Kate Hudson poses TOPLESS in rainbow pants as she shares throwback snap in honor of Pride Day

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Kate Hudson poses TOPLESS in rainbow pants as she shares throwback snap in honor of Pride Day

30 Day DeClutter Challenge

This week, start picking up on them. Focus on the bite-size pleasures already in your day. Being vocal when something delights you will help you revel in the moment, says happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project. Start a one-sentence journal. Every day, jot down a single cheery thought. Every day, snap a picture on your smartphone of something that makes you happy. Choose a color and try to spot it all day your favorite green sweater, the green pen at your desk.

You know those things that usually sour your mood? Try turning them into treats. Play your psych-up song. One of the quickest ways to boost your mood is to listen to upbeat music, research has shown.

It is entirely possible many of the things you have hung on to may have gone out of style, clothes, hobbies, decor. Think poodle skirts, paint-by-number and macrame. Where do you live i need your help! I have adked friends and family just to come and sit with me while i do it.

Im very ADD and very forgetful so i start but then head off to another room and 2 hrs later i have to go to my bedroom for something and then realize i walked away from it again. I find it very interesting about the loss pf love ones that might start all this.

However my dad passed away and then my mom. I ended up with ALOT of their stuff i couldnt just toss it out so i know its my fault but now i too feel like a hoarder im trying dillangently to get through it but its been over 7 years!! But alot has improved but still i hate the clutter! But its interesting that it kinda started with a death of a love one or a death of a relationship humm??

He said it often begins with a period of anxiety or grief. There were about thirty women in the group. Almost all of the women laughed and raised their hands when he asked how many of us were dealing with this type of situation. He said he was, also. My current therapist told me people with ADD or clutter issues often start collecting too many things and clutter when they have a difficult time deciding what to do with things.

It was the decision making process itself that caused difficulty. Also, he said many ADDers, like me, would like to walk into their own homes that are neat and orderly.

I would love to be able to have a clean organized home. When I give things away I feel so much better and freer.

I have often replaced what I cannot find, adding to the items I own. My brother and sister are hoarders. My mom is drowning in the clutter my brother has caused in the apartment he shares with our elderly mom so he can help her.

I have also read that sometimes fear of poverty causes people to clutter. They may feel that in the future they may need something and if they do not save what they have now they may not be able to get what they need in the future.

I started cluttering when I lost a child to stillbirth. I started collecting articles about health and pregnancy so that I would never need to experience that devastating loss again.

The depression I went through and the inability to make decisions or to function well increased the clutter. I wish I had known about depression and its effects back then.

I wish I never started collecting for the future. I have offered to pay for an organizer to help my brother and sister and mom. I have tried this myself and to be honest, the first three were not helpful and cost so much. The last one was great. Once I have a pattern as with my kitchen dishes, flatware and pots I love following the pattern and those things stay in order—always.

I love this calendar. It gives me an external focus or control and order. Thanks for posting the calendar. I think we all are trying to help each other here. Personally, I like what Lisa said to try to help to Paula because I have seen the pain and chaos and low self-esteem associated with myself and the people I love when their lives are overcome with stuff rather than with fun and the ease of trying to go through the day.

It is very upsetting when one cannot find keys, phone chargers or a clean place to sleep in our own beds due to clutter. I wish you all peace and gradual success in cleaning up and in opening up and freeing space.

I was so overwhelmed and tired but seemed to not be abled to muster up strength, that I hired my cousin who does house organization business. This company was birth from her being OCD. Also teaches you how to keep it organized. I just used a Professional House Organizator. Best thing I could have done.

It was worth the dollars. We worked out a great payment plan. We did two clothes and my bedroom. Later, we are going to do kitchen. My Organizator was patience and involved me in the process. It made it easier to part with items that needed to. I would recommend her to anyone. I was hesitant in recommending someone who I thought would be extremely difficult. But she is doing great and has been able to get done what family could not get her to do!!

If you have children, give them a job. Kids like helping and feeling needed. Give them lots of praise and telll them how proud you are of them.

It will soon become a habit folding and picking up. Remember praise, praise, praise! What about the rest of the house this only hits on Kitchen and Bathrooms mainly. I believe it is a start.

Maybe find a blank 30 day calandar and the concepts from the first 30 and fill it in for your whole house. I love how do-able each days activity is. Thanks for this encouraging article. I suppose the Little House promoted this.

Hope everything is going well. The pictures with Kira looked good and obviously you are no the starving! She was also fascinated with the Japanese lollies you gave her and asked us to thank you. No doubt you will both be pleased to get back to work to relax! This blog is great. I love this challenge and am starting it today. Thank you Judith Comment section for your tip on taking screen shots. I never knew that and it worked beautifully! How about including some electronic housework?

Delete old, unused stuff on computer. Create folders and file to keep relevant stuff. Wahoooo on the electronic clean up time — daily would be ideal.. I have 40k docs in my Outlook inbox, probably 20k in my Outlook outbox, probably , in dozens of folders. All since and 3 computers ago. I can review and handle about 1k emails at one sitting. This looks like maybe a 90 day job. So much is family comments about ancestry issues and our fun times as children.

Client communication and instructions. Needs to be filed and sorted. De-clutter is a real challenge around here, this day you set up will hopefully help us get everything organized. I really like these type of challenges cause they almost always actually work lol. That would be great to put on my fridge! Soon after I discard it, I need it! Now I have to go buy a new one..

FYI, anyone looking to get rid of kids books. You can maybe call your local hospital and ask. As far as clothes, we have a couple of non profit places around here that help the homeless, or poor people or people who have had a fire in their house and have nothing but the clothes on their backs.

