy people should take advantage of its effectiveness, too. Running for half hour burns approximately the same calories as a minute leisurely stroll. If an energy shortage is your limitation, pull from your reserves. A little effort delivers great returns. When tired, form can suffer and sloppy moves may lead to injury.

Keep your workout safe by toning down your routine. This may be the time to try a gentle Pilates class or reduce weights on the barbell. Modify intensity and speed to match current ability. Do what you can. You will feel great for persevering, which will charge your next workout. Find ways to increase physical activity throughout your day. These efforts supplement your time at the Center. For days when a formal workout is not possible, accumulate exercise in other ways.

Walk during your lunch break, take the stairs all day , spend family time at the park with a ball or bikes. Get creative so fitness becomes a lifestyle, not a segment of the day to accomplish or shamefully miss. Anytime is a great time for a workout. The important factor is to make the timing convenient to your schedule so you have one less excuse to skip it. However, when you eat should be based on what you want from that workout.

When planning to exercise with gusto, fuel your muscles with proper nutrition before you hit the Exercise Floor. If weight loss is your goal, eat after a workout. An empty stomach allows the body to burn fat stores more quickly. Do not exercise when hungry. This can weaken performance, and cause lightheadedness, dizziness, and nausea.

Enjoy a small snack and digest for at least half an hour before working out. Drink plenty of water, and remain hydrated throughout your workout. Avoid chugging large bottles of water in the middle of your routine though.

Instead, sip during rest periods or song changes. Humidity adds to the risk of dehydration. This leads to increased body temperature and the need for more fluids.

New research proves music motivates. The body responds to upbeat tunes by quickening the pace of activity. Your workout becomes more intense and powerful. If short on time, the right songs add zing to get you moving faster. You may accomplish the same burn without feeling it as much!

Free radicals have been blamed for a host of problems wrinkles, ageing, cancer, poor health, low immunity.. More info on Antioxidants coming soon. Drinking caffeinated drinks all day can deplete important nutrients such as magnesium , vitamins A , B1 thiamin , B2 riboflavin , B3 niacin , B5.

For a healthy individual with no hair diseases, hair fiber is very strong with tensile strength around 1. That is about as strong as copper wire of the same diameter.

One strand of hair can support up to gms in weight. So a whole head of hair which has about , to , strands of hair could support up to 12 tonnes roughly the equivalent of 2 African elephants!!

It also has elastic properties. To maintain good hair health, take sufficient biotin a B vitamin, a. Another common fruit - the Kiwi fruit , also has meat tenderizing propeties. Vitamin D , is also known as "The Sunshine Vitamin".

However, it is the most toxic in high doses. So when shopping for vitamin A supplements, always look for beta-carotene pro-vitamin A.

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