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You do not NEED treatment if you can simply prevent your attacks. It was tested again by the lab and confirmed. So are the pharmaceuticals. We began to use Jiaogulan in our medical university hospital with great success for a wide variety of conditions, and before long, it was also being used at numerous other hospitals throughout China. If you have a clean spray bottle, put some in it and spray in your nose. Muscles are worked roughly twice per week and allowed roughly 72 hours to recover.

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The Ten Step Plan to escape the pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Tyrosine is able to protect the nerves from toxins and it is even able to cross the blood-brain barrier, which is one of the reasons why it is effective at raising the levels of key neurotransmitters. Another interesting l-tyrosine benefit is it helps the body adjust to situations of cold and fatigue.

One of the most important benefits of Betaine is its ability to improve muscle strength and power during training sessions. Some studies have shown that it can improve endurance, increase the number of reps that can be done with a given weight, and improve power and force with every rep.

Evidence also indicates that Betaine improves protein synthesis following training sessions. Brand new studies suggest that Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in the body above glutamine , particularly in the power generating type II fibers. Through supplementation it is possible to maintain peak stores of this important nutrient to enable more consistent force production without energy dropoff.

Long term, taurine has been shown to be a cell volumizer that boosts internal muscle hydration…resulting in higher rates of muscle growth and function. Choline is a precursor for several neurotransmitters that are important for brain function including muscle control, reflexes, memory and cognition.

Research has also shown Choline to be beneficial for attention and focus. Caffeine is a widely used stimulant which is well studied and known to be safe in dosages of up to mg. X-Cite provides the perfect blend of natural anhydrous caffeine and its herbal relative guarana, to produce unparalleled mental alertness and energy without the jitters or dangerous side effects of other popular pre-workout stimulants. Short-durationBeta-alanine supplementation increases training volume and reduces subjective feelings of fatigue in college football players.

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Nothing fancy, just the stuff you need. Athlean-Rx XLR8 contains an impressive 30g of protein per serving! Conservative recommendations for an athlete are around 1. If you have a busy schedule that can be a daunting task. This self-reinforcing cycle can spin out of control and lead to heart disease unless broken in some way.

Second, when the arteries get damaged they become stiffer and stickier over time. The more cholesterol and fats there are in the blood hyperlipidemia , the easier it is for arterial plaque to form. Buildup of plaque narrows the arteries and makes it more difficult for blood to flow through. This can eventually lead to the formation of a blood clot a process called thrombosis , which can completely block the blood flow and lead to heart attack, stroke, or embolism.

A heart attack or an ischemic stroke the most common type occurs when the blood flow to a part of the heart or brain, respectively, is blocked by a blood clot. If this clot cuts off the blood flow completely, the part of the heart muscle or brain supplied by that artery will die.

This can lead to death or, in the case of stroke, to loss of ability to carry out normal functions like walking or talking. In another type of stroke — haemorrhagic stroke — a blood vessel within the brain bursts. The most common cause is uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Other complications due to atherosclerosis include peripheral arterial disease, kidney disease, and erectile dysfunction. What is truly remarkable about Jiaogulan is that it counteracts each of the individual causes of atherosclerosis mentioned above, and therefore at the very root it prevents and counters all the complications that come with it.

As we already mentioned, damage to the arterial lining endothelium is THE key factor that leads to the development of atherosclerosis. First, it neutralizes the oxidative damage to the arteries caused by free radicals and cholesterol through its powerful antioxidant effects 26, 27, 29 see Antioxidant section.

The second way Gynostemma prevents endothelial damage is through its ability to regulate blood pressure, either lowering it 63, 65 or elevating it 63 depending on the need. The primary function of endothelial Nitric Oxide is to widen the blood vessels vasodilation , which increases blood flow circulation throughout your body, providing more of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for proper function of all tissues and organs. Widening of the arteries has the effect of lowering blood pressure, since blood has more room to flow through and therefore less pressure is put on the arterial walls.

Without Nitric Oxide arteries constrict and require a higher blood pressure to maintain adequate blood flow to the tissue. In addition, lack of Nitric Oxide increases the number of smooth muscle cells, which can also lead to higher blood pressure.