They do not charge for anything. Good Luck with your decluttering. Because there is NO way working and not getting home till 6: I am a mother of 10 children. We have slot of stuff! Plus I coupon and shop cheap. No cabinets in kitchen only shelves and old dresser drawers hung on the wall.

Then I pick 1 room a day and deep clean it. Also with so many in the house I have to wash at least 1 load of laundry a day. We also have a family closet. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am completely overwhelmed working two jobs and have my mother living with me.

So I have never started! This gives me a goal to shoot for and breaks it down into doable pieces. I might not be able to do so much every day but at least I have a goal.

I have all these Christian books like new. Young Living Essential oils instead of my perfumes cologne that made me sneeze. Closets with old memories I choose not to visit anymore.

I do different projects, depending on my mood. Instead of following the numbers in order, I just print it out, select a project and then cross it off. It works for me, since mood in everything when decluttering. Some days you are feeling it and others you are not, so trying to do something big on a not day is hard for me. Hope that helps somebody! Select and cross out…just printed the form so I can start again! While it seems to be a never-ending battle, I am making progress. This is a spectacular schedule for someone who has no outside work, no weekend plans, extended family that they take care of, meals to plan, shop for and make, or children.

But it IS good to see a blocked and calendared list of tasks; it seems doable, even if not in a single month.

Or those like my self who have mobility problems and have to rest often or would be Bed written with pain: One thing I am going to do more of is shop in my own closet. Empty one drawer or section of a closet at a time and then put back what I really like and store away or give away what is left and that does not comfortably fit in the drawer or closet. I want to be able to find my favorites easily.

I wear my favorites almost all the time and the other things I do not use makes it harder to find the things I want to use. I know you are very young, but I wonder if you can guess which of your oft-used words reminded me of The Holocaust? If you want a printable version click to open in a new tab. It will open with just the clutter calendar and you can print from that. This is for a desk top application.

I am very excited to try the declutter my house!! Passing it along to friends to do too! I break it into smaller chunks of time so that I am on a steady road of accomplishment toward my goal. I can organize one shelf in a closet, or one drawer, or one desk file folder, in 15 minutes. They key for me is to do something toward the goal, then stop for that day. I often set a timer for 15 minutes to remind me of my plan.

Over the years, the 15 minutes to glory method gave me the time to complete writing three books and many other projects that were important to me. But where do I give my suffering when I get done? They all need doing but… I seem to find my way to the couch and watch a movie: Am getting a lil better but not enough. Am looking forward to get going with this procedure and also the book above…….. I wont be back to this page. I selected and copied the LIST, then pasted on pages on my computer, then printed.

Cleaned out purse, debunked junk drawer and pulled out clothes this week before even seeing this. Want to donate to vets. I like this schedule! Not many guys here on this blog but I want to say thank you for the day calendar idea. Making the decision to downsize prior eases that burden on the kids. This is my main goal in de-cluttering, not to mention to be better able at finding things around the house. Its beyond difficult because its so unorganized.

Important papers mixed in with junk, jewelry galore, way too many clothes and so on. I have a few of her tendencies, but do the declutter thing from time to time. This has made me realize I do not want my kids to have to do what I am doing for my mom.

Way too much time and work. Making it more difficult, she is stressing out over us eliminating her things — a necessity as she is unable to be alone and will be moved to an extremely smaller space soon. Good luck to you — and everyone trying to do this. They tell me to clean out almost every six weeks. People who grew up during the depression with little money and those who grew up anytime in poor families tend to hold tightly to anything that becomes a possession.

I believe I will continue to live with my excesses from now on. I wish I had that many kitchen drawers to clean. I only have two. I had to take everything out of the house. The workers moved the furniture, but I cleaned out drawers, bookshelves. After the carpets was installed, I only returned to each room what went. If I did not use it, did not need it, did not want it, I did not return it to the house. I gave some away, had a yard sale and sold some. I have so enjoyed my uncluttered domicile.

I still work hard keeping stuff out of my house. I make tough choices when I shop. Visit my web page http: I have started 30 day challenge so far going ok.

I work full time no time for garage sale or ebay? Do I just get over it and donate? Gaylene, Ebay has a program where your Ebay seller handles everything. You get the proceeds. May take weeks or months, depending on what you have. You ship by FedEx. Look on the ebay website.

Be sure to make a carefu liswt of donated items and valuation and obtain a receipt from your charity. It is not a lucrative picture for resellers like us. A relative of mine had custom made quality suits and shirts and winter coats; no consignment stores will accept.

Consigning is a lot of time reviewing your stuff, making appointments, hauling it there, they reject. Rinse and repeat elsewhere. See if your community has a program to help less fortunate people get outfitted in order to look good for job interviews, or, if you have gowns and dresses, they may be suitable for less fortunate graduates to go to prom in.

This purge is my regular Routine. What am I doing wrong? I am constantly de-cluttering, yet the clutter is always returning. I do not want to de-clutter any more. Routine is not working for me! Is there another methot?

To those who ask about downloading and customizing this calendar, you could also custom build your own in an Excel or Google calendar program and insert the daily work project that you want.

Another way is to just write it onto a regular wall calendar, the old fashioned way. If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: These are great ideas, but the time table is unrealistic for people who work or have a chronic illness. I plan to use this as a guideline. I had already started implementing some of these suggestions before reading this article. It is important to remember this is a guidelune. It can be done in any order on a time line that works for you.

Another thing you can add…filing cabinet. I just spent hours going through ours and discarding unnecessary items and putting things in order by dates.

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge