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ZERO cals during fast March 01, Now, at last weigh in I am Breast feeding took all my baby weight gain of 21 pounds away in 2 weeks. I do hope u wil guide me. Add some spinach and frozen fruit to the powder to boost the nutrition content. When you consider the health benefits of the acai berry itself, the proof is in the pudding… the acai berry pudding.

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I need to lose about 40 to 50 pounds. I'm 38 percent body fat. Have had 6 pregnancies. Because of the age I'm worried about not looking good even if I do lose weight because of saggy skin. I think I have thyroid problems or something as I only eat once or twice per day and in the summer sometimes didn't even eat that much.

I grow veggies for a living and am constantly working and eat very little but do not lose weight. When I do eat it is true I eat what is fast and easy. I especially like chips and salsa and can make a meal of that. What is the best way for me to lose weight since nothing I do seems to help. I've been a fan of your pg for a while. However at this moment things are a lil rough. I've lost weight before doing weight watchers and many other things.

I'm finding myself not tracking like before with weight watchers, dnt know if its annoying or what. I'm looking for the right way to start working out and find positive eating habits while on the go. Can you point me in the right direction? I have been trying to lose weight for more that two years now. I have been up and down in my weight and now it's only on the upper side.

I have come to the point of giving radically. My major concern is my moobs. I have Done every damn thing of losing those and I haven't succeeded. I have increased my weight only. There is no motivation left at me. I just gaze in your programs and I just gave I am gonna be doing the same things and no results. I have been on strict diets I have followed them to the books but the end result is I don't lose weight.

The minute I realise the nature of my situation i feel why I don't lose weight after all I have given into it. Can u please help me to understand why so.

Guide me to a diet I can stick too. My diet is green tea, green apples, chapathi 2 nos, whey protien shake, chapathi 3 nos. I exercise Morning for 45mins. With all this I should have lost weight. I am 24years old 5ft 10 inches, now am pounds. I need to be at 80kgs now am Help me, I wish it was worth writing here. Thanks for the exact diet and workouts here I have been doing those on date till now But I see that even if I eat less than the exact calories I got frok your calorie intake for me, I hardly lose about g of weight per day.

Because I cut a lot of food during the day and I end up having more at Night according to the calorie count. What type of foods can I eat at Night?? Or anything in specific It wil be helpful I have dropped from 93kgs to 90kgs as of now I'm very interested in the options you have to offer.

Hey hey ; I'm 17, cm about 5,1 ft I think tall and weigh 64 kg at the moment. I used to weigh 59 kg at my slimmest, but while I did look good, I had serious stomach issues and ate very little still do!!

I would like to lose weight off my belly and tone my arms a bit, but I'd appreciate if you guys have any diet or something that will put my sensitive stomach a ease. I like exercising as well, so that won't be a problem if it's not too time-consuming. Hi, I'm 15, female, I weigh 15 kg and I'm 5 ft tall. I really want to lose about 8- 10 kg weight.

Also I have chubby cheeks which are kind of annoying. I was very slim at the shoulder, chest, comparatively big waist and very skinny legs, all this not helped by bad posture and muscle damage to the muscle around the left scapula. I decided that I would erase the fat around my stomach to stop myself, looking what I saw as a skinny, fat person. My food intake before dieting varied day to day, but not uncommon was: Some days I might have 12 inches of French stick with ham salad from a shop, some days 6 inches more unhealthy bread than filling Supper: Fresh pre packed meals, beans, chips, some vegetables, but rarely, same with fruit.

During the day I might also eat mixed dried fruit and nuts. Now, at last weigh in I am Number 1 No potato or bread whatsoever! No sugar, other than honey in porridge, tea and coffee.

Or this quick weight loss diet doesn't work. But, myself to start ate practically nothing but fruit for a week or two. Probably not possible for most, but for me - I meant business. After initial kick start and craziness.. Porridge for breakfast with honey. Pre packed fresh fish with.. Sometimes I skipped supper and just ate fruit. Answer to any times without food, was fruit or dried fruit. For someone who likes sweet potato, butternut squash, fruit, vegetables, mince, steak, chicken, fish, brown rice and many other healthy very low sugar content foods unless fruit, losing weight should be easy.

The cooks out there know better than I how to make my Diet more interesting. Basically though if you know what you are doing, you can eat all the time and lose weight fast. So trying to put some healthy weight back on is going to be hard. During the diet I didn't weigh often, I just knew I was losing weight. People started to make comments and so I had a good look at myself and realised I looked like a skeleton.

I've lost most of the fat on my body and when standing my stomach is flat, but if I pinch my belly I can still pinch an inch of fat or skin. So I have lost too much too quickly and not sure if it will even out or if I should go for another 30 kgs only kidding. I was looking at your website and and think i really need help from you.