Since LDL cholesterol and blood fats are the main ingredients of arterial plaque, a reduction of their concentration in the blood will help prevent or slow down the progression of atherosclerosis. Jiaogulan has demonstrated its ability to lower bad cholesterol LDL and triglyceride levels, while raising good cholesterol HDL levels in a number of studies.

Lowering of the cholesterol levels also has a positive side effect of prevention of the formation of cholesterol gallstones. Plaques grow over years and slowly blocks blood flow in the arteries. When a plaque inside a coronary artery ruptures, platelets blood cells whose function is to stop the bleeding become sticky, develop tentacles and start to roam around in gangs platelet aggregation and quickly make their way to the damaged area and pile on it until they either partially or completely block the artery.

The sudden blood clot that forms over the ruptured area causes the blood flow to stop, which results in a heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, blood clots can detach and travel into the blood stream until they get lodged in other blood vessels, for example in the lungs, causing an embolism. Jiaogulan helps against the formation of blood clots by preventing the platelet aggregation process described above by increasing Nitric Oxide production — which reduces the stickiness of platelets — and by inhibiting Tissue Factor TF — the main protein needed for the blood clotting process to initiate.

The herb has been shown to prevent the platelets from sticking together and to the lining of arteries in the first place, and also to help them detach from each other, or deaggregate, in both human clinical trials 86 and animal studies 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, Jiaogulan reduces the affected area and the severity of injury to the brain and heart suffered as a consequence of a stroke or a heart attack, and accelerates the healing and recovery process.

The herb prevents heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy and protects heart muscles and their function from damage as a result of diabetes. Jiaogulan also helps protect against coronary spasms, irregular heartbeat arrhythmia , pressor response the increase in arterial blood pressure in response to various internal or external conditions, e. Jiaogulan is beneficial for people who suffer from congestive heart failure because it improves the efficiency of the pumping action of the heart.

This means the heart does not work as hard to produce the same amount of blood flow, helping it deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the body as a whole without causing additional stress.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, killing almost , people in alone. If you are an American, there is a one in three chance that you will get cancer during your lifetime. If you are a man, the odds are closer to one in two.

Almost everyone in America either knows someone who currently has cancer or who has already died from cancer. Arguably worse than the actual disease is the conventional treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are based on the principle that by poisoning and destroying the body as a whole, including its natural defenses against the disease the immune system , the cancer will also be removed.

Because only the symptoms and not the root cause are addressed, multiple treatments will usually be necessary over the years, provided they work to begin with. To use another metaphor, imagine your body is an iron rod and the cancer is rust on that iron.

After all, cancer cells are always present in our bodies and our immune system is usually perfectly capable of neutralizing them. We believe this is a more sensible approach, and it seems mainstream science is starting to agree. Research has shown that Jiaogulan has many cancer fighting and prevention effects on a wide variety of cancers.

Jiaogulan has been shown in studies to reduce tumor size, inhibit tumor growth and metastasis spreading , cause apoptosis tumor cell death by increasing free-radical damage to cancer cells, and inhibit energy production in cancer cells. For those who choose to use the traditional methods of cancer treatment — chemotherapy and radiation therapy — Jiaogulan has shown to be an invaluable ally.

This is because it provides a very strong protection against the damaging effects these treatments have on the immune system. Jiaogulan was also found to diminish the overall damaging effects of drug toxicity from chemotherapy , , while at the same time boosting its effectiveness , However, we wholeheartedly recommend that you use it for cancer prevention and as an add-on therapy to any treatment, conventional or otherwise.

While most people today choose anti-aging creams, surgery, and Botox, we believe in a more holistic approach to health and aging because youth, like beauty, is more than skin deep. Jiaogulan was first discovered in China because of the unusually long life spans and good health of so many of its users in the mountainous regions where it grows.

When you drink Jiaogulan tea daily you will not only look younger, you will be younger and healthier. The herb slows down aging from the inside out. It has a rejuvenating and healing effect on all organs and major systems due to its unrivaled ability to neutralize the free-radicals that damage and age your body by boosting production of the two most important endogenous antioxidants — superoxide dismutase SOD and glutathione.

