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Carly was livid, and Brad left to give them privacy, sighing in relief as he walked away. Growth Hormone GH has the ability to increase lean mass by stimulating protein synthesis and increasing nitrogen retention in muscles. After Carly gave birth to her son, Jason took the child into his care when she left town, suffering from postpartum depression. Jason made a full recovery, much to Sam's delight. Then, Jason and Elizabeth admitted their mutual love.

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Drugged and trapped in a room by Franco and forced to watch Franco sexually assault Sam [Nov ]. Experienced a fever after being exposed to the toxin Jerry Jacks had placed in the water supply [Sep ].

Jason was the illegitimate son of Alan Quartermaine and his mistress, Susan Moore. After Susan's murder, Alan took Jason home to be raised under his roof. Initially, Monica was reluctant to welcome the motherless child into her home, but she eventually grew to love him deeply. In , Jason returned home from boarding school and took his place in the family fold.

Before long, Jason became involved with fellow classmate Karen Wexler. She was a troubled young woman with an alcoholic mother and a secret life as a stripper in Sonny Corinthos' club.

Their relationship ended, and Jason found new love with Keesha Ward. Their relationship flourished until one tragic night.

Intent on stopping A. The accident that followed left Jason with permanent brain damage and no memory whatsoever of his family or of Keesha. After the accident, Jason couldn't stand the way people looked at him, always hoping to see some glint of recognition in his eyes.

He pushed both his relatives and Keesha away, went to work for mobster Sonny Corinthos, and changed his name to Jason Morgan, after his adopted paternal grandmother's maiden name.

The one person who was able to get through to Jason was his old high school classmate Robin Scorpio. What began as a friendship turned into a deep and abiding love, but there was a complication: He eventually ended their affair but remained Carly's friend.

Life changed for Jason again when Sonny handed over control of his empire to Jason, and Carly named Jason as the father of her unborn child. Jason knew he was not the child's father, but he agreed with Carly's lie after she confessed that the pregnancy was the result of a drunken one-night stand with A.

After Carly gave birth to her son, Jason took the child into his care when she left town, suffering from postpartum depression. Robin told Jason that she didn't believe it was right for him to keep the truth from A. Robin helped Jason care for the child, who he named Michael after his mentor, Sonny. Carly returned to town and moved in with Jason, and they briefly enjoyed parenting together until Tony Jones kidnapped Michael. Michael was returned unharmed, but Carly shot Tony in the courtroom and was sentenced to a psychiatric care facility.

While she was gone, Robin and Jason moved in together and raised Michael until Carly returned. Jason had arranged for her release, and she moved in with Jason and Robin.

This arrangement did not last long because Carly and Robin constantly argued. Ultimately, Robin left, but not before telling A. Jason did not approve of the plan, but he realized how deeply he cared for Carly while she was married to his brother.

They made plans to be together until Carly misinterpreted a dance between Elizabeth and Jason, and she retaliated by sleeping with Sonny. Jason found them together and left town. He returned briefly a few months later and learned that Sonny and Carly had entered into a relationship, and he gave them his approval.

Jason returned about a year later and began dating Liz Webber. He also followed Sonny's order to keep watch over Sonny's sister, Courtney Matthews, who was married to A. She had a stalker, and Jason helped determine the stalker was actually her husband. Jason and Courtney developed feelings for one another, and once they were both free, they started dating in secret because they feared Sonny would not approve.

The longtime bickering friends married so they wouldn't have to testify against each other. The charges were eventually dropped, and the couple annulled their marriage.

Then Courtney and Jason got engaged. On the day Courtney and Jason planned to marry, a pregnant Carly was kidnapped. Jason suspected that Sonny's half-brother, Ric Lansing, had taken her, but it was months before Jason obtained proof that Ric had Carly.

By that time, Luis Alcazar's brother, Lorenzo, had kidnapped her. To appease Lorenzo, Jason and Sonny began running drugs through their operation, per his orders, all the while planning to free Carly. Unbeknownst to Jason, Courtney discovered she was pregnant. She kept the news to herself because of his ambivalence about having children during such a dangerous period. Luis took Courtney and exchanged her for Carly, but Courtney managed to escape.