Ive been having a difficult time in losing weight im currently lbd 5'2 and 19 yr old. I wanted to lose like lbs in 4 weeks before a wedding. Thanks and God bless! How long can you stay on diet where you only eat apples or only drink lemon juice or hardly nothing at all?

Why very low calories diets don't work How Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 10 days Gluten free diet tips Will I gain any weight back after I finsih my weight loss plan? Click to Comment of Comments. Zak Hello Adrian, You have a lot of information on the website that I found really useful as I was reading it.

Zak December 29, Adrian Bryant this diet is for people who hate to count calories December 29, Thanks, Zak December 30, Adrian Bryant use this workout if trying to lose fat December 31, Kriti Hi Adrian, I'm from Canada and I've recently received a weight loss grant, meaning I will get reimbursed for the weight loss that I promise if I can achieve my goal.

I love your philosophy and know that you can point me in the right direction Adrian Bryant are you tracking your calorie intake December 05, Angie I am in need of a miracle, I hope that is you??? Angie I have been checking back here all day. Is this where I will get a response? Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet September 01, Adrian Bryant this here will take you to August 10, Jayne Hi Adrian, I just stumbled across this blog and have been reading almost every page.

Adrian Bryant simply use this workout and this diet June 22, Jessi Hi, I'm Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet June 19, Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet April 19, I'm 25 years old my weight is KGs with hight of cm.

I eat healthy food with good amount not much. Can you please help me out choosing best diet plane for me? Thanks in advance April 06, Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet April 06, Tee Hi Adrian, I'm 5'1 and my weight is 56 kilos.

I have a treadmill at home and combine it with body weight HIIT and cardio exercises. Recently i found out that my Thyroid is underactive, and i'm taking a 25mg pill daily for that. Cheers Tee March 25, Adrian Bryant simply use this workout and this diet March 25, Things to shead this weight but I can't to find anything that works I eat a high protein,viggie low carb diet and avoid drinking sugary drinks I also drink lots of water and work out I need to lose this weight soon other wise I will be forced to have weight loss surgery and I don't want to have to go down that road March 12, Adrian Bryant have you seen this March 12, Kishen Dear Adrian, Last time I came here you told me a diet plan to follow and few exercises to do Kishen March 10, Adrian Bryant just keep doing what you are doing and the fat loss from your chest will come as well but you can also do the chest workout here March 11, Ana I am 21 years old my age is 5'2" and my weight is 70 I want to loose weight can anyone please help me in making me a nice diet plan please..

Adrian Bryant use this workout and this diet March 06, They get you to buy into a 6 month supply, send you an initial shipment, then take the rest of your money and run.

Another awesome product is Pure Raspberry Ketone. This has a highly potent combination of 5 popular superfoods:. African Mango and Raspberry Ketone are both fairly new to the super-food world. African Mango extract is really high in antioxidants, while Raspberry Ketone is an effective FDA approved fat loss supplement. I am psyched because I am always talking about the benefits of antioxidants, and in particular how acai is currently the food with the highest antioxidant concentration in the world.

The ORAC rating for acai beats out even that of pomegranate and blueberries! The antioxidant benefits of the acai berry rival several other superfoods, including: The super healthy vitamin, mineral, and macronutrient concentrations in acai berries blend together in your diet and in your body, to exert a powerful effect on your mind, body, health and overall well-being. For those of us looking for protection from cancer, weight loss, help with diabetes, better cardiovascular health, or just to look and feel healthy, should consider giving the acai berry a try.

Learn more about the history of the acai berry itself on WikiPedia. The foods that have a higher ORAC value have a higher concentration of antioxidants, which means they are more effective at fighting the cellular damage caused by free-radicals. We want to load our diet up on fruits and vegetables if we wants to fight skin wrinkles, cancer, and various other diseases associated with toxins and aging. As a side note, I should let you know that the Maqui berry has taken over the ORAC crown, but acai berries are still better for weight loss.

When used in amounts up to mg a day, acai berry supplements will help to decrease the cell oxidization damage caused by free radicals pretty significantly, even when used for just 14 days. Of course, long term use is recommended since the antioxoidant benefits will cease a couple days after you stop using acai. Even WebMD agrees that the acai berry diet is the healthiest nutrition plan to follow for life.

In our generation, the world is full of chemicals, phytoestrogens, pesticides, herbicides, nuclear waste, and other harmful environmental toxins. Personally, I enjoy the acai berry diet because it allows me to maintain a healthy low body fat, and my antioxidant intake is sky-high. Even at age 33 I feel like I am still 21!

Anyone specifically looking to combat the effects of aging, recover from injury, and lose excess bodyfat should definitely looking into using the acai berry, temporarily if not indefinitely. Well, here are the specific details about why the acai berry is so helpful when you are trying to lose fat. All of these nutrients will help your digestive system to process food faster and more efficiently, which will help your body to burn its stored fat quicker than diet and exercise alone.