These two antioxidants are crucial in preventing aging and promoting longevity. Please see the section on the Antioxidant properties of Jiaogulan for details and more scientific evidence. In human clinical studies, administration of Jiaogulan three times daily for two months was beneficial for all patients in the study in reducing general signs and symptoms of aging, such as fatigue, lack of energy, aversion to cold, diarrhoea, poor memory, decreased balance, insomnia, and excessive dreams.

Studies with aging animals have shown that Jiaogulan improves their memory and learning ability , and rejuvenates their skin 47, 48, It was also found that the herb increases the thickness of the skin, boosts synthesis of collagen, and protects elasticity For extra skin benefit, you can also apply Jiaogulan tea topically, for example as a face rinse. In addition, there have now been several studies that support claims the herb increases longevity.

In one study, a group of old mice were divided into two groups. Numerous human and animal studies have shown Jiaogulan to protect and strengthen the immune system function. The immune system is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body from infection and disease. It is hardly surprising that a strong and properly functioning immune system is crucial to lasting good health.

Nitric oxide regulates the functional activity, growth and death of many immune and inflammatory cell types. Certain immune cells produce it in high enough concentrations for it to become toxic and use it as a weapon against invading bacteria, viruses, parasites, as well as to defend against tumors. However, under certain conditions this process can backfire, resulting in the production of too much Nitric Oxide by the immune system.

This can cause a variety of problems, including inflammation, sepsis, and autoimmune diseases. The herb also fights inflammation by decreasing free radical damage and inhibiting Nuclear Factor-kappaB NF-kB — a protein involved in cell survival and signaling — both important factors in the generation of inflammation. As an antioxidant, the herb protects the integrity of the immune system from free radicals and environmental toxins 26, 30, Gynostemma also protects the immune system from the effects of stress 6 , rigorous or exhaustive physical exercise , , , and cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy , , , , , Finally, Jiaogulan increases the potency of the immune response to foreign invaders, toxins, 6, 30, , , , , , , , , , , , and cancer , , , , Jiaogulan protects and enhances the function of the central and peripheral nervous systems, mainly through its antioxidant properties and its ability to regulate Nitric Oxide production.

Nitric Oxide plays an important role in learning and memory by helping nerve cells in the brain to communicate with each other. At normal concentrations, Nitric Oxide protects the nerve cells from damage and cell death. However, at high concentrations it becomes toxic to the nerve cells and can cause cell injury and cell death. It may also be effective against optic neuritis, although further studies are needed. In both human and animal studies, Gynostemma was shown to improve brain functions like memory, concentration, and learning, especially with the elderly.

The herb also helps protect against and recover from brain and memory damage induced by alcohol , and free radicals 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 49 , as well as damage and cognitive impairment from ischemia-reperfusion and hypoxia due to stroke and other causes.

A study with elderly cerebral infarction patients a type of ischemic stroke showed that administering Jiaogulan for a week period improved their cognitive functions to a level close to that of normal elderly subjects who had not suffered a stroke. In addition, the improvements were better than that of a control group that was given Piracetam, a popular nootropic and brain-enhancing drug.

A second clinical study using different evaluation methods showed identical results, and further improvement when treatment was continued for 12 more weeks 24 weeks in total. Jiaogulan can also prevent brain and nervous system damage caused by consumption of the popular flavor enhancing food additive Monosodium Glutamate MSG.

Lastly, the herb was found to increase the excitability and stability of the brain during athletic competition. A Guiyang Medical College research group carried out testing on more than professional athletes, including athletes of the China National Skating Team. A control group taking Danshen alone did not feel increased stability and excitability of the nervous system during competition, although they also felt increased energy and endurance.

Many top athletes and bodybuilders use Jiaogulan because it enhances their performance by energising the body and increasing physical strength, stamina, endurance and muscle tone. Since one of the main functions of Nitric Oxide is to widen the arteries vasodilation , it has the effect of increasing blood circulation throughout the body. This provides more of the oxygen and glucose the muscles need to be able to work at peak levels longer, improving stamina and energy levels. Nitric Oxide also stimulates growth hormone production , which encourages fat reduction and muscle building.