In the process, she miscarried. Jason and Courtney finally exchanged vows during a trip to France, but their married life got off to a rocky start with little privacy and little time for just the two of them. When Carly lapsed into a coma after she was accidentally shot by Sonny while giving birth, Courtney took care of Carly's children, and Jason took care of Sonny's business. Courtney became increasingly intolerant of the violence in their lives, and she and Jason separated.

Courtney and Jason were continually pulled together by their involvement in the lives of Sonny and Carly, and they did not immediately file for a divorce. Ric used the crisis as an opportunity to remove Jason from Sonny's life and arranged for Jason to be handcuffed inside the burning building. Nikolas Cassadine found Jason and saved him. After the brush with death, Courtney and Jason reevaluated their relationship, but Jason realized that a life with Courtney was not meant to be after she knocked Jason out to prevent him from killing Alcazar.

They finalized their divorce, and Jason learned that Sonny's ex-mistress, Sam McCall, was pregnant with Sonny's child.

Sonny and Carly had just reconciled, and Sam planned to give her child up for adoption. Jason volunteered to help Sam and allowed her to move in with him; he offered to take care of her and the baby. While Sam and Jason adjusted to living together, Carly remained suspicious of the claim that Jason had fathered Sam's child and believed that Sam was hiding something.

Carly uncovered that Sam was wanted for murder in Florida and that she had been convicted of setting her mother's house on fire while her mother had been inside. Jason eventually discovered that Sam was covering for the person that had accidentally set the fire, her mentally challenged brother.

Sonny arranged for the charges to disappear, and Jason found a specialized facility for Sam's brother to reside. The rest of Sam's pregnancy continued relatively quietly until Sonny asked her to induce her labor early so that Sonny's other daughter, Kristina Davis, could use the unborn child's stem cells to cure her leukemia.

Sam refused the request, but later went into premature labor after a heated argument with Kristina's mother. Sam was rushed to the ER, but the baby was stillborn. Sam remained unconscious after the birth, and Jason was the only person to hold the baby.

When Sam awoke, Jason informed her of her baby's death and helped her understand that the baby's death had been no one's fault and that the baby's life did mean something, because her stem cells had saved Kristina's life. As Sam began dealing with the loss of her daughter, she and Jason grew closer. They made plans to marry, and they met a pregnant teenager and believed they would be able to adopt her child. However, the young mother changed her mind and took her child back.

Soon after, Faith Roscoe kidnapped Sonny's three children. Sam and Jason worked together and tracked A. Soon after the fall, A. Sam encouraged him to see a doctor. As the incidents increased in frequency, a desperate Jason resorted to taking experimental drugs -- despite the threat of serious side effects, which included death. While the drugs helped Jason begin to recover memories, his health quickly declined.

Sam turned to Robin for help. Robin had become a leading researcher, specializing in experimental drug therapies, but Jason needed surgery. Robin arranged for Patrick Drake to go to General Hospital and perform a high-risk surgery.

It was a gamble that paid off. Jason made a full recovery, much to Sam's delight. Their love was stronger than ever, and they looked forward to a happy future.

Unfortunately, Manny Ruiz stood in the way. Manny Ruiz, the homicidal son of a mobster, was instantly obsessed with Sam McCall. Manny shot Sam while she was in Jason's arms. While Sam lingered in a coma, fighting for her life, Jason convinced himself that the only way to really love Sam was to let her go so that she would never again be hurt by the violence in his life. Sam emerged from her coma but was deeply hurt by Jason's decision to walk away from her. She turned to alcohol and engaged in a one-night stand with Ric.

Unbeknownst to Sam, Jason saw her and Ric together. He returned home and started drinking until Elizabeth stopped by to visit. Jason reached out to Liz and kissed her. One thing led to another, and they spent the remainder of the night making love. By the next morning, both realized that a relationship would never work. The next day, Jason and Sam each confessed what they had done but decided to forgive each other and give their relationship another chance.

Soon, however, Elizabeth realized that she was pregnant. It turned out that the condoms that she and Jason had used were recalled by ELQ because they were faulty. Jason asked Elizabeth to marry him if the baby turned out to be his, but Elizabeth turned down the proposal. She didn't think their marriage could work because they both loved other people. A paternity test revealed that Jason was the father, but Elizabeth decided it was best for everyone to believe that Lucky was the father instead.

