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Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients

Bibliography of the History of Christianity

These can come in many highly useful forms such as powders, pastes, liquids, oils, and the like. Indeed, governments, the media, and even celebrities have also taken notice and have begun supporting the development of insects as a sustainable protein source. In this chapter, we will begin by providing some background on the insect industry as it has developed to date. We will then discuss a number of recommendations for this emerging industry such as marketing strategies, value propositions for insects as food ingredients, a detailed discussion on various critical aspects of food processing to consider with insects, and recommendations on terminology use for this emerging industry going forward, which will improve prospects for marketing and overall success.

Later we describe certain needs the industry has in order to grow, such as more and larger farms and elements of infrastructure necessary for success. We conclude with remarks and recommendations for the industry going forward as well as governments and others wishing to support it.

This is the most exciting time to be involved in this emerging and transformative new industry, as we work toward establishment of a family and suite of new commodities derived from the largest and most diverse, yet most underutilized, group of organisms on the planet: We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Check Access Check Access. Chapter contents Book contents. Insects as Sustainable Food Ingredients. University of California Press École française de Rome Seeley, David , The Noble Death: Shefield Academic Press Saxer, Victor , Morts, martyrs, reliques en Afrique chrétienne aux premiers siècles: Moss, Candida , The Other Christs: Saxer, Victor , Bible et hagiographie: Textes et thèmes bibliques dans les Actes des martyrs authentiques des premiers siècles , Bern — Frankfurt am Main — New York: Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury , , From Plato to Denys , Oxford: Oxford University Press 2 Jewish and Christian Self-Definition I, Poorthuis, Marcel — Schwartz, Joshua eds.

Historia antigua 24, , Revista de historia 8, , Kirk, Alan — Thatcher, Tom eds. Uses of the Past in Early Christianity , Atlanta: Routledge — Kegan Paul , Fragments of Alchemical Mythologies. Biblical Monographs 3 , London: New Testament Demonology in its Biblical Perspective, 2. Satan and Angelic Powers, 5. The Conquest of Satan. Russell, Jeffrey Burton , Satan: The Early Christian Tradition , Ithaca: Cornell University Press The author takes up the development of the Christian concept of the Devil until Augustine in the mid-fifth century.

The publication has a twofold purpose: Russell discusses the apostolic fathers, the apologetic fathers, and the Gnostics. He goes on to treat the thought of Irenaeus and Tertullian, and to describe the diabology of the Alexandrian fathers, Clement and Origen, as well as the dualist tendencies in Lactantius and in the monastic fathers. Finally he addresses the syntheses of the fifth century, especially that of Augustine, whose view of the Devil has been widely accepted in the entire Christian community ever since.

The Apostolic fathers, 4. The Apologetic fathers and Gnostics, 5. Human sin and redemption: Irenaeus and Tertullian, 6. Dualism and the desert, 8. Satan and Saint Augustine, 9. Russell, Jeffrey Burton , The Devil: The ook traces the history of the concept of evil from its beginnings in ancient times to the period of the New Testament.

This wide-ranging study contains four chapters of background material on evil and personifications of it. Jeffrey Burton Russell probes the roots of the idea of evil, treats the development of the idea in the Ancient Near East, and then examines the concept of the Devil as it was formed in late Judaism and early Christianity. The question of evil, 2. In search of the Devil, 3. The Devil East and West, 4. Evil in the classical world, 5. Hebrew personifications of evil, 6.

The Devil in the New Testament, 7. The face of the Devil. The book contains 34 contributions date from an international symposium held in Tübingen in the fall of Most of the essays here show little originality, and even the better ones make only a small contribution to our understanding of demons or ancient Judaism and Christianity.

Overall focus is on Israelite-Jewish and early Christian literature, with an emphasis on canonical and non-canonical scriptures. The participants put emphasis on the question of ontology and the "actually experienced background" of demons. There are two introductory essays and 32 papers are divided into seven sections: Vos, Nienke — Otten, Willemien eds. In the opening article Gerd Theissen presents a wide-ranging overview of the role of the devil, spanning the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and patristic literature.

The contributions that follow address texts on the devil, demons, and evil, and are drawn from ancient philosophy, the New Testament, early Christian apologetics, hagiography, and history. Covering primarily the patristic period, the volume also contains articles on medieval sources. Unfortunately the topics and texts about Neoplatonic demonology and a section on the Latin patristic tradition are left out.

