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FreakMode is a complete guide to making the best transformation of your life, no matter your goals. Gym owner, personal trainer, and co-founder of PharmaFreak Alex Savva shows you how to live a fit lifestyle that includes short, high-intensity workouts and healthy and delicious recipes. Jim Stoppani has devoted his career to the science of fat burning, mass building, and radical transformation. He's combined mind and muscle to create the ultimate fat-loss program, expressly designed to help you get shredded, get stronger, and get in the best shape of your life.

This week hardcore lifting program will help you and a partner take advantage of forced reps and other unique training methods to see the kind of muscle growth you've only dreamed of.

Trainer Tom "Rage" Fuller gives you daily workouts, a nutrition plan, supplement guide, and more! Ripped Remix will help you torch fat, build muscle, and achieve new levels of strength in just four weeks. It's a mix of full-body workouts, split-based routines, strength-training classics, and high-rep calisthenics. Mike Vazquez gives you daily workouts, a nutrition plan, supplement guide, and more!

A partner-based muscle-building plan with daily workouts, a sample meal plan, workout videos, and more! At its core, Duel is a muscle-building plan that will help you and your workout partner increase strength and put on quality muscle mass. Designed specifically for partners, Duel will give you an education in the best ways to utilize your training partner and how to be a better partner yourself.

Build muscle, cut fat, and get ripped with Kris Gethin as your guide. The renowned transformation expert delivers daily workouts, a fail-proof meal plan, and a complete supplement guide. Daily videos are packed with motivation and tips. Rise and Grind is a complete muscle-building training and nutrition plan, but it's also a blueprint for a better way of living. Build positive habits over six weeks with trainers Marc Megna and Vernon Davis, and reap their benefits for a lifetime!

Built by Science is a six-week course on the essentials of building muscle. You will learn muscular and skeletal anatomy, muscle function, biomechanics, the best exercises to build lean mass, and the nutritional know-how to put everything to use. The LiveFit trainer is a simple 3-phase program for transforming your body and your life in 12 short weeks.

My science-based approach combines exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce on their own. It's a combination of intense training techniques, a precise nutrition plan, expert supplement advice, daily videos from Craig, and workouts that will transform your body! The next 12 weeks are your chance to exercise and grow with master trainer Kris Gethin. You'll get to see how Gethin lives, how he lifts, what he eats, and what supplements he takes so you can pack on maximum muscle size and strength.

Get ready to lift, eat, and grow like a pro for the next 12 weeks! You'll add strength, slap on size, and peel off fat in three innovative, interlocking phases designed by one of the great minds in bodybuilding, IFBB pro Evan Centopani. Build muscle mass with this advanced week plan from Dr. It's whether you're good enough for his program. Elite Body isn't the same ol' bodybuilding program. It's the ultimate combination of physique and performance enhancement. It's a cutting-edge, science-based plan designed to improve your function and figure.

The short, intense workouts utilize the latest in smart training techniques, all of which will increase your fitness level and help carve your best body. Not every quest is about rescuing a lord or lady. Some are about seeking out the most precious treasure known to man or woman: Think you have to get in the gym 4, 5, or more days each week to earn serious results?

Jacked in 3 is a time-efficient, incredibly effective three-day plan for muscle growth designed by world-class strength and hypertrophy coach Paul Carter. FYR is a follow-along video program that can help anyone, anywhere achieve next-level fitness, in just 30 minutes per workout. Dig deep and find your reason with Hannah Eden! This comprehensive eight-week program is for anyone who wants to go down the strength rabbit hole, learn the essentials, and feel the thrill of seeing the weight on the bar go up.

Training Fitness Apps Bodybuilding. Our Fitness Apps Share this page. The fastest way to shop for supps. Enjoy unlimited access to workout plans by the world's best trainers! Get your 1RM on-the-go! Achieve a dream lean body. Jim Stoppani's Shortcut To Size. Get bigger and stronger in just 12 weeks. Lift, eat and live like a legend.

Mass class for college students. Steve Cook's 8 Week Trainer. There, she dedicated her time ensuring client success by strategically navigating the legislative process and overcoming regulatory hurdles at the federal or state level. Primarily focusing on the technology sector, her year experience in tech policy and finance has distinguished her as one of well-known advisors in the industry.

Prior to returning to her private practice, Guerrero served as the California Director for TechNet, the leading bipartisan political network of CEOs that promotes growth of the innovation economy. Guerrero nurtured long-term relationships between technology leaders and policymakers both on the state and federal levels and on both sides of the aisle promoting advancements in technology.

Before joining TechNet, Cynthia worked with various state legislators, public officials, Members of Congress and the U. Senate providing political strategy and campaign services. Her understanding of politics at the different levels of government is one respected by elected officials and colleagues in both Sacramento and on Capitol Hill.

The level of talent and expertise is rare to find in any singular organization. This is a further testament of how California Strategies Chair, Bob White is such a skilled architect of crafting the best teams out of the best people. After a decade in corporate organization development work, Honold served two terms as Chair of the Democratic Party. As a scholar-practitioner, Honold weaves research into her work.

Gina LaPlaca is Director - State Government Affairs for Verizon New Jersey, where she represents the company's interests before various entities of New Jersey State Government and provides legal and political advice on public policy initiatives affecting the company. She also is responsible for overseeing public outreach and education in conjunction with Verizon's Communications Lifeline assistance program. She is admitted to the bar in New Jersey and New York. Lewis is an energetic and passionate advisor and entrepreneur.

Derrick has a passion for giving back. The Foundation leads strategic initiatives focused on four pillars: Racial Justice will be at the core of the Foundations work. Along with his efforts leading The Bronx Foundation, Derrick is also involved in other philanthropic efforts.