Disguised as one of the gunmen, Jason did nothing while his father, Alan Quartermaine, suffered a massive heart attack. The gunmen forced Emily to make the choice between releasing Elizabeth, who was experiencing painful contractions, or getting Alan medical attention.

Elizabeth told Emily to choose Alan, who was allowed to leave. He started to collapse, and Jason helped him out of the lobby. That was the last time Jason saw his father alive. After the Metro Court hostage situation reached an explosive end, Elizabeth and Jason found themselves trapped inside an elevator.

Unable to continue to keep her secret from Jason, she told him that the child she was carrying was his. Jason was hurt that she hadn't told him sooner, but he understood why. He decided that they needed to tell Sam and Lucky the truth as soon as they made it out.

They survived, and Jason and Sam were reunited. When Sam confessed that she was unable to ever have children, Jason couldn't bring himself to tell her that Elizabeth was carrying his child. Later, Elizabeth went to Jason with the news that she'd decided to remarry Lucky and asked if Jason would allow Lucky to raise the baby as his own.

Jason realized that it would be best for his child if the baby grew up in a stable, loving home with a family not surrounded by violence. He trusted Elizabeth to do what was best for their child and agreed to comply with her wishes. However, Jason thought often about Elizabeth and his child, and he and Sam grew distant from one another. Jason was there for Elizabeth when she went into labor and delivered their son.

She named their son Jacob Martin, silently honoring Jason by giving their son his initials. Both Jason and Elizabeth remained unaware that Sam had overheard a conversation between them at the hospital in which they had revealed that Jason was the child's father.

Sam was hurt by Jason's betrayal and did nothing when a grieving mother kidnapped Jake. Although Sam knew where the child was, she allowed everyone to consider Elizabeth as a possible suspect, assuming that she suffered from postpartum depression and had harmed her own child.

Elizabeth's husband, Lucky, supported the theory, but Jason believed that Elizabeth was innocent. Jason found Jake and reunited him with Elizabeth, but afterwards, he was taken back into police custody for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar. Jason discovered that Sam had known where to find Jake all along but had said nothing. Sam went to visit him in prison. They revealed all the secrets they'd been keeping from each other, and it became clear that their relationship was over. Jason stood trial for Lorenzo's murder, and during the trial, Ric called on Elizabeth and forced her to testify that she had slept with Jason.

Lucky was in the courtroom and heard for the first time that his wife had cheated on him. Elizabeth's marriage to Lucky ended, and Jason was found not guilty after Carly planted evidence that Lorenzo was still alive. Once Jason's legal battles were over and Elizabeth was free again, Sam plotted to keep them apart. She arranged to have two thugs scare Elizabeth to remind her of the violence in Jason's life. Jason realized what Sam had done and warned her to stay away from Elizabeth and her children.

Then, Jason and Elizabeth admitted their mutual love. Jason and Elizabeth were both present at the Black and White Ball that Nikolas and Emily threw to announce their engagement. During the gala, a storm hit, and everyone was stranded at the mansion with Sonny's enemy Anthony Zacchara on the loose and the Text Message Killer actively killing Port Charles residents.

Sam was also there. Sam and Elizabeth argued about Jake's paternity, and Lucky overheard the truth. Jason arrived and confirmed that Jake was his son. Though stunned, Lucky agreed to keep the secret, for Jake's safety. Sam also promised not to let anyone know the truth.

Later that same night, Jason discovered Nikolas holding Emily's bloodied body. Someone had killed her when Nikolas, suffering from a brain tumor, had blacked out. Jason had to tell Monica that Emily had been murdered.

Monica angrily blamed Jason for Emily's death because she assumed that mob enemy Anthony Zacchara had done the deed. Later, it was revealed that the Text Message Killer had murdered Emily. Reminded that his dangerous life would be a risk to anyone he loved, he ended his relationship with Elizabeth. While Jason and Elizabeth tried to make a go of their relationship, Lucky and Sam grew closer and entered into a relationship.