Again, more oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles and performance is improved. A clinical study at the Guiyang Medical College with 30 normal healthy persons and athletes showed that within 30 minutes after oral administration of a single dose of Jiaogulan combined with other Chinese medicinal herbs, all subjects responded with increased cardiac output and stroke volume, while heart rate and blood pressure did not change.

A number of studies involving forced swimming tests with animals have proven that Jiaogulan has a significant anti-fatigue effect and increases the endurance capacity in animals, enabling them to swim significantly longer before they get exhausted. In addition, these effects become stronger as the dose is increased.

Jiaogulan significantly increases glucose levels in the blood, liver and muscles, which is the fuel the muscles use and is therefore very important for the prolongation of endurance exercise.

Furthermore, Gynostemma decreases the amount of lactic acid the build-up of which causes sore muscles the day after rigorous exercise in the blood significantly and this is an important indicator for judging the degree of fatigue and means that Jiaogulan is able to postpone the appearance of fatigue and accelerate the recovery from fatigue.

In parallel, the levels of uric nitrogen in the blood are decreased , , , , , , which means that not as much protein needs to be digested in order to produce energy. Jiaogulan also helps us reach peak mental and physical function by boosting the levels of the endogenous antioxidants superoxide dismutase SOD and glutathione, and lowering Malondialdehyde MDA. Finally, Gynostemma is able to regulate immune function during exercise, recovering immune indices to normal values from either originally lower or higher than the normal.

This is important because it has been demonstrated that the immune system is suppressed after rigorous exercise. Marathon runners and the high frequency of respiratory tract infections immediately after a run are one example. If you are involved in physical exercise, act like the pros and have some Jiaogulan before a workout for extra energy and stamina, and after workout to help your body repair more quickly from the damage physical exercise inevitably causes. Being an adaptogen, Jiaogulan reduces mental and physical stress.

It has also been shown to have a significant anxiolytic anti-anxiety effect and to help recover dopamine and serotonin levels back to normal. The subjects made no changes to their lifestyle.

Body weight in the Jiaogulan group dropped by 1. None of these changes were observed in the placebo group. However, no studies have yet been done to test this claim.

Jiaogulan has been widely reported to protect and cleanse the body from toxins. Jiaogulan was found to completely cure Hepatitis B in a 5. Jiaogulan prevents liver fatty degeneration in fatty liver disease by modulating fat metabolism, ameliorating liver dysfunction, reducing oxidative stress , and protecting liver cells from injury and death Three separate clinical studies with hundreds of patients suffering from chronic renal failure showed that Jiaogulan can decrease blood fats and improve kidney function, anemia, and the nutritional situation in these patients.

Jiaogulan is effective against respiratory issues, such as cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic tracheitis inflammation of the trachea. Jiaogulan protects the GIT from damage due to toxins and improves digestion and metabolism. It protects against and heals gastric ulcers 46, , as well as chronic atrophic gastritis It improves bowel movement function and alleviates constipation. Helps regulate the gut microbiome ecosystem by increasing the number of symbiotic bacteria. This may in part contribute to the anticancer effect of Gynostemma, since the gut ecosystem can play an important role in diseases such as cancer, autism, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergies.

Jiaogulan improves sexual function and helps with Erectile Dysfunction because it regulates Nitric Oxide production. Nitric Oxide plays a key role in developing and maintaining penile erection due to its ability to dilate the arteries and increase blood flow to the whole body, including the penis.

Nitric Oxide is also important in sperm production and motility, ovarian function and ovulation, oviduct the tube that links the ovary to the uterus function, formation of the placenta, pregnancy, labor, sexual behavior, and generation of steroid hormones.

Gynostemma has been used as an effective treatment for insomnia in folk medicine, especially when it occurs because of excessive stress or anxiety. This is because it soothes the nerves and has anti-stress and anxiety effects on the body. Jiaogulan has been shown to protect from UV radiation when applied directly to the skin. This is important in the prevention of melanoma skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Jiaogulan has shown promise in the treatment of Psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disorder.

Jiaogulan has been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine for the prevention of colds and the flu. It has demonstrated strong anti-viral potential against Yellow Fever and Polio , diseases that have no known treatment drugs. It was also shown to have potent and selective anti-retroviral potential against the HIV-1 retrovirus, which is reported to cause AIDS. Jiaogulan has been shown to alleviate headaches and migraines.