As we all know, fiber helps your body to move food through the digestive tract. Excess food and calories are therefore eliminated quickly, rather than being absorbed into the bloodstream and stored away as excess adipose tissue fat mass. A high fiber diet is also known to reduce hunger, curb the appetite, and eliminate cravings. Well there you go! Supplementing with acai berry is like supplementing with olive oil.

Conveniently, these EFAs are plentiful in acai berries, making up the additional That means you can say supplementing with acai berry is like supplementing with fish oil! Acai berries are chalk-full of amino acids, widely known as the building blocks of protein. In order for your muscles to recover from workouts or even just to function properly, you need an adequate intake of amino acids. Furthermore, when dieting, a lack of amino acids leads to muscle catabolism muscle loss , which in turn leads to a slower metabolism, less stamina, fatigue, and loss of strength.

Supplementing with acai berry gives you those extra amino acids that your body needs to function at optimal levels, especially when following a regular exercise routine. When phytosterols are absorbed in the intestines, they are transported into the cell membrane where they bind to micelles in place of dietary cholesterol. This means that when your diet contains cholesterol, it is more likely to be transported from the body, rather than absorbed into the bloodstream.

Disgusting, harmful toxins infiltrate your body at work, at home, in the car, when you eat, when you sleep, and even when you breathe. They are on the vegetables and fruits you buy, they are in your meat, in your dairy products, on your clothes, in your deodorant and perfume, and even in the air.

Furthermore, in westernized culture, we eat more sugary, processed, and fried food than ever. We poison our bodies with a variety of sedatives, stimulants, pain relievers, and a million other medications. A high percentage of these medicine and food toxins build up in our liver, kidneys, and colon. They pollute our body and stress out our digestive systems. To combat these toxins, we sometimes resort to enemas, detox diets, cleansing drinks, and colon cleansers.

Our main goals is to cleanse the colon walls of stagnant toxic waste build up, which we can do cheaply and comfortably by using a colon cleansing dietary supplement. By using a colon cleanser you will increase your vitality, improve your digestion, and lose weight.

When combined with an acai berry diet, using a colon cleanser regularly will help to keep your intestines clean and your body free of toxins. It is recommended to use a colon cleansing supplement for days, times a year. While not mandatory for the acai berry diet, using a colon cleanser will make the detox process much easier and faster, and it will help your efforts to lose weight. Clear here to read more about colon cleansing on Project Swole.

To maximize your weight loss on the acai diet, you should be working out at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes per session. Exercise is not mandatory on the acai berry diet, but it will help you lose fat even faster. These routines prescribe 6 days of exercise per week, and consist of 3 intense full body weight training workouts and 3 cardiovascular routines.

Use these workouts to kick your fat loss into overdrive! An intermittent fast is the best approach to losing fat quickly on the acai berry diet. Intermittent fasting calls for a hour feeding window, where you eat all of your calories for the day in 2 or 3 meals.

Drink only water, tea, or coffee in between. Like colon cleansing and the fat loss workout routines, fasting is not mandatory for the acai berry diet. However, intermittent fasting is a great lifestyle eating plan if you can get accustomed to it.

Whole-day fasts are not typically recommended for those of us looking to build or maintain muscle mass, but intermittent fasting is a great solution. Click here to read more about intermittent fasting on Project Swole. Once again, here are the instructions for ordering the best acai and colon cleansing supplements online.

The free trial offers provide you with an inexpensive solution, while a full order will let you stock up and possibly get a couple free bottles. Just click on a link, submit your address, and away you go!

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about acai. You can read the whole list here: It is recommended to take between mg and mg 1 g each day. This can be taken all at once or divided into several doses. See the previous question for more information on timing your acai intake.

You can lose between pounds a week on a healthy diet and exercise plan. When taking acai you may lose at least twice that many pounds. You could definitely lose up to 12 or even 15 pounds a month by using acai, as long as you continue eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. As long as you maintain a healthy diet and keep exercising, you will not gain fat just because you stop using acai.

You might experience decreased weight loss or a plateau in your fat loss progress, but you will not suddenly start gaining it back. Acai berries are fruit just like blueberries, oranges, and apples. It makes sense that if you are old enough to eat other fruit, then you are old enough to eat acai. Sometimes acai berry pills have added ingredients such as caffeine, green tea, or hoodia, which could cause some acai berry side effects like increased energy and heart rate.

If you have an acai supplement with added ingredients like caffeine and hoodia, then you should only take your acai berry supplement in the morning. There are a ton of calories in the acai juices. Upwards of calories per serving, depending on the product.

The acai berry pills have negligible calories in comparison, and even then the calories are attributed to fiber, healthy fatty acids, and amino acids, as I mentioned above. Is the acai berry a scam? This question frustrates me, because the acai berry diet is now receiving unnecessary negative publicity thanks to a few shady businesses. The acai berry received a bad rap in recent years because some companies took huge orders over the course of several months, shut down their customer service departments, and ran for the hills.

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