Lucky struggled to deal with Sam's addiction to danger, and he was less than thrilled when she became a private investigator. Lucky remained by Sam's side when she was injured in a hit-and-run accident. The driver was revealed to be Jason's mother, Monica, who admitted that she had been intoxicated behind the wheel. Sam decided not to press charges against Monica, and Jason appreciated her decision. Despite the complex relationship between them, Jason, Sam, and Lucky joined forces when a Russian mob infiltrated Port Charles and counterfeit medications showed up at the hospital.

They believed Jerry Jacks was somehow involved, and Sam went undercover to infiltrate the organization. When the Russians discovered that Jake was Jason's son, they kidnapped Jake, but Sam risked her own life to save him.

Jason was grateful and told Sam that what she had done to Elizabeth and Jake in the past was wiped clean. Jason and Sam continued to work together against the Russians. Sam tried to gain inside information about the Russian shipments, but her cover was blown, and she was kidnapped. Jason found Sam and rescued her. Tragedy struck again in Jason's life after Michael was shot in the head and ended up in a coma after a mob rival took a shot at Sonny.

Jason was in control of the organization at that time and refused to give Sonny back the power when he was fueled by grief and revenge. Sonny married Claudia Zacchara and in doing so was able to take over the Zacchara organization. Jason refused to give Sonny up.

However, Jason agreed to Rayner's deal to protect Spinelli after he was set up on charges that included treason. Sam figured out the situation Jason had been placed in and offered to assist Jason in clearing Spinelli's name. One of the tasks Raynor assigned to Jason was to retrieve a dangerous biotoxin.

The biotoxin was released inside General Hospital and was contained inside separate spheres. Sam and Jason worked together to contain as many of the spheres as possible and prevent them from falling into the hands of the Zacchara organization. Sam secured a missing sphere from Trevor Lansing but ended up hanging off the ledge of the hospital.

She was unable to save herself without damaging the sphere. Jason arrived in time and rescued her. They reentered the hospital, which was on fire, and saved Spinelli. Eventually, they destroyed the evidence Raynor held against Spinelli, and Jason allowed Sonny to resume control of the business. In May , after Michael emerged from his coma, Jason began to suspect that Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting, and obtained evidence that proved it.

Michael had become an aggressive year-old due to the brain damage. Jason refused to allow Michael to join Sonny's business and agreed with Carly that Michael should live at the Quartermaine mansion, for his own good. Jason resumed a friendship with Sam, who had started a private detective agency with Spinelli. He hired Sam and Spinelli to help him uncover the truth behind Michael's shooting. Sam and Jason continued to work together when Michael and Kristina went on the run to Mexico.

Michael believed he had run Claudia off the road, which had caused her to lose the baby she'd been carrying, and Kristina joined him because she was hiding the guilt that she had actually been the driver that had caused the accident. Jerry Jacks was also after the teens because Claudia had hired him to seek revenge for the death of her child.

Jerry knew that Jason would search for Michael and used the opportunity to go after him. Michael and Kristina escaped safely from Jerry's clutches while Jerry kidnapped Sam in order to lure Jason to him. The two engaged in a shootout, and a building collapsed. Jerry shot Jason and left him pinned under the rubble. Sam made her way to Jason and rescued him. She nursed him back to health, and they reconnected as lovers. Jason and Sam continued the relationship they had started in Mexico, and they vowed not to keep secrets from one another that time around.

Jason leaned on Sam instead of Elizabeth when Jake was hospitalized after a car crashed through the hospital carnival. Sam offered Jason space to comfort Elizabeth while they waited for news on Jake's condition, but Jason asked Sam to stay.

Jake's injuries were minor, and Jason thanked Sam for being with him. Sam became Jason's confidante as they closed in on proof of the identity of Michael's shooter. Jason debated what to do when he found the proof of Claudia's guilt, but he decided to turn the information over to Sonny. Jason gave Sonny the proof that Claudia had been behind the hit that had landed Michael in a coma. Sonny publicly accused Claudia at a birthday party he held in her honor.

Claudia took a very pregnant Carly hostage at gunpoint, and Jason immediately began searching for them. While Carly was with Claudia, she went into labor and delivered her daughter, Josslyn.