The present work illuminates the modus operandi of this exegesis by analysing the relationship between demonology and, respectively, cosmology, the philosophical hermeneutics of religion, and theories of the soul. Démonologie et religion dans le monde gréco-romain. The first part of the study deals exclusively with the figure of Satan as it appears in the early Greek sources. In the second part author focuses exclusively on the figure of Mara as it appears in the early texts of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism.

Cattaneo, Enrico , La Chiesa di Ambrogio: Studi di storia e di liturgia , Milano: Vita e Pensiero Cinco nuevas visiones , Madrid: Eastern Christianity , Cambridge: A good overview book of eastern Christianity including the Old Eastern Churches from up to the present for earlier history, see vol.

Instytut wydawniczy Pax Noble — Julia M. Early Medieval Christianities c. Romeny, Bas ter Haar ed. Its Use in Literature and Liturgy: From Its Origins to C. Mojsov, Bojana , Alexandria Lost: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana Includes bibliographical references and index. Corpus scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium ; v. The Lists of Mechitar of Ayrivank c c. Modlitba , Refugium Velehrad-Roma, Velehrad Questions monastiques en Orient , Roma: Historical overviews, lay piety, hesychasm, art and liturgy, Athos, reformation and Enlightenment, French Revolution; the Russian church.

Includes also accounts of recent topics: Russian diaspora, the Orthodox Church and Communism, and modern spirituality. Oxford University Press 2 1. Smith, Allyne , Filokalia: Chadwick, Henry , East and West: The Making of a Rift in the Church: Runciman, Steven , The Eastern Schism: Lawrence, Faith Press, London Raffin, Pierre , Les rituels orientaux de la profession monastique , Bellefontaine: Abbaye de Bellefontaine 2 Pontificium Institutum Liturgicum Officiorum schematis monastici magni et parvi necnon rasophoratus exordia et evolutio , Roma Müller, Andreas , Hora Athos: Teksty, issledovanija , Moskva: Rappresentazione ideologica e realtà politica IV-V sec.

Società e cultura nella Sicilia tardoantica e bizantina , Catania: Edizioni del Prisma Rigo, Antonio , Santità e culto dei santi nella civiltà bizantina. Société des bollandistes A necessary basis for a comprehensive study of Byzantine demonology. Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection , The article included mention of imaging of the devil.

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Adam Kamesar, Oxford — New York: Bradshaw — Lawrence Hoffman eds. University of Notre Dame Press , But liturgies have their laws and their deep structure Advocates hypothesis formation in liturgical research Liturgies do not grow evenly, but their parts have a life of their own An Introduction , Oxford: Kranemann, Benedikt — Post, Paul eds. Liturgia e scienze umane: Itinerari di ricerca , Ephemerides liturgicae: Subsidia , Roma: Biget in Heresis , Werlen, Iwar , Ritual und Sprache: Gonzalez Fuente, Antolin , La vida liturgica en la orden de predicadores: Estudio en su legislación, , Roma: Praedicatorum Romae ad S.

Dimensioni drammatiche della liturgia medioevale: Atti del I Convegno di Studio, Viterbo, 31 maggio, giugno , b. The Play of Construction and Modification , Turnhout: Fortress Press 1. Descriptive and Interpretative Sources , Louisville: Rordorf, Willy — Tuilier, André eds.

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The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Pontificio istituto di archeologia cristiana 2 Shepherd, Massey Hamilton, Jr. Università cattolica del Sacro Cuore Peter Linehan — Janet L. The Boydell Press Linder, Ammon , Raising Arms: Clarendon Press — New York: A History , Cambridge University Press The Boydell Press 2 1. University of Tennessee Press Untersuchungen zum religiösen Wortschatz zwischen und , Berlin: The University of Michigan Press Martin Dudley — Geoffrey Rowell eds.

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Nodl ; last moments, funerals and graves of Czech kings F. Kalous ; feasts and festivities of the medieval town T. Collection of articles in Czech most , German 1 and Polish 6. Miri Rubin — Walter Simons eds. Christianity in Western Europe c. Segni e riti nella Chiesa altomedievale occidentale I-II?

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