The fact that people have safely been using Jiaogulan daily for hundreds of years in China without reporting any negative side effects should be convincing enough that the herb has no toxicity.

In addition, however, there is also a great deal of scientific research that demonstrates its safety. Of the many hundreds of scientific studies on Jiaogulan, a significant number of which have checked for toxicity or adverse side-effects, there has never been a report of any toxic effects whatsoever to any organ in the body. In one study Wistar rats were given up to mg per kilogram of Jiaogulan extract orally every day for 6 months.

No toxic effects were observed. Considering that the daily recommended dose is usually somewhere between milligrams of gypenosides per day, it would be literally impossible for a human to consume enough Jiaogulan to get anywhere near these concentrations even if they tried extremely hard. Contrast this to prescription drugs people use every day, which cause , deaths per year in the United States alone! Our Jiaogulan is grown by small farmers in a pristine high mountain region, designated a national park by the Royal Family and Government of Thailand.

No pesticides or other chemicals are allowed or used in the farming process. If you are not happy with the results, simply let us know within 60 days of purchase and we will refund your money, minus shipping and handling. Moreover, you get to keep the tea! Order your Jiaogulan today and give yourself and your loved ones the greatest gift of all — good health!

Benefits of Jiaogulan and How It Works. When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. Your greatest wealth is good health. It is fundamental for a happy and fulfilling life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It can completely change life for you and your loved ones. Jiaogulan [is] an herb from my native southern China that I believe possesses the most wide-ranging benefits for human health and wellness of any plant yet discovered.

This may seem like a bold statement, but having studied this remarkable tonic herb for more than twenty years, I can assure you that there is strong scientific support to back up my passion for jiaogulan.

Jialiu Liu, 'Father of Jiaogulan'. We began to use Jiaogulan in our medical university hospital with great success for a wide variety of conditions, and before long, it was also being used at numerous other hospitals throughout China.

Nontoxic An adaptogen is nontoxic to the recipient. Jiaogulan the Supreme Antioxidant. Jiaogulan as a Nitric Oxide Regulator. Jiaogulan Promotes Cardiovascular Health. This arterial damage has a two-fold negative effect. Jiaogulan Prevents Arterial Damage.

Jiaogulan prevents damage to the arterial lining in two ways. Other Benefits of Jiaogulan to the Cardiovascular System. There are several problems with such a strategy: Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are so devastating to our body that the majority of people die as a result of the treatment and not the cancer itself. The root cause of the problem is not being addressed, so even if conventional treatments do succeed in removing the cancer, it will usually reappear in due time.

It is extremely expensive financially, costing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. It works on several levels to prevent and heal cancer: A strong immune system is important for preventing the formation of tumors. With its exceptional antioxidant effects, Jiaogulan scavenges free radicals within the body, minimizing DNA mutations that lead to tumors. See the Antioxidant section for more information Its chemical components like saponins gypenosides , flavonoids and polysaccharides have direct anticancer action.

These effects have been demonstrated in several types of cancer, including: Jiaogulan Protects and Boosts the Immune System. Jiaogulan Protects and Strengthens the Nervous System. Jiaogulan Improves Athletic Performance. This is also why Jiaogulan is given to race-horses.

Jiaogulan is able to increase athletic performance in several ways: By regulating the production of Nitric Oxide. By improving heart function efficiency. By stimulating the production of the endogenous antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase. Other Health Benefits of Jiaogulan. Cleanses the Body From Toxins Jiaogulan has been widely reported to protect and cleanse the body from toxins.

Protects the Liver Jiaogulan was found to completely cure Hepatitis B in a 5. Protects and Improves Kidney Function Three separate clinical studies with hundreds of patients suffering from chronic renal failure showed that Jiaogulan can decrease blood fats and improve kidney function, anemia, and the nutritional situation in these patients.

Fights Respiratory Issues and Supports the Lungs Jiaogulan is effective against respiratory issues, such as cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic tracheitis inflammation of the trachea. Protects and Benefits the Reproductive System Jiaogulan improves sexual function and helps with Erectile Dysfunction because it regulates Nitric Oxide production.