Jason was not the first to find Claudia, Carly, and her baby. Michael found them first and walked in on Claudia acting as though she was the child's mother and making plans to escape with the baby.

Michael hit Claudia over the head with an ax handle. Claudia fell to the floor, dead. Jason and Sam arrived at the cabin and hatched a plan to cover up the incident. They called Sonny, who took Michael to his home.

Sam took Carly and Josslyn to the hospital, while Jason, with the aid of Sonny's bodyguards Max and Milo Giambetti, torched the cabin and buried Claudia's body. As the adults in Michael's life worked to keep the truth from surfacing, a mysterious artist named Franco arrived in town.

Franco was also a serial killer inexplicably enamored with Jason. He played a game of cat and mouse with Jason and terrorized the people in his life. He ultimately kidnapped Lulu Spencer and Sam. He took each to locations at opposite ends of town and strapped both to bombs. Franco called Jason and forced him to make a choice. Jason was able to reach Dante in time to have him rescue Lulu while Jason saved Sam. Soon thereafter, Franco left town. Federal prosecutor Claire Walsh gathered enough evidence to charge someone with Claudia's murder.

To keep Michael from going to prison, Sonny confessed. During Sonny's trial, Michael confessed to Dante Falconeri, who had recently been revealed to be Sonny's eldest son.

Michael provided Dante with the shirt he'd worn the night Claudia had died. It had her blood on it. Dante burst into the courtroom and announced that Michael had accidentally killed Claudia in the process of saving his mother and newborn sister.

Judge Carroll was angered by the farce of a trial and sentenced Michael to several years at Pentonville Prison. Jason made a deal with Claire to confess to several crimes, as long as he'd be sent to Pentonville and would share Michael's cell.

Sam stood by Jason's decision, and they shared a heartfelt goodbye before he started his sentence. When Jason began his time in Pentonville, he learned a man named Carter had attacked Michael.

Michael was reluctant to share what had happened, but Jason taught Michael self-defense moves and strategy. Jason also killed Carter to ensure he would never harm Michael again. Jason was puzzled by Carter's final words, which were "Franco says hi. Dante convinced the judge to rescind Michael's sentence, and he was released into Dante's custody. Jason remained in prison until Franco resurfaced.

Claire had Jason released to help capture Franco. He was also released into Dante's custody, and they worked together to follow the clues left for Jason from the song "Route As Jason chased Franco up a staircase, Franco appeared to have fallen to his death. Franco disappeared, and Claire dropped all the charges against Jason. Shortly after, Jason's ex-wife Brenda Barrett summoned him to Rome. Jason was listed as her emergency contact, and he arrived in Rome to protect her from an international crime lord named the Balkan.

Brenda had dated the Balkan's son and killed him in self-defense four years prior. The Balkan had made several attempts to kidnap Brenda, and Jason was the most qualified to protect her.

Jason decided the safest place for Brenda was his penthouse in Port Charles. He also asked Sam to move in with him, but she declined the offer and stated she was comfortable with their relationship exactly the way it was.

They even discussed the possibility of having a child together after Sam learned that she was a candidate for an infertility reconstruction surgery. Before they reached a decision, the Balkan located Brenda in Port Charles, and Sam and Jason aided the police in the search for him. Despite the threat of the Balkan, Sonny and Brenda reconnected and became engaged.

On the day of their wedding, Molly overheard a conversation in which attorney Theo Hoffman revealed himself as the Balkan.

Sam and Jason confronted Theo, but he was able to escape. Sonny and Brenda were married without any interference from the Balkan until they went to their limousine. Sonny placed Brenda in the car, and it exploded.

When the body was retrieved, Sam was inside the limo instead of Brenda. The Balkan had kidnapped Brenda, and she was missing. Jason was horrified when the paramedics removed Sam from the car. The car had been bomb-proofed, and Sam escaped with minor injuries including temporary hearing loss. Jason aided Sonny in his search for Brenda after Sam was released from the hospital, and he promised Sam that Theo would pay for harming her. Shortly after, Brenda was rescued, and Theo's wife murdered him.

Sonny and Brenda left on their honeymoon, and Jason and Sam looked forward to enjoying time together. Jason received devastating news on March 18, , when he learned Jake was in critical condition after being hit by a car.

