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How to Grow Escarole and Endive
This way the holes in the sides still let the light in! I agree with MountainMan and Ian. Maybe a large planting bucket and cut out the hole in the bottom but do the same planting effect as with wood. So around mid-Summer is a good time to trim the new growth. If you use clear bags and only straw, I wonder if you can see the potatoes growing… I like to use those Reds when their small. Actually they are treated. We can now offer a variety of extra large and non-standard box topiary plants.

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But when you replant make sure you break up the root ball a little bit. I just bought my first spider plant. I am wondering what pups are and when to harvest them. I got some small shoots off a coworker spider plant and put them in soil.

How long does it take them to grow? I have one inside the house and a couple outside on my deck. The pups should be well-rooted in a few weeks. You can put them back outside once they have settled into their pots. Otherwise, just keep the plants watered and out of direct sunlight, which can burn spider plants. To make your plant flower, leave it! Plenty of water during its growing season. Once the leaves start to get large it will then start to put out legs and the flowers come on those.

But they will only put out leaves until the pot is too small. I would show you mine but can't send pic. Spider plants send out shoots from the plant that will produce small white flowers when the mother plant starts getting root bound. Generally, they don't send out shoots which is the plant looking for new soil.

Once the new baby plants are a couple inches across, then you can plant them. Either pinch them off and plant them or set the end flower of top of a small pot with soil until it roots itself. I bought them as babies and so I put them in a pot of their own and had then for bought 2 weeks and have them sitting on the west wall of my den so then get the east sun in the morning.

Is that enough sun for them? That may not be enough. They like bright but indirect sun. Can all the little offshoots still be potted? I've had some trouble with plants in the past due to inconsistent watering. What approach do you use to have enough, but not too much? Specifically, what will happen to my spider plant if I over water it? I am starting to see some brown streaks within the inside white vittatum variety stripes, near the end.

And last question, sunlight. I have a large east facing window with a nice sized inside ledge. Will this be too direct of sunlight?

Thanks for the help! Check the plant every few days and water enough so that the soil stays moist, but not wet. Make sure any excess water is allowed to drain through the bottom of the pot and is disposed of. Brown tips can be caused by dehydration or too much direct, intense sunlight. An east-facing window would be perfect, as it offers bright, morning sunlight. I have a black thumb but love plants and just got my first spider plants ever.

For now, since my plants are super healthy my only question is if I have to cut off the pups? I really like how the look hanging down. Two of my spider plants have the brown discs mentioned.

I assume it is scale. I have been removing the discs by hand but when I find a stalk with numerous discs I remove it and try to save the babies if they are unaffected. This ensures the plant is better prepared to absorb nutrients more quickly — resulting in a strong, resilient crop and a guaranteed good harvest for all plant breeders.

Stress-free, happy plants generally produce larger fruits. It also ensures green leaves, by stimulating chlorophyll absorption. It can be added to every substrate during the flowering and growing period. But follow our grow schedule for the best results. As early as B. First, it contains ingredients that can help increase the actual size and weight of the flower clusters. Second, nutrient uptake is improved. In the first weeks of growth, we advise a dose of 1ml per litre of water.

As harvest approaches and before flushing — when the nutrient solution is replaced with plain water to improve the taste and texture of the crop — the dose can be increased to 4ml per litre of water. Follow our feeding chart for the best results. The main source of these is an ancient substance in the soil called Leonardite.

This comes from prehistoric trees and vegetation that flourished during the carboniferous period, million years ago. Fulvic acids also possess particular properties that contribute to healthy floral growth. These acids are taken from exceptionally rich sources of humate deposits found deep within the earth.

Their natural electrical charge attracts nutrients and minerals present in both the microbiological soil base and applied organic fertilizers. Humic and fulvic acids work together to boost the energy in old plant cells while stimulating new ones to form. Follow our grow schedule for the best results. Plants are also better able to retain moisture and experience less humidity stress as a result. Ultimately, the crop performs better and you can look forward to a higher quality yield.

Healthy, fresh, anti-bacterial, cleansing, detoxing, beauty and skincare all come to mind when thinking of aloe vera. After rigorous research trying out the best combination of ingredients to add to aloe vera extract, we settled on the final product: It can be used indoors and out on food crops, plantations, perennials and ornamental plants during the vegetative and flowering phase to stimulate growing and blooming. It protects and activates the immune system, increases germination and plant metabolism — breaking down sugars and enhancing nutrient absorption.

Made from natural latex that was originally developed to prevent evaporation, it creates a permeable, self-degradable barrier on the leaf, which still allows air and light to get through. Spray the leaves and flowers completely, and repeat this about two times a week until a fortnight before the end of the flowering period. Within a few hours of application, a very thin elastic layer — 1.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. What I received is absolutely not the beautiful broad-leaf Italian sweet basil. It's a vigorous grower, quick to germinate, but the leaves are not the same shape. Although the aroma is good, the flavor is a little bitter. I've gown a lot of basil, indoors and out, and this is very disappointing.

Instead of the product, I Instead of the product, I received a letter from department of agriculture stating: Material not authorized for entry Phyto-sanitary certificate is missing. Seller shipped from China.. US department of Agriculture would not all in the country The package was missing Phyto-sanitary certificate and Permit No big loss cash wise DO not order this or any other agricultural product from this seller.

But the leaves are kinda tough and have

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