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PEN eNews 4(5) February 2015
The mean difference between groups who received the lycopene supplementation demonstrated a lower percentage of cells expressing Ki, compared with the control group. There were no significant differences in age or Gleason score between the groups. Mild heartburn was reported in 9 of 23 subjects, but it resolved when the study supplements were taken with food. Nonsexually inducing pregnancy willing or otherwise. Tutoring Solution College Chemistry: Temminck's tragopan, for example, has a bright blue wattle that he expands and starts flailing about whilst making clicking noises. We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes.

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These are typical questions circulated amongst the British Dietetic Association BDA media spokesperson team waiting for comment from a dietitian. Establishing strong relationships with journalists are important, because if you are reliable and can provide accurate information within a timely manner they are likely to ask you again.

The knowledge pathways and questions are great for quickly finding high quality research on a given topic that can form the basis of my message. Getting straight to the point is key, but doing so in an interesting an engaging way that is approachable and realistic. Knowing your target audience is also important, as that will influence your language and the phrases you might use during an interview or within comments. We live in a media-savvy society where people turn to Google and online bloggers for their standard nutrition and health advice.

Many people are still unsure of the differences between dietitians, nutritionists or nutrition experts leaving wide gaps in the quality of information out there. By getting involved as dietitians on social media and engaging with journalists and media in all its formats we can further promote our profession and address inaccurate advice. Come by our page and watch our storyboard video. I feel much more prepared for my upcoming placements after seeing the research on numerous nutrition-related topics summarized for practical application.

How has PEN influenced your nutrition and dietetic training? Contact us at eNews pennutrition. To access current and archived copies of PEN eNews, go to: In addition, users of the PEN System will find articles on the new evidence, resources and features available and how to maximize one's use of PEN.

Milestone birthday celebrations T his past November, I celebrated a milestone birthday. It has been said that a woman should never reveal her age so I'll leave that to your imagination. What did we look like 10 years ago? We will also share stories of how dietitians have been impacted by evidence-based dietetic practice.

In this issue of PEN eNews 4 5 , we showcase examples of how dietitians are translating evidence-based recommendations into practical guidance. Are plant-based beverages suitable for infants? Using evidence to answer popular questions - all in a days work as a media spokesperson profiles UK dietitian Gemma Sampson formerly Critchley and her advice for dietitians engaging in media relations.

All this and more in eNews 4 5. Linda received the AM for her outstanding service and dedication to Australian Nutrition and Dietetics; in dietetic education and training, the development of professional competency standards, basic and applied nutrition and dietetic research, national nutrition policy development and publication and editorial leadership. She spent the first 14 years of her career in hospital clinics and public health before she moved into research, where she has written more than scientific publications while editing journals and chairing various research committees.

To receive an AM is a wonderful achievement and well-deserved. DAA was delighted to make the nomination and congratulates Linda! News-making Evidence Commentaries to this story making headlines: Evidence from randomized controlled trials did not support the introduction of dietary fat guidelines in and State of the world's nutrition and the progress in combating malnutrition.

Management of Nutrition Following Bariatric Surgery. S ign up for our Webinar today. Get a 2 week free trial at www. In addition, users of the PEN System will find articles on the new evidence, resources and features available and how to maximize one's use of PEN. There were other differences in the kinds of foods some associated with the holiday season — eggnog, mulled wine, marzipan and what foods were left out for Santa and his reindeer.

What was fascinating to me was the passion that we all held for our own traditions, and the surprise when we learned that foods that had no meaning to us had significant meaning to others. Whether it is the holiday season, a special cultural celebration, a birthday or just everyday eating, there are diversities in what foods we each consider part of our routine way of eating. What is the effectiveness of krill oil compared to fish oil on cardiovascular risk factors in healthy adults and in adults with dyslipidemia?

Are there safety concerns for regular tea consumption in adults, including pregnant women, related to metal contamination? What is the recommended process for introducing new complementary foods to infants i.

News-making Evidence Article Analysis: Artificial Sweeteners and Glucose Intolerance. The Popular Paleo Diet. Coconut Oil and the Heart. Management of Nutrition Following Bariatric Surgery. A simple click of the mouse allows you to view print or send the handout to your client.

Looking for French handouts? The French handouts are no longer available in a designated French language handout collection. However, they have been amalgamated into all the different collections with the other languages. We did this to make it easier for dietitians to locate the handout they need, in the language and cultural adaptation needed.

We have also added a feature to make it easier for French speaking dietitians to see which handouts are available in French. All handouts that have a French version available will have their titles show up in French. Handouts that are not available in French will have their titles remain in English.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at lisa. Taking pseudoscience to task! We have had our clients ask us about detox or the merits of heavily marketed products like coconut oil.

We have witnessed people pouring money into products and treatments that have no demonstrated benefit yes, detox comes to mind here too! In , Sense about Science launched the Ask for Evidence campaign. A huge number of studies from across the world contribute to a vast evidence base on this topic. This facilitates optimal development spermatogenesis of the spermatozoa.

At the onset of puberty, increased levels of lutenizing hormone LH; a pituitary gonadotroph induce the testes to produce testosterone, which will lead to the maturation of the spermatozoa. Once mature, the spermatozoa migrate from the testes to the epididymis a compartment attached to each testis where they are stored. One end of the epididymis tapers into the ductus deferens, the tube through which the mature sperm that are stored in the epididymis will pass to leave the scrotum.

The ductus deferens leads into the prostatic urethra. During ejaculation, the sperm will be drawn out of the epididymis through the ductus deferens and will combine with semen, secreted by the prostate gland, in the prostate urethra before being expelled.

Evaluation of a Male's Soundness for Breeding. Successful breeding on the part of the male is dependent upon 1 his physical ability to copulate, 2 his drive to copulate i.

If any of these factors is compromised, then the likelihood of successful conception within the bitch may be greatly diminished or completely inhibited.

From a physical standpoint, proper nutrition and conditioning exercise are essential for assuring optimal performance and fertility in the male. Additionally, since breed-specific genetic disorders may not only impact upon the quality-of-life of future offspring but also compromise breeding performance of the male, males intended for breeding should receive a thorough physical examination to evaluate orthopedic, neurologic, endocrinologic, and genital systems prior to breeding.

In regard to semen quality, optimum fertility is not necessarily a factor of age of the dog, but appears to be more dependent on the stage of the sperm within the ejaculate i. Quality of the semen, therefore, is often more affected by factors other than age including degree of arousal, frequency of ejaculation, collection technique and sample handling. Since frequent ejaculation daily collection of semen for 5 to 7 days can cause a reduction in sperm output, studs in high demand may experience less than optimal fertility at certain times throughout their reproductive years.

For this reason, it is recommended that sperm from valuable studs be collected and cryopreserved in sufficient quantities early in the male's career to ensure future availability.

To this end, collection of semen on an "every other day" basis typically allows time for replenishment of sperm reserves. Reproductive physiology and endocrinology of the dog. WB Saunders, , p. In the normal reproductive male, sperm production is directly related to testicular size. Sperm are stored in the extragonadal compartments of the epididymis and the ductus deferens. The amount of reserved sperm will depend on the frequency and interludes between ejaculations.

Total sperm counts in a sexually rested male encompass sperm reserves plus daily sperm produced by the testes. Sperm reserves are reportedly depleted by once per day ejaculation for 5 to 7 days. Therefore, once reserves are depleted, total sperm number will be represented only by the daily production of sperm by the testes. Collection of Semen for Artificial Insemination. Typically, the device consists of a rubber collecting cone attached to a plastic centrifuge tube.

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