Jake had suffered major head trauma and was placed on life support after surgery proved unsuccessful. At the same time, Carly's daughter, Josslyn, was diagnosed with cancer and required chemotherapy while she waited her turn on the donor list for new kidneys. Jake's kidneys were a match for Josslyn, and Jason, Elizabeth, and Lucky agreed to give Jake's kidneys to Carly's daughter. Jake's accident was a hit-and-run, and the driver was revealed to be Luke Spencer.

Luke admitted he'd had a few drinks before driving but claimed he had not been intoxicated. Jason believed Luke would have seen Jake and reacted in time if he had been sober. He confronted Luke and threatened him but in the end decided to let Luke live with the guilt over what he had done. In the aftermath of Jake's death, Elizabeth apologized to Jason for keeping him out of his son's life and presented Jason with a toy motorcycle Jake had loved. Jason reassured Elizabeth that he was grateful for the life full of love that she and Lucky had given Jake.

Even though Jason had been unable to protect his own son, he remained determined to protect Michael. When Michael graduated from high school, he made plans to work for either the Corinthos or the Zacchara family.

Jason convinced Michael to take a summer internship at ELQ instead. As Jason continued to grieve for his son, he and Sam decided that she should go ahead with the surgery that would allow her to carry a child. They were both disappointed when she did not get pregnant after the surgery, and Jason and Sam reevaluated their relationship.

He proposed to Sam over a romantic rooftop dinner, and she accepted. The celebration of Jason and Sam's engagement was cut short when Monica arrived for a visit. Luke's wife, Tracy Quartermaine, had accidentally told Monica that Jake had been her grandson. Jason listened as Monica explained what having a grandchild would have meant to her, and she gave Jason a picture of himself as a child.

Monica was shocked she had not seen the resemblance between Jake and Jason because they looked almost identical. The news of Jason and Sam's engagement slowly leaked out. Carly was not thrilled to hear about the engagement from Elizabeth instead of Jason and was hurt when Jason and Sam set some boundaries with her. Sam and Jason believed Carly had not understood their conversation about boundaries when, as Sam and Jason discussed wedding dates, Carly barged into Jason's penthouse and declared that Jax was back in town and likely out to kidnap Josslyn.

Despite Sam's plea for Jason to stay with her, he left with Carly, and they raced across town to prevent Jax from taking Josslyn. On the way to Carly's home, Jason and Carly were in a car accident.

Carly suffered a broken wrist, and Jason was rendered unconscious. The initial scans of Jason's brain appeared to be clear, but Jason continued to have head pain, and he collapsed and experienced seizures after he regained consciousness. Robin Scorpio-Drake found a speck on an image of Jason's brain that she believed was a piece of the dashboard from Jason's original car accident with A. She theorized the recent car accident had caused the particle to shift, and it would continue to cause seizures unless it was removed.

The risk of the surgery was that it could cause a personality shift similar to the personality change Jason had experienced after his car accident with A. Sam and Jason discussed the risks and jointly decided Jason would undergo the procedure to remove the dashboard particle. Jason survived the surgery and woke up with his life and memories as Jason Morgan intact, and he was determined to keep his September wedding date to Sam.

As the wedding date drew near, Edward visited Jason and presented him with Lila's wedding ring and asked that the ring be given to Sam. Jason thanked his grandfather and said he would be honored to give Sam his grandmother's ring. Even though the ring issue was resolved, other problems with the wedding plans occurred, and Sam started to believe the wedding was jinxed after Jason walked in and saw her in her dress.

Jason convinced Sam to join him on a motorcycle ride, and they ended up at a Chinese restaurant. While they lamented their desire to simply be married, the grandson of the restaurant owner revealed that he was an ordained minister.

Since Jason had the marriage license with him, he and Sam were married in the courtyard of the restaurant. The next day, Sam and Jason showed up together for their wedding and announced that they were already married, but they invited their friends and family to join them for a reception at the Chinese restaurant where they had married the night before. Afterwards, Jason and Sam embarked on their honeymoon to Hawaii. The honeymoon was interrupted when Carly arrived and announced that Franco had made contact with her and might have followed Sam and Jason to Hawaii.