He sits on the board of Juma Ventures, the first nonprofit to open and operate a franchise. Juma strives to break the cycle of poverty by paving the way to work, education, and financial capability for youth across America.

Derrick also sits on the board of D. Developing Responsible Economically Advanced Model-Citizens whose mission is to empower underrepresented, urban youth by equipping them with the knowledge to become prudent, financially literate and adept individuals. Derrick also has a passion for Public Private Partnerships P3s.

He is on the Advisor Board for Concordia, a non-partisan non-profit think-tank whose aim is to identify new avenues of collaboration for governments, businesses, and nonprofits through campaigns, programming, and research.

Along with his job at EY and his philanthropic work, Derrick also applies his skills and abilities to advising elected officials. He is Senior Advisor to New York State Assemblyman Michael Blake and also advises other city and state elected officials in economic development, entrepreneurship, job growth, and education. This work allows for him to execute upon his passion for P3s. Derrick also advises state and local elected officials across the country.

Nate Loewentheil hails proudly from Baltimore, MD. He is a social entrepreneur, activist, writer, and nationally recognized public policy expert.

Most recently, he served as a Special Assistant to the President at the National Economic Council at the White House, where he led a special Taskforce for Baltimore City and advised President Obama on urban policy, transportation and infrastructure.

Previously, Nate helped launch and later led the Roosevelt Campus Network, a national student organization with more than chapters and 10, members around the country.

He has founded or been a part of many other organizations that help empower young people in politics, including the Millennial Action Project and the New Leaders Council.

Nate has worked across policy areas and engaged in policy debates at the state and national level. He is the editor of a book, Thinking Big: Progressive Ideas for a New Era. He holds both a B. Tim Mason is an attorney with a background in legislative politics and political campaigns. He has worked extensively building and executing voting rights programs for major political candidates including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Tim is from Winter Park, Florida. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut. Sherry Matusoff Merfish brings to NLC experience gained over a long career in advocacy and fundraising.

Sherry lives in Houston, Texas, despite an extreme dislike of both mosquitoes and heat. She and her husband, Gerald Merfish, are the proud parents of two daughters, Brett and Beth. Tricia has served for more than 16 years as the Political Director of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters, a labor union representing over 40, union carpenters and partnering with thousands of union contractors, eventually rising to the position of National Political Director for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners in America UBCJA.

She was the youngest person to do so and first female to achieve this distinction. Currently she provides the UBCJA with advisement for building political capital and increasing union activism on a regional and national level. She has provided strategic and tactical counsel to major political races including serving as State Director for Obama for President in , McGreevy for Governor , and Lautenberg and Menendez for U.

The media has repeatedly identified her as one of the best-connected and powerful influencers in New Jersey politics. She has also been highlighted many times as statewide labor leader.

Of all her successes, however, Tricia counts becoming mom to her daughter Zoe Luna the greatest and most fulfilling. Patrick Murphy is a former Western State legislator and Presidential appointee. Murphy served on the Clinton Presidential Transition as a team leader within the U.

Treasury Department and was senior staff for the Clinton Economic Summit. Murphy remains a central figure in candidate recruitment and mentoring of rising political leaders at the state and federal levels.

His Capitol Hill townhouse is a favored location for state party, gubernatorial, House and Senate member gatherings of Democratic insiders. Prior to moving to Washington, DC, Mr.

Murphy had an accomplished public service career winning two terms in the Nevada State Legislature and having served on the Nevada Board of Education and the Nevada State Crime Commission. Born and raised in Cincinnati, David is a fifth-generation Cincinnatian. David was first elected to public office in when he served on the Cincinnati City Council, finishing first out of a field of 26 candidates, and was reelected for a second term in , again leading the pack in votes.

David came to the Cincinnati City Council as riots, a severe crime wave and a public safety crisis rocked the city. David played an instrumental role in negotiating a historic collaborative agreement between the police, the community, and City Hall, which healed long simmering tensions while setting the stage for improved safety.

David also played leadership roles in economic reforms, new investments, and progressive policy changes that helped spark a decade-long renaissance that continues in Cincinnati to this day.

In , David was elected to the three-member Hamilton County Commission. He served as the Commission President from David focused particularly on cleaning up the very poorly managed government that he inherited: David was nominated by Ohio Democrats to run in statewide elections twice.

In , David ran for the office of Ohio Auditor campaigning on a platform of increasing efficiency and transparency in government while ending the gerrymandering that has poisoned politics in Columbus and Washington. His platform gained him the endorsements of virtually every major Ohio newspaper. And, in , David ran an intense campaign to unseat the incumbent Attorney General, calling for greatly improved transparency and integrity in that office.

Although both years proved to be wave years against Ohio Democrats, David set records for a non-incumbent in fundraising for both offices and received praise for running aggressive, substantive campaigns. David earned his B. Since , David has also worked in the Cincinnati offices of major law firms Squire Sanders and Blank Rome, focusing his practice on commercial and business litigation, and appellate litigation.

David also teaches election and voting rights law as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Law. David is married to Alana Swartz Pepper. Alana has spent her career helping those faced with mental illness. Bret joined Comcast in and has managed local government affairs while the Company grew from operating in 2, communities to over 6, communities. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University and resides in Philadelphia with his wife and two children.

He began his political career in and has worked as a policy advisor and district director for Councilwoman Delicia Herrera, Councilman Rey Lopez, and U. In Andrew accepted a position as policy advisor and council liaison for Mayor Ivy Taylor. As policy advisor, his portfolio included criminal justice, public safety, economic development, and federal policies.

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