Jason was unable to find any evidence of Franco, and Carly returned home. They were unaware that Franco watched their every move via small cameras planted in the villa.

Franco drugged Sam and Jason and rendered them each unconscious. When Jason awoke, he found himself trapped in a room and was forced to watch on a monitor as Franco sexually assaulted Sam while she was in a drug-induced state. Jason eventually broke free and made his way to Sam, but Franco had already disappeared.

Sam could not clearly remember what had happened, so Jason told her what Franco had done. Both Jason and Sam continued to feel the effects of their ordeal with Franco, although they decided not to share what had happened with anyone.

Sam was anxious and jumpy, while Jason exhibited bouts of violence and blamed himself for not being able to protect Sam. The outbursts of anger increased as Franco left graffiti tags around the city, which included a message about creation, and left Jason a personal message in which he hinted that Sam might be pregnant. Before Jason had a chance to discuss the chances of Franco fathering a child with Sam, he was knocked unconscious after he was forced off the road to avoid hitting Michael.

He was checked out at the hospital and left to go after Franco after he was released. He confronted Franco with a gun and shot him. Before he died, Franco told Jason that Jason would never know why Franco had entered his life. Jason responded that he did not care, and he set fire to Franco's studio. When Jason returned home, Sam shared the news that she was pregnant and that Franco could have fathered the child.

They decided to have a paternity test run before they decided what to do or made the news public. The test revealed that Jason was the child's father. Although they were thrilled with the news, their celebration was put on hold when Jason suffered another health crisis and was diagnosed with brain swelling. Jason's condition was inoperable, and Jason's best chance for survival was Robin. She believed she could develop a drug protocol that Patrick could implant in Jason's brain to alleviate the swelling.

As they waited for Robin to develop a medication, Jason experienced frequent seizures. His condition worsened, and he received another package from Franco. It was a video of Jason as an infant.

Jason asked Spinelli to investigate the video, and he asked Monica to look after Sam and his unborn child if he did not survive. While Jason continued to wait for Robin's drug protocol, he felt an explosion rock the hospital. Sam explained that there had been an explosion in the lab, but Robin was fine and had completed the medication for him. Jason underwent the surgery, which Patrick performed.

While Jason was unconscious, he had a vision of Robin. After he awoke from the surgery, he asked to see Robin, but Sam explained that she was not available. As Jason recovered, he learned from Carly that Robin had died in a lab explosion when she had gone back into the lab to retrieve Jason's medication. Jason was furious when he realized that Sam had kept him sheltered from the truth because she had believed he was not strong enough to handle Robin's death in his condition.

Jason stormed off to attend Robin's funeral, but by the time he arrived, the funeral was over. He went to a bridge that held special meaning for him and Robin and ran into Elizabeth there. It was also the one-year anniversary of Jake's death, and they grieved together.

When Jason returned home, he forgave Sam. In the aftermath of Robin's death, Jason threw himself back into work and focused on helping Sonny deal with the latest threat, a man from Sonny's past named Lieutenant John McBain from the Llanview Police Department.

John also impacted Jason's marriage when Sam admitted that she had met John after Robin's funeral, and he had listened to her concerns about her relationship with Jason. Upon Jason's request, Sam agreed to stay away from John in case he planned to use her to gain information on Jason. Jason and Sam moved forward in making plans for their child, and Sam went to New York to investigate the video footage Franco had sent to them. Sam learned that Heather Webber had been present at the time of Jason's birth and that Jason's mother had passed out immediately after Jason had been born.

While his mother had been unconscious, she had delivered another son, and Heather had sold the baby to the delivery nurse. The other child was Franco. Sam realized that the original DNA test would no longer rule Franco out as the father, since he and Jason were twins. When Sam told Jason about Franco and the baby's paternity, he was furious that she had kept secrets from him again and had turned to John instead of to him.

When Jason recovered from the shock, Sam asked Jason if he could raise the baby as his own, but he was unable to make that promise.

Sam moved out of the penthouse and into the same hotel where John was staying. While she continued to confide in her new neighbor, Jason shared the details of his marriage with Elizabeth. She encouraged him to work things out with Sam, but they continued to slip farther apart after Ronnie Dimestico took Sam hostage.

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